Who is Michael Essien wife? Name, age and photos

Who is Michael Essien wife? Name, age and photos

‘She is just a girl and she on fire, she walking on fire…’ yes it is one line you can use to describe Michael Essien wife - Akosua Puni. Her professional career in management has spun many years. Well, she has seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly; getting involved in many challenges yet she overcame them all. That said and done she still has an admirable profile and is successful too.

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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You probably by now is wondering who is Michael Essien wife. Yes this is a question many ask when you mention Michael Essien’s wife. He has two ex-girlfriends that are publicly known. However, the man appears happier than has ever being there before.

Despite Michael Essien being in the public domain, he prefers to keep his life out of the entire media fracas, having known they know how to dig deep into your closet and unveil even what one should go down in the grave with; exaggerating issues, speculating others and even telling lies. His life has even been more confidential as he seeks discreteness in his personal life. It appears Essien and his wife have already settled down even when pressure was rising against them, some people going as far as stating that they did not complement each other. Nonetheless, for all who applauded and criticized the union, the truth is the two are here to stay and is one of the power couples in the entertainment industry.

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Who is Michael Essien’s wife?

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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Akosua Puni is Michael Essien new wife. She is a woman with a noble character, undeterred spirit and resilient who is always optimistic and follows up her passion until she attains that which she desires. She has been in the public circle for so long worked tirelessly to build her own empire and this has been through pain, struggles, and life’s challenges. Nevertheless looking back, she is appreciative of the path she has trended on and says it was worthwhile.

Mrs. Akosua Puni Essien was born in Ghana where she also began schooling but would later relocate to London acquiring the United Kingdom citizenship. Although most of her operations are in Ghana she is based in London but is one highly successful woman in the world today. She is a business consultant, a business woman, and philanthropist and to top it all she is an African queen having accomplished the traditional African practices of being a wife and a mother. She is one of the envious female celebrities who take pride in raising a functional family.

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Michael Essien wife Akosua Puni attended the University of Leeds and graduated with honors, this is not all yet she obtain valuable business acumen which she has applied in the corporate world and for this has a proven track record of performance. She has a firm that deals with business consultation where she walk professional through their career or investment journey giving them expert advice and opinion. For this reasons she has interact with many high to low Ghanaian citizens who come looking for her aid to solve their diverse issues and challenges.

The Ghanaian footballer, Stephen Appiah has benefited from her. At one time Akosua Puni, Michael Essien’s wife was the Stephen Appiah’s managers due the time where Mr. Appiah was almost written off from the soccer world after sustaining serious injuries during a match. This came to pass as this super talented soccer fanatic recovered and is back to our screen playing the game he was born to do, football. He is no ordinary player as he plays in an international club that has participated severally in the English Champions League.

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Akosua Puni is also the manager to Michael Essien Foundation and even manages the professional career of his husband. This did not begin when the two became an item. When Michael was dating Nadia Buari, Akosua Puni was the latter’s manager and even records have a photo of the two gorgeous ladies together. For a very long time MS. Puni was the official publicist to Essein a former Persib Bandung and Chelsea star who presently is her husband. However, it was until shortly after that rumors began to spread of an alleged intimate affair between the two in 2012.

It is clear that Akosua Puni is indeed one of the sought after people in the business circle majorly in football and music industries. She has worked with some of the seasoned personalities of our time which just cements the factor that this girl is good at whatever she does. In the entertainment sector, Michael Essien new wife is a Ghanaian showbiz personality, socialite and publicist.

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There is one thing I like about Akosua Puni, she never forgets where she has come from. Her walk towards success was severally hit by difficult hurdles and she is one person who when she come across a person struggling and by all mean can help does that expecting no payback. Motivated by her philanthropic nature she has given back to the society in order to help them improve their lives or make their life more bearable. This is quite encouraging considering she has a lavish high end courtly lifestyle yet factors in to offer assistance to those who are languishing in poverty. Besides she is seeking no political position or has personal interest in her philanthropic deeds. Michael Essien wife is truly a fully fledged African queen industrious and wise.

Michael Essien and his wife

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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Michael Essien and his wife story are based around a professional relationship. As I had mentioned earlier on, Michael and Ms. Puni had always had a work related network where the latter was working for the other as a publicist. Michael Essien was a footballer attached to the Chelsea football club, one of the popular soccer teams in the world and commands a lot of following. She was working on making his soar higher, remain relevant, publicize his career and generally offer guidance. This is a role she did with due diligence and wholeheartedly.

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At the time Michael Essien had an intimate relationship with Nadia Buari. Akosua Puni must have known this since she was mostly in the company of the two and was severally spotted posing for photos in the streets of London. However, as it is common with relationships, the love birds did disagree about issues and this led to their subsequent break up as they went different ways. Michael Essien was always attracted to Ms. Puni or should I say they both were attracted to each other, which made it easy for them to fall in love.

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Their relationship is alleged to have kicked off sometime in 2012. This news are not proved yet since the duo prefer to keep their lives under wraps and it is therefore very hard to know a thing or two about them. However there is fire to every smoke and I seem to agree that their relationship must have been born around this time. The surprising bit to this news and probably the reason why they have hit the headlines time and time again is the question of how fast this had to happen considering this boy, Michael Essien had been in a good relationship and the three were actually friends. It makes many to think that the relationship must have started long before the previous with Michael Essien’s wife began. However, this is just gossip but reality has to sink deep in us that the two are now officially an item.

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The news about Michael Essien and his wife for the next five years remain a significant part of the celebrity gossip. It was hard to tell whether the news is indeed true or it is just another one of the sweet grapevine. The fact that Akosua Puni is based in London and reside there actually made it more difficult. However, there is always a time for everything or maybe it was all along not right for Michael to announce to the world who was the woman after his own heart. Maybe because the two of the two was highly criticized. He is 35 years of age while Michael Essien wife age is 41. It is not surprise that according to the traditional African practice this was not an obvious thing as the man should be older than the wife in their unwritten rules. However, Michael Essien would hear no of this as he had settled for her and had to prove to the world that he indeed loved her.

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Their marriage ceremony which was a secret event went down in London and the two began living as a man and his wife. This news was still out of media until during a cocktail event, which was held on the eve of the African XI and World XI charity match. Michael Essien’s wife was in charge of the events planning and organization. The Master of the Ceremony in reference to her called her ‘Akosua Puni Essien’ which was a public announcement that the two are married.

Michael Essien wife photos

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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Judging from the Michael Essien wife photos she is indeed a beautiful African woman who carries herself with incorruptible demeanor, which makes her often admirable. As a matter of fact she does not look her ages as her physique tells of a relatively younger woman than her actual age does. This goes without saying that she has really maintained the youthful, sexy, and enticing glow. Even after giving birth to three children her tummy is flat, her skin tight and healthy while her smile in my opinion is her biggest asset.

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She recently shared a photo in a sleek car with her feet on the seats. She was in a white designer top and matching lime green pants with very long hair. She just looks beautiful, accomplished and confident. On another one of Michael Essien wife photos, she is spotted in a public forum with a mic on her left arm talking. She has a corporate look on and the environment for which she is in can attest to that.

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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Well I cannot forget one particular picture where the two seem to cuddle each other. From it is easy to tell the duo is completely in love and totally comfortable around each other. Michael Essien gazes at Akosua Puni in love filled eyes as the wife sips a glass of wine. It appears they are in a restraint and it is just about dinner time as the lights are a bit dimmer and their outfit for such an occasion. This is one of the sweet photos that the social media will not forget about.

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Nonetheless there is one ultimate thriller of the Michael Essien wife photos which feature Stephen Appiah from who Michael Essien is alleged to have Snatched Akosua Puni from alongside the couple. Mrs. Ouni is in an orange long maxi skirt with a matching skin revealing top with hair neatly braided. On the arms is a wrist watch and a bangle and she is holding a purse and a mobile phone. Appiah and Essien are in black suits with a matching shirt and in both the tie is absent. They are all smile and the photo has been viral thanks to the fact that there is a said love triangle between the three.

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Michael Essien wife football club

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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Michael Essien wife Akosua Puni is quite something. I wonder how much this woman is worth but let me stop at that she is just too discreet enough not to let me not any of these news, then I know of Michael Essien wife football club. You must have heard the recent news about her, haven’t you? Apparently she is the owner of the Italian football club, Lega Pro Side Calcio Como, which she acquires following a bankruptcy auction by the FC Como Limited at a cost of 237,000 sterling pounds. This is just more than what was initially stated and made her get ownership right over all who had expressed interest in the club.

She has quickly moved into rebranding this team. First the club was renamed and is now FC Como with a logo to it and club geezers to it. The purchase included the entire club including its sports center which will be refurbished with modernity to make it more usable. This will see a paradigm shift in scores and performance of the club which is currently not badly off and cannot complain much about it. This is one of the Michael Essien wife entrepreneurial venture which is believed will be very fruitful. Besides she has always managed football players and I doubt a club would prove difficult for her.

Michael Essien wife scandals

michael essien's wife, michael essien wife photos, michael essien and his wife
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I wonder what makes of a woman or why the world is so harsh on her. She can never be left to succeed without a malicious story narrated about her which could be true or regrettably false. Michael Essien wife Akosua Puni has had to undergo some of these life’s challenges; being involved deeply in controversial developments that get to the media even without first having to verify. I think the news become juicer if they drag sexual affiliations to a powerful or successful person or one with a notable character.

For all the right or wrong reasons Akosua Puni is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with musician Kwadee. She is believed to have left the young man after his music star began to get dim. Kwadee later on went crazy and this is traced back to Puni. Elsewhere, it is said she was warming footballer, Stephen Appiah’s bed. In fact, it is believed their relationship was not purely professional as they would get to satisfy each other’s personal needs on the side.

The controversy gets deep even when Akosua Puni, got into a lifetime commitment with Michael Essien who had put his previous relationship with Nadia public. Surrounded by these controversies, Michael Essien and his wife decided to legalize their marriage in a secret occasion where they won’t have to be put under the court of public opinion. This also became controversial. The life of Akosua Puni has been surrounded by people who are not lenient on her constantly throwing harsh tantrum towards her. However, this just gossip, this beautiful woman in unbeatable and unbreakable. She gets even more resilient with the attacks she faces. To prove her enemies wrong she is still doing well in business, as a showbiz personality and as Michael Essien’s wife.

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