Video: Obinim names two of his angel friends who want to punish some pastors in Ghana

Video: Obinim names two of his angel friends who want to punish some pastors in Ghana has sighted a video of the founder and leader of the International Godsway Church (IGWC), Bishop Daniel Obinim claiming that he saved some Ghanaian pastors from being punished by two of his 'angels friends'.

In the video, Obinim is seen claiming two of 'angels' who are his 'friends' had wanted to punish the the pastors for talking evil about him (Obinim) bu he had to beg them to stop.

Speaking to his congregation, Obinim narrated that he was going to a meeting with his angel friends, Nimokafrim and Ayɛtɛfrɛm, when they told him of their plans to punish the pastors.

But he pleaded with Nimokafrim and Ayɛtɛfrɛm to abort their plans because he felt the other pastors were also training other people in the work of God.

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According to Obinim, he told his wife, Florence, about his conversation with his 'angel friends' who he claimed belonged to the Cherubim and Seraphim group of angels.

As it is with Obinim, the video has gone viral since it popped up online.

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Interestingly, it is the name of the 'angel friends' of Obinim that have garnered most attention.

A lot of social media users have been making fun of names.

Like @cece4406 who said"Hahahhaa eiii asemooo, Ghana y3 ti asem su. Ay3t3frem!!"

@nashikagh finds Obinim's narration funny doubtful "her lack of knowledge my people perish ampa.angels don’t do what they like they act on the commands given to them by how can the nimo kafui and whoever say they want to punish someone with their own power.silly"

@riley_excoba suggests there is something wrong with Obinim"Are we waiting for homeboy to strip his clothes before we take him to the hospital?"

@afia0614 said"Vry soon sm of his church members will be naming their kids after nimo kafui n ayetefrem thinking they will grow to punish their enemies for them."

@mrzmens85 wondered how the conversation between Obinim and his wife about the angels went "Am I the only one wondering how the phone call he had with his wife about nimo kafui and ay3t3frem was like? She is hearing things Paa.��"

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