Cute good morning messages for her 2019

Cute good morning messages for her 2019

Good morning messages from someone we love always tend to brighten up our day. We also tend to have a more productive day as we know someone somewhere is thinking good thoughts about us. Well, how often do you surprise your woman with a cool, romantic good message in the morning? This should be a daily routine as women love being noticed and appreciated.

Cute good morning messages for her


Good morning messages often have an impact in making people feel mushy and warm. It also brings a sense of happiness and being accepted for who we are. We will discuss about good morning messages for her in this article.

  • Good morning messages
  • Come downstairs. I have something in store for you

This message is a very romantic one as you may have prepared her breakfast or just gotten her a pleasant gift just to appreciate her. it is one of the nice good morning messages to my wife

  • There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing your face when I wake up

This message is a romantic message for her since she will wake up and see a written note which is attached to her breakfast or gift.

  • Everyday that I wake up beside you is a day that I relish repeating

This is a sweet message for her to make her smile. It is an appropriate good morning sms for her.

  • I woke up because your smile shone upon my face

This is an appropriate message for your wife as a husband especially if she is away from you and you feel lonely.

  • The sun rises next to me because you are my east

This message is the type that you write on a piece of paper or card and present it next to her if she is sleeping next to you in the morning.

  • The world needs your warmth and I need your kiss, wake up beautiful

This message is appropriate for a message via phone and can surely bring a smile to her face and set the right mood for her. This is one of the romantic good morning text messages.

  • You don’t complete me baby, you complement me

This message is a good message for her when she wakes up just to know that you need her and are in love with her. It gives her the assurance.

  • Falling in love with you everyday makes every morning worth waking up darling. Good morning

This is the type of message that you send her in the morning when she least expects. It is mostly appropriate if the love is on fire and you just want to sweep her off her feet. It is a sweet good morning message for my love.

  • My love is blinded by the sheer beauty of my wife, but my love is not blind. Good morning lovely
Cute good morning messages


This is one of those romantic good morning messages to your wife that will make her fall in love with you and have the right mood for the day and strengthen your bond. This is a good early morning love message.

  • You’re the apple of my eye, the bounce in my step and the twinkle in my eyes. Good morning my dear wife

This is the type of text that every woman would want to receive in their phone. It is very romantic and gets to make her feel like she is well appreciated in the marriage and relationship.

  • Even though I always wanted you for a wife, you have always been a necessity for my heart’s life, good morning babe

This is the type of text that you would send her to give her assurance that you are going nowhere and that you are down for her despite the troubles awaiting both of you. This is one of the sweet good morning messages for her.

  • Roses are red, violet are purple and I just want to be with you sweetie. Good morning

This is the type of message that you send her in the morning to make her happy and express how much you are into her and want her to be in your life.

  • Waking up in the morning just to know that we belong to each other is all a guy could ask for

This is a message for her that you can write on a card and present to her when she wakes up. This will definitely send her smiling and give her the best mood for the day. Its one of the cute good morning message for her.

  • When I wake up, the first thing I think of is you, then coffee, and you again. Good morning honey

This is the type of message that will make her draw maps with her feet as it is very romantic. It shows how much you mind her and care about her. It will definitely make her fall deeper in love with you.

  • When you were asleep, you were shining as bright as the stars, but now it is time to wake up and become as hot as the sun

This is a morning love message that will definitely make her feel as if she is the only girl in the world. It makes her feel special and beautiful due to the appreciative nature of the message intended.

  • The only hash tag trending in my life, as per now and forever is #YOU. Good morning

This message is convenient for husbands and also just lovers who are into each other. It is the type of message that you would send to her if you want to make her smile and grasp the vibe that she is on your mind driving you crazy. This inspires her to have a great day.

  • I wake up in the morning and smile the whole day because the first thought on my mind was you

This message is relevant in form of a text message when she is not near you. It is the type of message to make her feel secure and get the vibe that you are reassuring her that no other lady is on your mind but her. It is a very romantic message for her.

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  • As I am sitting here on a park bench drinking coffee and watching the birds fly around as they sing their pretty songs, the only thing I regret is not having you here by my side

This message is the type of message that you send her through the phone just to let her know that your life is incomplete without her. This message will even fill her with the anticipation to see you on that very day even when she was not in the mood. This is a romantic morning messages to a lover.

  • I don’t give a damn about the moon and the stars. All I mind is making sure you smile each day. Good morning

This is a strong yet romantic message which is meant to show her that you will go to hell and back just to see her happy regardless of whatever she goes through. This message is most appropriate when you are around her, you can write it down on a note or card so that she finds it when she opens her eyes from sleep. You can also up your game by surprising her with something extra that is romantic. It is one of the long good morning message to my love.

  • Good morning! Can you give me another picture of you? My friends don’t believe that angels exist

This is a smooth line that you can use on her when you send as a text message to her. This line is appropriate if you’ve just started seeing each other recently and you are head over heels for her. She will definitely be flattered and will be more inviting to you since you will have shown appreciation for her beauty. Morning wishes for someone special have to be true and honest.

  • The breath taking morning dew and the stunning morning hue are symbols of the love I have for you. Good morning

This is the type of message that you send her when she hardly expects that you recall of her existence. This message will definitely invite the conversation and will make her feel special knowing that she has a place in your heart. This can also be used by married men to their wives just to remind them that they are still in touch with their romantic side and that the fire is still alive. It is a romantic good morning message.

  • Your love is like a strong cup of coffee; warm and vibrant with just enough punch to make me happy and giddy all day
Cute good morning messages


This is the type of message that you can write her on a card and place it next to her or just on her chest. It is a very romantic gesture and it can also be sent via text just so that she knows that she has a strong effect on your daily on goings and that you feel her vibe on a different level. This is definitely the type of message that many women wouldn’t mind, you can also accompany this message with something special to make her happy. It is among the best good morning message for her.

  • Wake up, wake up beautiful. I just realized that if you are awake, i might be able to stop day dreaming

This is the type of message that will definitely make her feel cozy and mushy like a little child. It is very romantic and shows just how much she is valued by you. It is a gesture that proves to her that you need her and that she compliments you in one too many things. It is definitely the kind of texts that any lady would die for and would greatly appreciate. This will brighten her mood and drive her crazy about you. It is a perfect good morning sms for wife.

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  • It is time to rise up and open your beautiful eyes so that you can greet the world with love and happiness that you have show me

This is the type of message that you send her if you have a crush on her and you are probably trying to impress her so that you can take her out on a date. This will surely win her heart and might just add you onto her list of people she can consider going out with. It is also relevant to husbands as they can send their wives this text just so that they catch the vibe that they are still important in their lives more than anything else. Its the best good morning message to a lover.

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