List of Sonnie Badu worship songs

List of Sonnie Badu worship songs

Sonnie Badu worship songs form part of most churches worship playlists. His songs are characterised by accentuated voice and laid back lyrical genius that sets the worship mood and uplifts people’s spirits before sinking into in-depth devotion. This post highlights some of the most popular worship songs by Sonnie Badu.

List of Sonnie Badu worship songs
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Though there are many artists who talented in gospel music, there are just a handful of those who can come to Sonnie Badu’s trademark voice and ingenuity in worship. Worship songs of Sonnie Badu leaves an indelible mark of intimacy with God. Apart from his exalting lyrics, Sonnie Badu latest worship songs also seeks to motivate Christians on living right and staying true to worship.

His musical genius has now made him the one of Africa’s greatest musical export. He has since traversed continents spreading the word of God, donating to charities, and winning souls to Christ with the magic of his trademark voice.

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Here are some of the best Sonnie Badu worship tracks

Sonnie Badu - My Soul Says Yes

My souls says yes by Sonnie Badu is a popular song, but most Christians do not know the roots of this song. This song is rooted in Mark 14:36 that states: Mark 14:36 He said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me; yet not what I will, but what you will.”

This bible verse is a direct quote by Jesus, and the musician interpreted it that Jesus was saying ‘Yes’ and committing his soul to the will of God. Similarly, Sonnie Badu in his song asks God to use him for his glory for his soul has said ‘Yes’. This song has been well received in Africa, possibly because of incision of Swahili in the lyrics.

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Sonnie Badu - Still You Reign

This song uplifts Jesus, proclaiming as the reigning King and the saviour of the lost. The lyrics of this song in part goes;

“I’ve searched through all eternity

none but Jesus Christ has set me free

I’m walking now in victory

I am saved”

Though the better part of this song is done in the local Ghanaian language, it sets a mood of worship that gets your spirits high and fills your soul with bliss— it is one of worship songs by Sonnie Badu that surpasses boundaries set by language.

The song features amazing vocals from Sonnie Badu’s band members who joins him in the chorus for a steady crescendo. The visuals are high-quality and employs the power of live worship to create the soul-searching yearnings of God’s grace. The song begins by Sonnie’s amazing guitarist whispering a melodious tune the he proceeds to chuck his guitar strings around.

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Sonnie Badu - Baba

Baba is a Swahili word that means father. In this song, Sonnie Badu features and amazing lady vocalist with whom they send a plea to God for the rains to fall on them. In the beginning of the video there seems to be a disagreement between the couple having read papers with seemingly, not-so-pleasing news.

The song is laden with a seeking attitude, but still wows you every time you listen to it, thanks to Sonnie Badu’s scintillating vocal prowess.

In the video yes the Lord answers, and it rains on him, symbolically to mean the cleansing one gets when in God’s presence. Baba was released in 2009 and has since garnered over 14 million views on YouTube.

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Sonnie Badu - Let it Rain

Let it rain is plea to God to rain his presence, his glory, and his power to them. The song, laid back in deep vocals and praise-worthy lyrics is a common feature in mega churches worship play lists. In fact, this song can’t miss in a list of Sonnie Badu worship songs, if compiled by true fan and a genuine worshiper of Yahweh.

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Let it rain, should not be confused by another song with the same tittle done by world-renowned gospel singer; Michael W. Smith.

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Sonnie Badu - The Worshipper’s Cry

Just listening to the first verse of this song you get the gist of what every genuine worshipper cries for:

“Daddy, I just want to take a little time out
and worship you
I want to join in with the angels
and do what they do in Heaven”
The song continues to hail Jesus Christ as an invincible God;
“Almighty God, invincible
Father, invincible
My Saviour is invincible
Jesus, invincible
Majestic king, invincible
Father, invincible
The Lord of Lords, invincible
No one can conquer him”

This song, is a melody that keeps atmosphere serene for long hours of worship. He continues to speak as the song goes on in laid back instrumentals. Like most of his songs, this video was recorded in live performance.

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Sonnie Badu - Covenant Keeping God

The covenant keeping God is a song that doesn’t only exalt the name of God but also speaks healing to congregants. Before he begins singing this song, Sonnie tells a testimony of how God used him to sing this song to breast cancer patient who got healed instantly.

Upon going to the doctor the next day, the doctor asked her where she had been because the cancer was no more.

He proceeds to tell a testimony of this song saving another barren woman. He says, “Another woman who was barren for seven years, and the same song made her conceive”

That is just how powerful this song is. If you don’t have a copy of Sonnie Badu new worship song, this old track released earlier in his musical journey will lift your spirits and put you in the path of unwavering faith in the covenant keeping God. This song is a testimony of God’s commitment to keep his covenant.

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Sonnie Badu - Makabongwe

Most of praise and worship songs by Sonnie Badu are done in English, but there are few exceptional songs that he has done in native African languages, Makabongwa is one of such songs. Makabongwe is a Zulu word that means ‘Thank You Lord’.

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Sonnie Badu - Lost in your Glory

Lost in your glory you can’t stop loving. The song can serve as a background music in Christian devotional movie, to set pace in a wedding, or as daily devotional song.

The video of this song is set in Nature, Sonnie Badu is out in the trees with someone who seems to be his spiritual fathers, just singing and revelling in the beauty of nature and soothing feeling of belonging to the owner of the universe.

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Sonnie Badu - Your name is great

Sonnie Badu sings this song to give thanks for all the great things he has achieved, seen, and possessed in the name of the Lord.

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He says the inspiration to write this song to him following his experience when he was first invited to America. All the glamour and respect he was accorded made him shed tears in disbelief. In the end, he could only summarise the feeling in three words ‘Your Name is great’. This song should not be confused with Israel Houghton’s song with the same tittle, worship songs might have the same title but hold totally different message.

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Sonnie Badu - Imani

In Swahili, the word Imani means faith or belief. The song is done in African rhythms, featuring drums and shakers. The song is rather fast-paced as compared to most of Sonnie Badu Twi songs in worship.

The song features a famous Swahili hymn song known as Unastahili Kuabudiwa (you deserve to be worshipped). Unlike most of his songs that calms you down, this song will make you move your feet in harmony with the synchronous drum beats. It is a masterpiece that is highly appreciated in Africa and beyond.

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Sonnie Badu - Wonder God

This song is popular worship song by Sonnie Badu that won two award in the 2014 Ghana Music Awards. He won in the Gospel Artiste of the Year and Best Male Vocal Performance of the Year.

This Sonnie Badu new worship song sparked a lot of controversy when a Nigerian musician Soji Israel claimed ownership of its chorus.

Sonnie however maintained that he sought permission from the owner of the chorus, Mummy Go before using it and so he didn’t infringe on anybody’s rights.

The song begins by Sonnie bagging a 10-million dollar recording deal, so miraculous was happening that he couldn’t stop marvelling at the wonders of God, hence the title ; Wonder God.

In the song Sonnie doesn’t only show his successes but also his down moments; being thrown out of the house and being fired from job, but in all this God always gave him solutions.

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Sonnie Badu - Heavenly Worship

Though the title of this song is in English, the better part of the song is done in a different language. The song is backed up by laid-back piano tunes that syncs with Sonnie’s deep vocals. It is one of those songs that surpass language barriers.

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Sonnie Badu - Deep Worship

Just like most of his worship songs, Sonnie Badu will sink you into deep worship as the tittle of this song suggests. In fact, he spend the better part of this song praying.

To listen to this song and all the background humming, you can’t help but acknowledge the presence of God in your life.

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Well, if you have never heard of Sonnie Badu, these songs can be a good place to start. His songs are so elevating, before you know it, you will be adding more songs this Sonnie Badu worship song list.


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