My husband wants me to sleep with other men for money- Married woman recounts story

My husband wants me to sleep with other men for money- Married woman recounts story

- A married woman of 10 years has revealed a story of how her husband is coercing her into sleeping with rich men

- According to the woman, her husband has lost his job and wants his wife to make extra cash

- She recounted the story on Facebook and it has garnered myriad comments from readers

A lady who has three kids and has been married to her childhood sweetheart for a decade has shared an unbelievable tale of how her husband is pushing her into the bed of other men – rich and powerful men in the society.

According to the lady who shared her story on the Facebook wall of David Papa Bondzie-Mbir, even though she was gainfully employed and could sustain her family, her husband was still insisting on her sleeping with men for favors.

She revealed that in their dating years, she had to resort to sleeping with married men for favors to enable them pay their way through university.

My husband wants me to sleep with other men for money- Married woman recounts story
Couple. Photo Credit: Supplied

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Fast-forward ten years after walking down the aisle with her childhood sweetheart, life dealt them a blow because her husband lost his job.

She revealed that she was earning enough to take care of her family but her husband has brough up the life she used to live and has requested that she slept with other men for more money for the family.

According to the story, even though the man in question has access to all his wife’s bank accounts and savings, he was still insisting that she went back to sleeping with a rich man who happens to be her husband’s client.

She has recounted her fear of losing the man of her life and expressed how confused she was on the next line of action.

Here story read:

“My husband was my childhood best friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood, attended the same junior and Senior High Schools. I am tempted to believe – he’s the only one who truly knows all about me and loves me anyways. We both come from an average family background, and we’ve been there for one another, over the years.

When he asked me to be his girlfriend, we were both pursuing our University degrees. It did not take me a second – to say, “Yes!” There was absolutely nothing to think over. I loved him that much: I still do.

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In our third year at the University, his father died. His dad worked with a security agency, and was taking loans upon loans to finance his education. My parents are both teachers, so you can imagine how I was also surviving, being a campus student.

So, it was in one of those difficult semesters, that a married man showed interest in me. I discuss everything with my husband, even when he was just a boyfriend; so we assessed the entire situation, and came to a conclusion, that I would ‘play’ along, get as much financial assistance from him as possible, and then, break things off.

Things were going on fine until the married man ‘fell’ in love with me, and wanted to rent an apartment for him and I to be staying in. His wife lived and worked in a different region – with their kids. He usually visited his family on weekends and on holidays, so it wasn’t so much of a problem for him.

I ended things because my boyfriend wasn’t in favor of the idea. In our final year on campus, we needed money to enable us pass through the last semester, so we agreed I found another married man – to be spending on me.

We both graduated and found really good jobs, and then, got married. Life was finally good for us. However, before marriage, we both agreed on putting an end to the affairs, because we were financially independent. We have Three (3) kids now, and have been married for 10 years.

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My husband lost his job in February, 2017, and he’s been home since. I am helping out with the home (financially) and I feel, we aren’t really that much in need of money. However, my husband wants to revive a past we had both agreed on putting an end to. He’s suggesting I consider dating a client of his at work, who is wealthy. I objected to this, and he is taking offense. He claims I am not earning enough to sustain the family, and his numerous attempts to secure a job are all turning futile.

He is indirectly now cautioning me to either make up my mind or he considers dating Sugar-Mummies for the same cause, to support the home. I love my husband, and I can understand his frustrations, however, we really are not starving. We are still okay financially.

He has access to my accounts and savings. Why would he still want me to sleep around with other men, especially now that we are both parents and role models to our kids? I am the type that would want to do any and everything just to please my man, and also make him happy. I don’t know what decision to make right now.”

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