Top trending Christiana Love songs

Top trending Christiana Love songs

Christiana Love (currently known as Obaapa Christy) is a Ghanaian gospel artist who is famous in the country and several other parts of the world. In 2007, she picked up the Best Female Vocal Performance award at the eminent Ghana Music Awards Festival. Since then, she has made great strides in her music career, releasing top hit gospel songs for over 10 years now. Do you want to find out if your favorite Christiana Love songs are featured here? Read on.

Top trending Christiana Love songs

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List of Christiana Love worship songs

Even after changing her name to Obaapa Christy, the new songs that this gospel singer has released have her signature singing style and tune. The list below has all her top songs; both old and new.

1. Christiana Love - Animguase Ntoma

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This is one of the Youtube Christiana Love songs that is easily accessible. Amugise Notoma is sung in a beautiful voice that combines Love's incredibly kind of deep alto voice and uniquely hoarse tone. The profound message behind this hit worship song is to reject any shame in our lives.

Many a time, believers find themselves caught up in the web of shameful circumstances that aim at disgracing them. However, Christiana Love songs videos encourage us that we should reject these issues in the name of Jesus and soar on with our lives. She describes these ugly songs as ‘cloaks of disgrace’ and encourages that we put them off through the blood of Jesus and put on the garment of glory that has been given to us through Christ. Although written and sang in her native language, Animguase Ntoma will tickle your music fancy with its vocals and instrumentals. Remember, music is a universal language. Christiana Love worship songs download is possible after buying them from online platforms like iTunes.

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2. Christiana Love - Mesu Afre Awurade feat. Kwaku Gyasi

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You will love this song not just for its fantastic audio work but the upbeat video. In Mesuafre Awurade, Christiana Love is thankful to God for being her shepherd. She sings of how God has faithfully provided her with food, clothing, and all the essentials of life. She says that God has given her a glorious experience. If you are having challenges meeting your daily needs or are just grateful for God’s provision, this song is worth listening to. The song is more of a praise song than a worship song, as depicted by the fast and electrifying beat.

3. Christiana Love - No Fears

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Possibly one of the few song titles in English No Fears is a message to all Christians that there is nothing to fear when you have Jesus in your life. Many times, in our Christian lives, we face hurdles that tend to discourage us from pursuing our goals. However, we can have the assurance that as believers, we do not walk alone. There is always someone by our side - Jesus Christ.

Maybe you are having issues at home or at work that would want to drain your confidence; you can always turn to Jesus for help. If you are that Christian who is inclined to spiritual warfare, this song is tailored for you or you can check out Christiana love new songs.

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4. Christiana Love song Moving Forward

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Moving Forward is both a song and an album title. Although titled in English, most of the songs in this album are in Twi. The message behind the song is that as Christians, we should always be on the move for better things. Love encourages us not to be complacent with what we already have, and instead, we should always strive to better ourselves. The song is an encouragement for those who feel like they have reached the end of the road not to give up. Even if you feel like you have reached the epitome of your success, there is always something better ahead. Moving Forward performed outstandingly in Ghana and many other African nations, enjoying enormous airplay on radio and TV.

5. Christiana Love - Nyame Na Aye feat. Kwaku Gyasi

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Possibly one of her best songs so far, Nyame Na Aye, is a praise song, both in the genre and in the type of content. This is one of those songs that will make you get your dancing shoes on. Featuring artist Kwaku Gyasi, another prolific gospel singer, their collabo has hit over 316,000 views on YouTube alone. The song has continually enjoyed generous airplay from many radio stations across the African continent, particularly in here in her home country, Ghana. The theme of the song is to praise God forever and always!

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6. Christiana Love - Tyerema

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Christiana Love’s song, Tyerema, is one of Ghana's best locals of all time. The song is simply a praise song to God for his greatness and splendor. Sang in her native language Twi, the song is commonly played during local ceremonies and where dances may be involved. The song also performed well beyond borders, having generous airplay in African countries. If you are looking for a song to dance along to - this is the one.

7. Christiana Love - Oko Yi

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Oko Yi is a worship song that talks about God’s love. This is one of those songs that will get you to your knees in worship or prayer. Christiana Love sings this song to God, making known of his attributes such as holiness, mercy, peace, and goodness. The slow tempo of the instrumentals is lovely and will send you into a mood of giving thanks to God for who he is.

8. Christiana Love - Metease

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Christiana Love songs Metease is one of the best throwback songs for many people in Ghana. In the song Christiana says that the grace of God has kept her because she is a God's child, she shall never be sad or pitiful. God’s fatherhood is the Christian’s assurance of a better day tomorrow. You can dance to this song, sing along, or enjoy it in your chill moments. The beats are a perfect blend of fast and soothing, making it a favorite jam for many. If you are discouraged as a Christian because of the circumstances around you, try listening to this one. It will cause you to hop off your seat.

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9. Christiana Love - Hyebre Sesafo

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Christiana Love songs Hyebre Sesafo is one of her newer songs. It talks of how God is a destiny changer who picks up men and changes them from nobody to somebody. The central message lies within the song's video. Produced by Skyweb videos in 2015, the video depicts a male single parent who faced a sequence of challenges, starting with house eviction, to living in the dark, losing his son to a road accident, and so on.

The video culminates in the man becoming rich, with a mansion, a stash of cash and some servants. This song is a fitting encouragement song for those who are going through challenges, do not give up! If you want to download Christiana Love songs Hyebre Sesafo, then buy it first on iTunes. Free download of Christiana Love songs may land you in trouble if the source is illegal.

10. Christiana Love - Destiny Changer

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Closely linked to Hyebre Sesafo in the message, Destiny Changer talks of how God is a destiny changer. The song is a plea to God to intervene in circumstances that might hinder our progress. In the song, Christiana Love says that she had a dream that her enemies wanted to hold her hostage in their camp, but that was just a dream as God was her destiny changer. She attributes the peace in her family, her well-being, and her success to God. This is one of those songs you will enjoy on your Christiana Love gospel songs playlist or among Christiana Love old songs.

Lyrics from the song

My destiny changer, Jesus. My destiny changer, Jesus. You are God. For all the struggles in life, for how far life has brought us, we know you can turn things around, our Lord.

Christiana Love top 50 Songs

  1. Mesu Afre Awurade (Feat. Kwaku Gyasi)
  2. Moving Forward
  3. Aboodoo
  4. Aden Nti Na Woresu
  5. Meye Onyame Ba
  6. Bo Abrabo Pa
  7. Ghanaexpo
  8. Tekyerema
  9. Mate Wo Asee
  10. Ahokyere Nye De
  11. Obegyewo
  12. Se Wa Maa (Hilife)
  13. Yaree Ye Ya - (Reggae)
  14. Ebeba Mu -(Praise)
  15. Okoo Yi - (Reggae)
  16. Awurade Boame - (Reggae)
  17. Yesom Nyame Oteasee - (Praises)
  18. Memma Me Werenfi
  19. Mate Wasee -Worship
  20. Yarea Ye Ya
  21. Beko Ma Me (Worship)
  22. Metumigyina
  23. Danny (Mix)
  24. Ebeba Mu
  25. Awurade Akae Me - (Praise)
  26. Orentonko
  27. Se Wa Maa
  28. Okoo Yi
  29. Metumigyina - (Praise)
  30. Wobefiri Wamanee Mu
  31. Mema Meni So
  32. Behwe Wo Mma (Worship)
  33. Dea Awurade Aye Soso
  34. Aden Nti Na Woresu Yi?
  35. Aboodoo (Praises)
  36. Twerensem
  37. Yeson Nyame Oteasefo (Praise)
  38. Yen Nyame Ye Onyame
  39. Agya Wa Maa.Flv
  40. Se Wa Maa - Hilife
  41. Mate Wo Asee - Reggae
  42. Dea Awurade Aye Soso - Praise
  43. Hy3br3 Sesafour
  44. Beko Mame - (Worship)
  45. Behwe Wo Mma - (Worship)
  46. Ade Akye Ft. Kwaku Gyasi
  47. Memma Mewire Mfi
  48. Christiana Love - Orentoko
  49. Bo Brabo Pa
  50. Se Wato Baha - (Praises)

Christiana Love list of songs is long and the songs are in several albums including “Moving Forward”, “Holy Ghost Int.” and the widely acclaimed “No Fears”. The gospel diva is not a one-hit specialist, having released a myriad of songs like Animguase Ntoma, Hyebre Sesafo, and Destiny Changer, which have performed outstandingly well. If you would like to know more about old and Christiana Love latest songs, and her music, the above content is sufficient. Christiana Love songs lyrics are always encouraging to listeners.

A local and international gospel sensation, Christiana Love songs list is in four albums, and she is not stopping at that. Her newest album, 'Moving Forward' is enjoying massive airplay. She has won several awards for her motivational and spiritually uplifting songs including Ghana Music Award and a National Award honors.

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