NABCO - 10 things you should know about Nation Builders Corps

NABCO - 10 things you should know about Nation Builders Corps

NABCO is one of the best reliefs that have come to help the youth in Ghana especially immediately after they are done with their graduate school. With this new program, graduates have the hope of advancing their skills and knowledge as they await better opportunities to come their way in the form of permanent employment. With the NABCO system in place it is possible for qualified experts to earn something small that is good for the sustenance of their upkeep. However, before accepting to enroll to the program most people will ask a few things. Here are some of the things you ought to know about NABCO Ghana.

NABCO - 10 things you should know about Nation Builders Corps

Top 10 things about NABCO you must know

While NABCO is still a new initiative there are several questions that come up every time people are trying to understand it. This is common for everything that is being introduced. For a clear understanding of NABCO gov Gh initiative, the following frequently asked questions will come in handy.

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FAQ about Nabco. gov. gh

1. What is NABCO builders?

This is an initiative by the government of Ghana as a move or response to resolving the issue of social imbalance by creating jobs for the youth. It is a programme that the government hopes will be useful in providing a solution that will curb the issue of unemployment in addition to helping youths be better prepared for real work environment by exposing them to the exact positions with a small payment as they await opportunities of employment in other organizations

2. What are NABCO jobs and what should a person expect?

The government aims at exposing graduates in Ghana to opportunities that will help open better doors for them. In addition it focuses on solving public service delivery challenges through NABCO. As such, qualified candidates will be absorbed into different public sectors including health, agriculture, education technology and governance. There are also those that will be helping with government revenue collection and mobilization.

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3. Does NABCO builders involve any ministries or is it an independent entity?

Being a government initiative, this program focuses on bringing youth employment through NABCO jobs. A number of ministries in the government are involved in the process as they are all charged with solving this problem in one way or another. The ministries working together include ministries for local government and rural administration ministry for business development, national youth authority, council for technical and vocational education and training, national entrepreneurship and innovation plan as well as the youth employment agency. This is a partnership that aims at achieving results that will be favorable for the youth.

NABCO - 10 things you should know about Nation Builders Corps

4. Is there any requirement for one to qualify for NABCO recruitment Ghana?

Before you are enrolled into one of NABCO careers it is important that you know all there is to know about NABCO registration gh. This is the only way that you can manage to get it right seeing that there is a lot of competition for the few opportunities available. While the government would have loved to take in every unemployed youth, the resources may be limited. This way, a system that allows only the qualified to join NABCO is set in place. To increase your chances therefore you have to appreciate the process. The NABCO registration process involves one having a few items ready. These are:

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  • Email address
  • A passport sized photo
  • Pdf scanned copy of highest academic certificate
  • GPS address in Ghana
  • District residence
  • NSS Pin
  • License number and pin for heath module applicants
  • National Identification document which could be in the form of an official passport, a NHIS card, national id card or voters card
  • SSNIT number
  • E-zwich card number

5. What does NABCO hope to achieve?

The initiative was started with the sole purpose of addressing graduate unemployment by offering temporary unemployment. It also aims at improving skills of the graduates to make them ready for official duty which will be an easy transition when a permanent opportunity arises. In the process the government will also be able to use this program to enhance and improve the basic public infrastructure in terms of access to services.

6.What is the capacity of the program?

Since this program is just starting the government has tried considering that it is employing 100, 000 graduates. Whether this will be increased over time or not is subject to the future. Either way, the large number of youths being absorbed into the program is a great place to start.

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7. Is it any different from other youth employment organizations?

YEA is the organization that focuses on youth employment. The difference between the two groups is that NABCO leans on the qualification side whereby only graduates with specific skill sets and knowledge will be absorbed. YEA is not keen on such qualifications.

NABCO - 10 things you should know about Nation Builders Corps

8. So where do i start if am interested in joining?

For you to be considered for recruitment you must first be qualified academically and must have undergone training. With this in mind the next step would be to log on to and key in all the relevant details required. You will also have to upload your certificates. You will then go through a validation process to determine the most suitable module for you before your interview.

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9. Is it possible to decide where one wants to work?

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Naturally, this is the best strategy as the program is designed to be a self-selection. All trainees are advised to select modules that they are qualified for as well as choose a district they feel best to work in.

10. Where exactly will I work?

This question is important to most of the graduates probably because of the reputation they intend to build. Not to worry though, you will be working for any of the following institutions:

  • Local assemblies
  • The private sector
  • Ghana education service
  • ISD
  • NCCE
  • National identification authority
  • Ghana health service
  • Land commission
  • Ghana education service
  • Ghana revenue authority among others.
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