Who is Nana Wan? Full story with pics and videos

Who is Nana Wan? Full story with pics and videos

If you have heard the name Nana Wan, you probably have an idea about who this man is, what he does; and the rumours in the air that surround this name. Well, if you don’t know Nana Wan, you need not worry because we have some information about this rich guy from Ghana. Nana Wan is short for his real name Nana Kwame Wiafe. He is the CEO of Wiafe Group of Companies and the president of 2Hype Music. This article will focus on Nana Wan biography and the confession of this popular personality which had everybody biting their nails.

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Nana Wan profile

  • Origin: Ghana
  • Marital status: Unknown
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Famous for: CEO of Wiafe Group of Companies and the president of 2Hype Music
  • Instagram: @mr.wealth_

Nana Wan biography

Strangely, despite being one of the most popular people in our country, there is very little information on Mr. Wealth, Nana Wan. He grew up as an orphan and is now, one of the youngest and richest business persons in the world. Nana loves music and entertainment, and that is probably why he is the president of 2Hype Music & Clothing. His lavish lifestyle is one of the reasons why he is popular. He lives his life in style and is a motivation for youngsters to work hard and be successful.

You probably know he is called sakawa boy. The name Nana Wan sakawa boy became really popular ever since he touched the limelight. “Sakawa” is supposedly a Ghanaian word which stands for illegal practices merged with modern internet frauds. It is not known why he is called that, but we can hope it does not imply the exact meaning of the supposed term.

Not much can be said about Nana Wan net worth. No official statement about his income can be traced as of now, but judging from his posh lifestyle and charisma, and his collection of high-end cars, we can imagine Mr. Wealth has a lot of money.

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Nana Wan instagram

This is Nana Wan’s Instagram account. You could use the “follow” button to keep up with his posts and activities; after all, social media is a great way to stay updated regarding users and topics you like. Nana Wan aka Mr. Wealth/ Money God has an amazing Instagram following of 53.5k followers as of now. He does not have many posts in his profile but most of his pictures sport him in great attires and cool places. A few of them are with his cute little daughter while some others are with his friends. Check out the account for more Nana Wan pictures.

Nana Wan cars and house

Nana Wan cars collection would put us all to shame. Although it has not been verified yet, it seems like the Money God has over a dozen vehicles to his name. He has more than ten Range Rovers of different colours and manufacturing dates. He owns a continental GT Bentley; a pretty rare sight in our country. Being a limited edition, this car is one piece in the entire country as well as the world. His garage also holds a hatch-back silver Chrysler. It does not end here because Mr. Wan also owns a Lamborghini as well as a BMW X6 (silver). One thing that is common is his signature “NANA WAN” plate. Keep an eye out for it. If you see one, you know who it belongs to.

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Everybody who owns such a huge collection of cars must also own a house which is totally a sight to see. For wealthy people, having a nice personal place to live is one of the biggest achievements, because to earn a lot, they work a lot. And after an entire day’s hard work, a place to rest and take it easy; is a necessity. Based on the pictures on his Instagram account, we can only assume he has a great house.

Nana Wan confession

It was quite some time back that Nana confessed to having taken the lives of more than a hundred people in order to acquire riches. It was in the year 2016 when Wan declared he was forfeiting all his wealth and giving his life in the hands of God.

Now, the confession he made is really interesting and also hard to describe. When he was a kid, his father forsook his mother. She was not able to meet the basic needs of her children, so he joined a few friends for rituals and went to Benin. They met a mermaid there who asked them to give Ghc, 500 each, he said. A crocodile would then come for the money and each of them would qualify only if the crocodile did not return with their money. It did not return with his, so he made it.

According to the instructions, he got a job which he was to quit after a week; later, he was supposed to get a “Ghana Must Go” bag and wait in his room. A pretty mermaid came to him and wanted to know what amount of money he wanted and he said Ghc 20m, which then appeared in his bag.

Every week, he obtained that amount of money from his mermaid girlfriend. This went on smoothly for 3 years until she demanded sacrifices of children. He made a settlement with a nurse who worked at the 37 Military Hospital and she provided him with kids for Ghc 100,000 each. Until the nurse could not keep working for him anymore, he was supplied with 115 babies for the mermaid. He said he even offered his own son.

He asked her to make demands for other sacrifices and she asked him for 20 intercourses every day, which soon increased to 40. There is an obvious human limit and after a while, he could not keep doing that, so he requested her to ask for something else and she asked for sacrifices of his family members. According to Nana, he had gifted two of his sisters with cars and both of them died in accidents. The mermaid’s spell broke after she wanted his mother. Her pastor had foretold that she should reject any cars that Nana would offer her, which she did. Soon, things got out of hand for Wan, when the mermaid told him he only had one week to live.

So, he went to the church for redemption and described all of his sins. He was granted forgiveness and he has been living his life beyond death ever since.

This confession was what the supposed Nana Wan had made.

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Nana Wan claims the confession story to be false

Mr. Wealth, upon coming to know about the confession was shocked. He denied this confession story which was running haywire for him on the internet. He claimed the stories to be false and outrageous. He said he had but one sister and she never visited Ghana.

Nana was very unhappy with the rumours about his confession which were being circulated in social media, and he charged the involved church which launched video clips and photos of him confessing. He said he was in the United States’ Maryland since May 2016.

Upon making a contact with the church for updates on the matter; one member (on the condition that his identity stays a secret) revealed that the photos which were being circulated were not of Nana Wan, and he did not confess in that church.

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