Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story

Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story

Ernest Opoku and Gladys Mensah Boaku also known as Nayas are popular Ghanaian actors who have recently hit major headlines for the many scandals that have befallen their relationship. The accusations were being thrown back and forth between either sides with either claiming the other plundered their wealth and in some it was accusations with far worse and far reaching effects.

Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story

The most prominent of all these scandals being the one around the pregnancy between the two.

Nayas actress

Gladys Mensah Boaku is the chief executive officer of NAYAS Film Production and also plays other roles in the firm including being a producer and actor. She has made a name for herself in the film industry through her quality of work and the productions that Nayas Film Production has released. It is no question that because she is a celebrity her personal has very little privacy and is constantly scrutinized in detail by the media at the behest of the public.

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Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story
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Nayas actress has not been shy about telling all to all. She has come forward many times with one accusation followed by another and has also disclosed very intimate details of how she fell for Ernest Opoku. The latest being her procuring an abortion at the request of her ex-lover Ernest Opoku. The matter has sparked public outrage and it led to Ernest coming out to accept that he has previously made mistakes and asking that he should not be judged by them but rather he be given a chance to redeem himself.

Nayas Ghana actress has not been shy of scandal and last week was overt with her flair for the dramatic as she illegally gained entry into the premises of ADOM FM in the middle of an interview to lash out at Ernest. She pulled out an actual cane that was concealed in her dress and went at Ernest Opoku and caned him having been displeased with his comments. Adom FM later apologized to Ernest for the incident and took responsibility for failing to guarantee his safety during the interview and the duration of the unfortunate ordeal.

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Ernest Opoku

Ernest Opoku is on the opposite end of the character spectrum in relation to Nayas. Ernest Opoku is a gospel artist that has been on a steady rise throughout his musical career. Publicity is always good except in this case, it is especially not good for him because he is a gospel musician and people would expect that he would be a leading character in society. Despite numerous reports stating he has 19 children and some claiming he has 16 kids, Ernest Opoku came out to make it clear that he only has 2 children at the moment. The 38 year old has spoken up for his kids multiple times and has been providing for them.

Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story
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He revealed in 2017 how the father of one of his baby mamas called him to tell him his daughter had his child from their relationship that had ended 7 years earlier. You can watch the interview here. The lengths to which Ernest Opoku has gone to protect his image as a gospel artiste border on the extreme with the most recent being his forceful persuasion of Nayas to procure an abortion.

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Ernest Opoku and Nayas relationship

Nayas kumawood star revealed that the two met in Accra while both on business. She recounted the story of Ernest propositioning her saying he was single at the time. The two hit it off and he would later come to stay at her home in Ashongman Estate whenever he was in the capital for any occasion. They two became lovers and it is during the period of their affair that she became pregnant with his child.

Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story
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It is hard to ascertain the facts of the way the two became lovers as Ernest Opoku has not come forward with details of how he and Nayas actress Ghana became intimate. It is understandable that he would not like to delve into the matter seeing as it will not do anything to repair his already damaged reputation.

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Ernest Opoku wedding

In 2013 Ernest Opoku wedding and marriage came under the spotlight as well. This was after his now ex-wife was publicly vocal accusing him of infidelity with fellow gospel artist Francesca Sarpong. The marital issues that ensued after the flurry of accusations later led to their split and finally divorce. Ernest Opoku and Francesca both denied the allegations stating they are false and Francesca’s management team released a statement saying that Ernest Opoku’s wife was out to tarnish her name. Ernest Opoku’s ex-wife, Esther Hadassah had released a recording of her heated phone call with Francesca to the media. In the viral recording, the two women exchanged a multitude of insults and accusations. Despite coming forward and claiming responsibility for her actions and stating that her relationship with Ernest Opoku was purely professional with her regularly acting as his mentor and motivator, the relationship between the two celebrities took a hit.

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Ernest Opoku was previously in a relationship with yet another chief executive officer, this time with Tracey Boakye, the CEO of Shakira Movie Production and also in charge of Sosket Ghana. Tracey is also an actress and has a charity organization named after herself, the Tracey Boakye Charity Organization. In their relationship back at the beginning of 2016, Tracey and Ernest Opoku hit the rocks as she went at the musician for the same reasons his marriage ended, she stated that he was dishonest and had cheated on her.

Nayas relationships

Undoubtedly the movie producer has been with a few different men and came out publicly to state that she is into older men, a fact that does not please many but is okay still. Nayas has previously been in a relationship with Music and Movie producer Kojo Wood and he had no kind words to say about her. Speaking in an interview on Happy FM Showbiz Xtra, he said that Nayas is nice all the way until you are in a relationship after which she accuses you of impregnating her as she did him and now she is doing to Ernest Opoku. He went on to say that he picked now as the time to come forward with this information as she has been tarnishing Ernest Opoku’s name and the circus should be stopped.

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Nayas pregnancy

At the center of the recent scandal is the Nayas pregnancy or more accurately, the lack of one. Let us go back to the beginning, the relationship between Nayas and Ernest only came into the limelight after Nayas, in distress and to the shame and dismay of Ernest Opoku, revealed that she had been forced to terminate a pregnancy. In the interviews that followed, she laid out the details of how they met as described above. She went on to reveal that Ernest had tried to bribe her with GHS 5000 to persuade her to procure and abortion. Her refusal to go through with the procedure estranged the two lovers and thus causing her public revelation of it.

The matter caused a lot of public outrage against either parties. The escalation in the public domain later led to the arrest of Nayas. The involvement of law enforcement was followed by Ernest Opoku’s public acknowledgement of his relationship with Nayas. He stated that he is human and is bound to make mistakes and asked that his fans pray that he stays steadfast in the face of temptation. While Nayas was in police custody, Ernest forced through the provision of another pregnancy test at a different hospital. The new test revealed that Nayas was not pregnant. The doctors carrying out the test also ascertained that she had not been pregnant at any point in the seven months prior to that test.

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Ernest Opoku and Nayas love story
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GhanaWeb reports that the Nima Police arrested the doctor that had forged the initial pregnancy test results for Nayas that showed she was pregnant. This new revelation cleared Ernest Opoku of any accusation of forcing Nayas to terminate her pregnancy as there was none. It also puts Nayas clear of any abortion prosecution but puts her on the hook for defamation of the character of Ernest Opoku.

It is surprising that the two celebrities had very well managed their affair and kept it out of the public domain. There have been no Nayas Ghana actress pictures with Ernest Opoku together before the scandals became public and even after that. In fact there have been no Nayas pictures in her past relationships either.

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Capping it all off was the most recent flogging of Ernest at Adom Fm. It is unclear whether Nayas will apologize for the incident but for the moment she is of the opinion that her actions were justified. Nayas was in police custody for the offense and is being charged with assaulting Ernest Opoku and trespassing as she gained entry to Adom FM studios without express permission of those in charge. There will certainly be more from the two as they are yet to put to bed the recent troubles.


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