American lottery registration 2020: dates, form, registration

American lottery registration 2020: dates, form, registration

America is known to many as the land of opportunity. It is no wonder that many people dream about living and working there. For most, this is something that remains a dream while for a few others, it is one that comes true. If you have always had such a wish, you could try your luck through the American lottery registration process. You and your loved ones could get the chance of a lifetime to cross-over to the US.

American lottery registration
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The US visa lottery is one of the ways through which people who are ineligible to obtain an American visa get the chance to get one. Some have to apply severally to get it while for others, all it takes is one application. What is the dv lottery? How can someone in Ghana take part in the 2020 US lottery registration?

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What is the diversity visa lottery?

Diversity visa lottery, also known as the green card lottery is a lottery program by the US government through which it makes 55,000 immigrant visas available to individuals from different nationalities. Through this program, the US government aims to diversify the immigrant population in the country.

The lottery program is an inexpensive and straightforward way to enter America. Once people apply, the successful ones are picked at random using a computer. They are then screened through a rigorous interview process. Those who pass the interviews are awarded immigrant visas. Their green cards are availed to them upon entry into the US.


The primary requirement for participation in the lottery is birth in an eligible country. A qualified country is one that has sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the US in the previous five years. Natives from Ghana qualify for the 2020 green card lottery.

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The rules of participation also allow an applicant to claim their spouse’s country of birth if desired. Alternatively, they may claim a parent’s country of birth if neither parent was born in the applicant’s country of birth.

Other requirements include:

  • One must have completed at least high school education or at least two years of work experience in a capacity that requires at least two other years of experience or training.
  • An applicant must have no criminal background
  • They must be of good health

Registration form

Applications for the US green card are done by completing an entry form. This form should be complete because incomplete entries are not accepted. The American lottery registration form can be accessed online at

The US Department of State encourages applicants to fill the form for themselves without the help of any facilitators. In case you are helped to fill your form, ensure that you are present to provide the correct answers to the questions and retain your unique confirmation number and confirmation page. Without these, you will not access the online system to check your entry status.

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Besides, you should beware of facilitators who ask for payment claiming to be visa agents who can push your chances of success. It is because the selection of successful applicants of the free American lottery registration process is a random procedure.

Registration date

The American lottery registration date for each year is announced more than a year beforehand. For example, the entrants for the 2020 program must have submitted their applications between October 3, 2018, and November 6, 2018.

Similarly, if you were hoping to be considered for the 2021 program, you should have submitted your application between October 2, 2019, and November 5, 2019.

Even so, those who applied for the 2020 green card program have until September 30, 2020, to check their entrant status through the website.

American lottery registration in Ghana

Ghanaian natives can register for this program online by accessing the lottery website. Once filled, one can download and print the filled form to sign it. The form is then submitted alongside original and copies of other personal documents to the American embassy in Ghana.

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Unsuccessful submission of your American lottery registration every year can be a daunting task for the resilient individuals yearning to live and work in America. However, by following all instructions provided, one can easily boost their chances of having the American borders open for them and their loved ones.

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