Is she in love with me? 20 signs to tell if she has true feelings for you

Is she in love with me? 20 signs to tell if she has true feelings for you

Women may not know how to shoot their shots, but they are familiar with how to throw hints. A woman may be in love but will wait for you to make the first move, as traditionally, men do the chasing. As a man, you must learn to read signs when looking for a partner. You have that one friend whom you think is into you, but you are not sure about it. Is she in love with me? Why not look at how she behaves around you?

Is she in love with me
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People relentlessly look out for signs she is pretending to love you, but have you ever thought of the opposite? Do you sometimes take the "does she like me back quiz " when you are unsure of her feelings? Having someone love you is a magical feeling.

Is she in love with me? Top signs she has feelings for you

Knowing that a girl wants to be more than friends with you excites many men. Doing the chasing is rousing for men but seeking out a girl whom you are thinking has romantic feelings for you is even better.

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Look out for that girl that shows concern for you, helps you even before you ask and tries to be sensual with her compliments. She is into you and is only waiting for you to make the first move.

1. She picks on your lingo

She will pick on your words and start talking like you. This is one of the major signs she is secretly attracted to you. She will obliviously or knowingly incorporate the phrases you use in her sentences.

You may not even notice this until your friends point it out. Anyone who uses your lingo spends a lot of time with you or loves how you talk. She definitely adores how you talk and want to sound like you because she loves you.

2. She forgives you even when you mess up

You will come late for meet-ups, ruin a good thing for her, and accidentally break her items, but she will never get mad at you. You will forget to come with something she sent you at the mall and even forget to bring her laptop charger back, but she will not be annoyed at you for ruining her work schedule. She has a soft spot for you and cannot imagine herself being angry at the person she loves.

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3. She hates it when you tease her by pairing her with another guy

She has a good sense of humour and is rarely offended by the jokes you crack. But what happens when you teasingly say that she and Dave can make an excellent couple? She sulks.

She loathes the idea of being with any other man that is not you. Looking for signs she is in love with you? This is it. On the flip side, you will see how her face will light up if you jokingly suggest that you and her can make a decent pair.

4. She accidentally brushes her arm against you

Is she in love with me
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If she wants to be in proximity with you all the time, then you have your answer. She wants to sit next to you and walk closer than any other person.

She will accidentally brush her arm against yours more than once. Her arm brushing may appear accidental, but that might not be the case.

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She wants to feel her body touching yours. She fantasizes about the two of you together, sharing inti*mate moments.

5. She gets awkward in front of you

You have been friends for a long, but you will notice that she sometimes gets awkward when you are around. She will get fidgety, play with her hands, twirl her hair, and do all manner of things that may appear odd.

She will look at her phone for distraction and even avoid eye contact when you are talking to her. Her blushing is because she is feeling something for you, but she does not know how to convey her feelings.

6. She always responds first to what you say

Whether you are hanging out with friends or having conversations in a group chat, you will notice that she is always the first to respond to you. She probably wants you to notice her or just enjoys interacting with you. She will answer any question you pose to the group and even try to make the conversation longer as long as you are part of it.

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7. She supports you blindly

One of the biggest psychological signs a woman is in love is how she agrees to everything the person she is in love with does. Have you ever had a friend who supports you in everything you do?

If she supports you in your good or bad, then know she has feelings for you. She loves you and does not want to see you gloomy. She knows that supporting you even when you are wrong will cheer you up, and she wants just that.

8. She is always drunk-calling you

Drunk calling once could be excused, but drunk calling every time may suggest something else. She is, without a doubt, sending a message. She will drunk-call you, text you late at night, and pretend she is drunk. She is lying. She knows what she is trying to do.

This female friend calls you every time while drunk because she believes that her intoxicated state will give her the guts to confess her love for you. She, however, fails to get her words right and keeps trying every time. Pay attention to those texts.

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9. She is super involved in your life

signs she is in love with you
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You have a family event at home, and she wants to be of assistance. You have a project that you are running, and she wants to be part of it. She is extremely involved in your life, even more than your boys.

Your good friend will cancel her plans just to accommodate you. She enjoys running little errands with you and will even support you financially when you are low on cash. She is sending hints, but you are missing them.

10. She shows signs of jealousy when you talk to other girls

You have many female friends, but she hates it when she thinks that you pay more attention to them. She does not enjoy the stories you give about you and your other female friends.

She will change her mood when her female friends are around or when you call or receive a call from them. She is jealous because she wants you to herself. A girl who is in love does not want her prospect to notice other girls or even spend time with them.

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11. She creates time to be alone with you

She will free her weekends with you and invite you over. She will initiate dates, and despite her suggesting that the dates will be casual, she wants them to be more than that.

She will try a new recipe and invite you to have a meal with her. A girl determined to win you over will try all sorts of things to be with you alone. Take note of how much time you spend together and how often it is just the two of you.

12. She remembers everything you say

It is a good feeling when someone remembers even the minute of things about you. She is in love with you if she remembers insignificant things that probably do not matter.

She remembers tiny details about a story you told and forgot. Everything you tell her is interesting, even the things other people consider unexciting. This one is how to know if a girl loves you

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13. She remembers all the important dates in your life

Do you have that one friend who is always first to wish you a happy birthday? A friend that constantly remembers your birthday is dear to you. She knows your birthday, the day you graduated, your mother’s birthday, the day you bought your car and every other important date in your life. Everything significant to you is important to her as well.

14. She is always talking about you to her friends

Is she in love with me
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You may not realize this, but she always finds a way of bringing you up when she is with her friends. She may subtly praise you and will even compliment you.

She is happy talking to friends about you and will even suggest how she feels about you. To her girl-squad, you are part of her life. She may even talk to her family about you and how much she values your friendship.

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15. She is always free when you ask for company

You will ask your best friend to run errands with you, but they will be busy. You will ask your brother or sister, but they will be engaged. She, on the other hand, will be free to take you to whatever place, no matter how late it may be.

She may be busy but will act like she has nothing to do just so she can be with you. She is forever happy when you ask her to accompany you somewhere and will never complain, no matter how many times you ask.

16. She is continually concerned for you, more than a regular friend

It is the cold season, and you have flu. One moment you are texting her about how the cold has put you down, and the next, she is at your front door. She is overly concerned about your health even when it is not serious.

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You will mention how distressed you are, and she will look for ways to lighten you up. Feeling too lazy to cook? Your little friend will gladly do it and even help you with your laundry. Her concern means that she wants to see you fit all the time because she loves you.

17. You are never out of her line of sight when at social events

Try and observe how she watches you when you are out at a social event. What are the signs that a woman is in love with you? She will follow you with her eyes and take note of the people you interact with.

She always wants to be with you but does not know how to be in your presence endlessly without appearing clingy.

18. She tries to jokingly flirt when texting you

Your conversations when you are out with friends appear casual, but what is the tone she uses when texting you? Is she subtly flirting? Does she send sexual memes? Does she jokingly make suggestive comments?

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How does she compliment you? Does she focus on physical features like your beard? Muscles? Height? She wants to flirt with you in public but does not know how and so private texts work best for her.

19. She laughs at your lame jokes

Is she in love with me
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You will crack the lamest of jokes, and she will crack up for minutes even when others find it unfunny. She wants you to feel validated and hates to see your feelings hurt.

She wants you to believe that you matter all the time, and she will laugh any time you say something that is at the least funny. Just like she blindly supports and defends you, she laughs at your dumb jokes because she is crushing on you.

20. She dresses up for you

Sweatpants, jeans, and t-shirts are her go-to outfits when she is out with her friend. What happens when you are joining the group, though? She will get her little beautiful dress and pair it with her favourite stilettos.

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She also never forgets to wear makeup so as to look glam. She is trying to get your attention with all the dressing up. She wants to look good for you, hoping that you will notice her.

Love comes in different forms. Instead of sitting and asking, "is she in love with me?" why not take the signs as a yes and make the bold move of asking her out? She has been positioning herself and will be thrilled more than you expect. published an article about dark humour pick-up lines. Love involves two people who get attracted to each other, but it can mysteriously torment even the strongest of men and women when it is not reciprocated. It involves giving and receiving, but most people give without receiving.

The importance of dark humour pick-up lines is to ensure that the other person falls in love with you from the onset and reciprocates the feelings you have for them. The relationship will also start on the right footing and have a better chance of lasting longer.

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