Ghana needs to decriminalize marijuana use – David Oscar

Ghana needs to decriminalize marijuana use – David Oscar

Ghanaian comedian and musician, David Oscar, is advocating for the decriminalization of marijuana use in Ghana.

According to Oscar, marijuana, widely known as ‘wee’, has many commercial and medicinal values.

Speaking on Accra-based Citi FM, the comedian disclosed that Ghana is losing revenue by banning marijuana use in the country.

Ghana needs to decriminalize marijuana use – David Oscar

David Oscar, Ghanaian comedian (Photo credit:

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David Oscar, who is now a reggae musician, insisted that government must consider and lead the debate on the legalization of the banned herb.

“I do really hope and pray that we will get to that point as a country where we will decriminalize marijuana for people to sell and benefit from it,” reported.

The showbiz personality maintained that many Ghanaians demonize the herb out of ignorance about its medicinal and commercial value.

He, therefore, called on all stakeholders to begin a debate on the subject, starting from various schools.

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“Why don’t we start with our schools? Maybe the Ministry of Education could drive it. Let’s open the debate up for our kids. When we were in school, we used to debate subjects. Your research and present your argument. Why can’t we do that for marijuana?” he said.

David Oscar revealed that he has used marijuana before, and there is no scientific proof that ‘wee’ makes people go mad.

“It has not been scientifically proven anywhere that using marijuana has made anyone gone crazy. The persons said to have gone crazy, mix the plant with substances like cocaine and heroin, then when they suffer the consequences, they turn around to blame wee,” he added.

Apart from David Oscar, a number of Ghanaian showbiz personalities including Blakk Rasta, Kwaw Kese, and KK Fosu have advocated for the decriminalization of marijuana.

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