Funny memes about love

Funny memes about love

Have you ever tried or thought of the things you can do just to keep smiling and having fun in the relationship? Apart from having the favorite spot where you can visit and go enjoy each other’s company, there are always games you can play just by cracking jokes to each other or you can still have some random texts with funny memes about love. Love is the sweetest thing ever that we all want to experience and get that one person who will make us feel good and loved.

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Memes have been on the rise in all fronts of social life. In love, memes play a significant role as it helps break monotony between lovers and bring joy between the lovebirds. In addition to this, memes can be used as a clever way to communicate to your loved one in case of disagreement or in good light. Below are some love memes that you can occasionally throw in when seeking audience with your lover or want to make him or her laugh.

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Funniest love memes

When you see your spouse bored you can just throw a funny love meme to them, you can just say like I can’t breathe when you are a meter away from me. That’s funny right? Of course you can breathe even without him around you but you just having fun. When they buy something for you, you can go by oh I smell something in the air, love is in the air. So here are cute funny love memes.

  • This is so funny, have you ever forced the fart? Oh this can be so crazy at times and you can just get something else out instead. Now imagine your spouse sending you this kind of a love meme, how fun can that moment be.
Funny memes about love

  • Yes love is not about holding some things that will make you so uncomfortable or even unhappy; you need to let it go by speaking it out. Imagine when you holding something towards your spouse maybe they wronged you and you keep on holding it and hurting from inside, then they send you this kind of love memes just to make you happy and also show you pain can make you explode or get in to some depressions if you don’t let it out.
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Funny memes on love

  • What would you feel if your spouse sends this to you in the morning just after you feeling so lazy to wake up? I know that feeling, you will just smile and stretch a little then feel loved and your day will just start so well and you will be smiling the entire day. This will also make you miss your spouse so very much.
Funny I love you memes

  • How funny will that be if you keep on running away from your spouse and they try reaching you but you still don’t want anything to do with them after they wronged you and you got hurt along the way then they send you this kind of a meme. I know you will first laugh and forget how much they had hurt you.
Funny i'm in love memes

  • Have you ever had some stomach aches and all you do is keep on running to the washroom because you can hold it any longer, now imagine your spouse sending you this meme. Simply he is just passing some message that he can’t hold the love back but just to express it to you.
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cute funny love memes

Funny love memes for him

Did you know pressure and stress can make a couple fight or keep on arguing just out of petty things? If you see him come home stressed and low or maybe he is just gotten home from work and no texts for you, here is the hint to make him cool down and just smile again. Try this love memes on him;

  • Has he ever left home in the morning in a hurry and then you remember he dint give you a goodbye kiss? This one you can send him when he is doing his daily errands and it will just make him miss you more and he will keep on checking the watch just for him to be back home soon and kiss you.
Funniest love memes

  • This you can send to him when you’ve stayed for sometime without seeing each other, this will be kinder funny because for sure he is far and it’s impossible at that moment for him to hug you but this will make him know you really miss him holding you tight.
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Funny I love you memes for her

  • That moment that you want him to declare your love in the world then he goes on declaring it to your ears and then when you ask him why dint he do it loud he tells you because you are his world. Wow this can be the sweetest thing ever.
Funny memes about love

  • You can go teasing him when he tries to demonstrate by stretching his hands and tells you he loves you that much but you just send him this meme or tell him that’s not much and he should love you beyond measure. This will make you two laugh at each other for love is not measurable it’s just so unconditional.
Funniest love memes

  • Men sometimes can be something else and go for some days without saying how beautiful you are. So you can try this meme and send him or tell him on his face, this will make him laugh and get a little confused but he will still tell you yes you are cute and he loves you. And that for sure will make you feel like a queen.
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Funny memes about love

Funny love memes for her

Women love having that sentiment of being loved and also they love feeling beautiful. This boosts a woman’s self esteem and she can smile and forgive so fast when she feels loved. Beauty is what inspires a woman to be in any relationship or to be around people. As a man you need to know all these and try making her feel good and loved because she is special to you. Try teasing her sometimes when you notice she is down maybe emotionally with some funny memes like these ones;

  • Women are funny beings, they were created to be mothers and they have that gift of taking care of their family. They go wild when a man proposes to her, she will go uploading pictures everywhere on social platforms. Try using this meme and see how happy she will be and she will know you still have future plans for you two.
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Funny memes about love

  • When you notice she hasn’t put some perfume on or maybe she is sweaty from working out you can go on teasing her that she smells like love then she will just laugh and of course tell you she is going to put some perfume on.
Funny i love you memes


  • You see when a woman gets angry what they do best is to pack and leave, which sounds funny sometimes so you can send this to her and it will just make her smile despite the anger she has towards you. Or you can use it when she is out shopping and you don’t want her overdoing it, you can go ahead calling her back home using this meme.
Funny memes on love

  • Try making her feel special and laugh from this meme, threaten her with this sweet seductive meme.
Funny memes about love

  • If she goes ignoring you and you really after her you can tell her this or send her this meme and next time she sees you, she will just smile and pay attention to you.
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Funny memes about love

Funny memes on love

There are memes that you can use just to make that one person who mean the world to you by making them feel loved. Love memes are one of the things that can make you enjoy each other’s company more so if you both were living together, or you can use them if you both had a very long and tiresome day. Here are the funny I love you meme;

Funny I love you memes for her

To express your love to her and be a little funny you can try using love memes texts just put a smile on her face. Try this;

  • Making some promises may sometimes give hope. You can use this meme as a way of making a promise that she is the only one for you and you don’t want anyone else.
Funny memes about love

  • True love does not need any explanations she is your star of reference. She brings joy to you and she is your cheer lady. You don’t have to let her explain everything because she is your source of joy, for she care free and she is beautiful in her own way and you should take care of her.
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Funny love memes

  • Love can make you do anything for your spouse. As a man send her this kind of a love meme to make her smile but you will also be passing some message that you can risk or go beyond your power just to have her next to you.
Funny love memes for him

  • As much she annoys you still got her back, prove to her that she is still the one you love as much you are angry at her. Send her this meme and she will come apologizing to you.
cute funny love memes

  • This meme is so cute when you send to her, she will feel secured when you holding her. It tells how much of security you have or you can provide to her.
Funny i love you memes for him

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Funny I love you memes for him

Men like when the love is expressed by action, as a woman you can keep him entertained with memes when he is at work or out doing his things or with his boys having fun. This will make smile and miss you. Send him memes like these ones;

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  • Surprise him with this kind of a question. You can use the meme through the text or tell him on his face. He won’t understand where you going with the question but it will be so fun seeing his reaction.
Funny i love you memes for her

  • This is the cutest thing to tell your boyfriend. Send him or when he is home with you just tell him that you love your boyfriend like you talking about someone else and he will get so scared thinking you have another boyfriend then laugh at him and tell him he means the world to you.
Funny memes on love

  • We don’t love perfect people but we love imperfections. Assure your man that despite his imperfections you still love him and you love him or who he is.
Funny memes about love

  • Scream out his love out loud. Send this to him so he can hear you well and know that you don’t fear saying it loud how much you love him.
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Funny i'm in love memes

  • Tease him with this kind of a meme and let him get confused why you need a goat but you just trying to ask for a lunch or dinner date with him because you love him so much.
cute love memes

Now you have all the hints to tease each other and spice your relationship. The best love is all about making your spouse smile and feels good. Unconditional love carries to much in it; respect, caring, security and these memes have got those messages to show how caring and protecting you are towards your spouse. Avoid having monotonous life style in your relationship and send memes to your spouse like funny I’m in love memes just to make them laugh and miss you.

Memes do pass some messages to people despite being hilariously passed on or said to. I believe there is no boring relationship is just the matter of having fun and doing random things or introducing new games or things between the couple. Love is the sweetest thing and we all want to have that one special person to change our lives positively and make them grow. Memes will teach you on how to address your spouse or how to make them feel beautiful and sweet.

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