Trendy Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2019

Trendy Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2019

If you are a lady who loves to remain trendy and unique with beautiful black hair hairstyles, then this is the article for you. Nigerians are known to embrace fashion and they are not left out with the cornrows hairstyles. The hairdressers there are so creative owing people with the new hairstyles to do the cornrow braids. Read on for inspirations and you will definitely find an amazing cornrow hairstyle that will be appealing to you.

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

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Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Nigerian Cornrow hairstyles are top ranked for being a protective hairstyle either if you use extensions or your real hair to do them. There are also the best during summers in that you can comfortably go swimming without your hairstyle unraveling fast. It is a good choice of hairstyle that needs little maintenance especially for a lady who would like to give her chemical ingredient hair a break. Both the dramatic and the simple look girls are sorted in this article. Here are Nigerian latest cornrow styles that will convince you to pick one as your next hairstyle.

Nigerian big cornrow hairstyles

If you want you cornrow braids to be big, then you have to buy more packs of the Kanekalon (silky braiding hair) or Toyokayon extension (yaki braiding hair). This is because you will need more strands to do them. Pick a beautiful and unique big cornrow hairstyles and I bet you won’t regret. Here are a few pictures to act as an inspiration to you.

1.Big direct straight cornrow hairstyles

Big cornrow braids


The braids should be parallel with a French braid technique. It is a simple style for those girls who are in love with a more to natural African look. Go for a central, forehead, or a lateral side direct cornrow hairstyles and you will look trendy and amazing. Most Africans in love with natural look of the big cornrow hairstyles spice up or decorate their look by adding beads.

2..Big Ghana cornrow hairstyles

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018

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This style is commonly referred to as banana style. This is because the cornrow braids are almost the banana size with a banana shape. It suits all ages and it won’t harm if you also try this trendy and amazing style. You can either create the cornrow braids at the central, or a lateral side, or even lay at the back.

3.Geometric big Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018

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The geometric braids are very unique for their zigzag junctions. This style is for those girls or men in Africa who are in love with complicated yet fancy hairstyles. The interesting bit about the cornrow hairstyles is that they can be made into different styles that will make you rock. All you need is a little creativity to stand out.

Small cornrow Nigerian hairstyles

The small cornrow hairstyles are worth it for those patient girls who can stay for about 1 hour to fix them. There look awesome, there take long to unravel, and the best during hot summers. Would like to give them a try? Well, the pics here of the different small Nigerian braids hairstyles will definitely inspire you.

1. Small cornrow hairstyles for kids

Trendy Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018

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This hairstyle is preferred by most African schools for making the kids look uniform and beautiful. When you add beads to them, your kids will have that simple and cool look that will portray their innocence. The interesting bit about them is that they need little maintenance and considered as the best hairstyle for kids.

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2. Small geometric cornrows

If you have short hair, use Nigerian braids attachment of medium or long size so that you can look extremely fabulous with this style. The strands needed will be less than 12 and therefore you will save money spent on buying the extensions. The patient ladies will find this style cool and it is very long-lasting.

Nigerian braids hairstyle

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3.Small Nigerian cornrow styles 2019

The hairstyle looks trendy and will give you a fashionable look in any of the occasion that you are about to attend. You can either tell your hairdresser to the cornrow braids to end at a lateral side, central, or go from the front to the back. This season is all about going trendy and being left out is the least you can think of. Here is a pic to inspire you.

Latest cornrow styles

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How to maintain your cornrow hairstyles

Yes, the cornrow hairstyles need a little maintenance, but at least you have to make efforts to make them look perfect to serve you for a month or so. Have in mind that your natural hair needs to be maintained as well and that is the reason why you should consider going deep into the reading.

Make sure your hair is clean before doing the cornrow Lines

Wash your hair using shampoo for at least 2 times until you are sure the hair and the scalp is clean. Apply conditioner on it and leave it for a few seconds so that you can comb it smoothly; it will be best if you use the toothed comb. Finally rinse it, treat your hair, and dry it using a blow-drier.

Trendy Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018


Apply oil on your hair

Make sure you apply oil like coconut to strengthen your hair and to relax the scalp. We bet that you wont feel that much pain when doing the cornrow braids.

Cover your head while you sleep

While sleeping make sure you cover your cornrow with either a scarf, a bandanna, or your old leggings/stockings to make them look neat in the morning.

Wash your cornrow braids

You can wash your cornrow braids after every week with a shampoo; have in mind that you don’t have to condition it. Ensure that it dries well and apply creams on your scalp. Why creams? This is because fatty oils make your hair dirty and makes feel irritated.

It is always advisable to take a break after you have undo your cornrow braids so that you natural hair can recover and relax. Most girls also say that the small braids tend to remove your hair, so it is best if you stick to the medium sized braids.

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