Best foreign gospel songs in Ghana

Best foreign gospel songs in Ghana

Foreign gospel songs in Ghana have become a darling to many. Composed in a creative and enriching way, foreign gospel songs preach, teach as well as entertain; a quality the modern generation appreciates and pays attention to. Right from Nigeria all the way to the U.S.A, Ghana’s foreign gospel songs are as diverse as the world itself. However, the reception of these songs depends on their effectiveness to communicate and the ability of Ghanaians to enjoy and use them in their routine worship sessions. This introduces an element of likability and ranks.

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Likability of foreign gospel songs is arguably subjective. Nonetheless, there are some song qualities which make a song readily acceptable to Ghanaians. Some of these traits are what make the song's content religious, holistic and marketable. Of course, to a consumer of gospel songs, all that matters is getting a song that helps you communicate with the Lord by making you vulnerable and open to his blessings, if not making you fiercely energetic to praise the Most High! Below are some of the best foreign gospel songs in Ghana.

Top foreign gospel songs in Ghana

Since the beginning of the year, Ghana has seen an increase in foreign gospel songs, just as much as it has enjoyed more songs from local artists. The foreign songs have come from Nigerian artists and other international artists across the world. Most of these songs have become part of the worship experience in Ghana. Without further ado, we shall look at the top foreign gospel songs in Ghana, both worship and praise songs, that have topped the chart of foreign gospel songs. Listed below is a mixture of praise and worship foreign songs that have made it big in Ghana:

1. Travis Green - Intentional

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Travis Green is famed for his gospel ministry as both a pastor and a gospel musician. This song is a confession about God's deliberate acts towards a person’s life. In his lyrics, Green says, “all things are working for my good ‘coz He is intentional” and “I don’t have to worry ‘coz it’s working for me”. These phrases assure one of God's work in his/her life. The song is simple, the lyrics are clear and powerful. The song qualifies as a powerful praise song.

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2. Sinach - Way Maker

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Sinach, born as Osinachi Joseph, is a Nigerian gospel music artist. She is also a senior worship leader at Believers' Love world International. "Way Maker" is one of her masterpieces. This song easily sends one into worship mode. The lyrics of the song are complemented with beautiful vocals, slow beat and a hearty delivery by Sinach. This song re-affirms one's belief in Jesus and God. It speaks of Jesus as the way maker, miracle worker and a promise keeper; there is no better way to declare your confidence in Jesus and God other than through this song. This worship song makes you vulnerable and ready to receive God’s blessings.

3. Nathaniel Bassey - Onise Iyanu Awesome Wonder

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Nathaniel Bassey hails from Nigeria. He is responsible for this awesome work. "Onise Iyanu", is a song that glorifies God for his wonderful character. It speaks of God as a God of awesome wonders, a merciful God and a God who is always present to hold someone up, regardless of their situation. This is a song of praise. It is a song of gratitude and a joyous confession of God's miraculous work. The charm in it is its honesty and innocence, setting a heart ready for blessings at the same time freeing it from trouble.

4. Eben - Victory [Official Video]

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Victory is a joyous song, a proclamation of God's blessings upon one. Coming from Emmanuel Benjamin, popularly known as Eben, the song praises God for giving one victory. In his lyrics, Eben invites people to see the things God has done in his life. "Victory" is a praise song that uplifts and gratifies God for His work in one's life. True to its purpose, the song has helped most people to give thanks and praise to God.

5. Don Moen - I Will Sing

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Don Moen is an American singer with a powerful gift. "I will sing", is one of his great creations. It is a powerful worship song, which pledges one's loyalty to Godly ways. In a few words, this song declares one's commitment to God in spite of all the hardships that may arise.

6. Ntokozo Mbambo - Jehovah is your name

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Jehovah is your name is a creation of the South African born songstress, Ntokozo Mambo. It is a worship song that will draw you closer to God.

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7. Nwachukwu Prospa Ochimana feat. Osinachi - Ekwueme

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Ekwueme is a powerful worship song. It is slow but deep. It has honest lyrics that speak of God as a defender of man, a provider of hope and an insurer of life. The lyrics begin with, “Our God that sent His angels to come be with us, You are the Living God, Eze no one like You; the One who says and Does it,” powerful confessions accepting God's role in one's life and praising His mighty works in man’s life. This is a worship song that leaves you completely smitten by God's nature and sets your emotions and energy towards worshiping the Lord.

8. Life breakthrough - Search My Heart

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This gospel hymn is a great praise and worship country music. The lyrics are quite simple. It is a declaration of one's stand in the house of The Lord. This is proven by the lyrics, "By your precious blood I will seek your name, by your righteousness I will walk."

9. Gabriel Eziashi - Aka Jehovah

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The arm of The Lord does great things. This is a statement of fact; a confession of a witness who has tasted the greatness of The Lord. Gabriel Eziashi does justice to this song by spilling his heart's content to the world, praising the greatness of God. This is the kind of song that you will sing along and dance to, in spite of your condition, location or status as it is a song of gratitude and it speaks to the heart.

10. David G - Yahweh Nigerian gospel music

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This is a worship song delivered by one of Nigeria’s finest gospel artists, David G. This song speaks of human meekness and humility before The Lord. This is proved by its lyrics "We bow down and worship Yahweh." The simplicity of the song allows one to sing along, slowly drifting into prayer mode.

These 10 songs described above are among the top 10 foreign praise and worship songs enjoyed by most Ghanaians. The songs praise God, at the same time, preaching the gospel to the masses. In addition to this, they teach you how to present yourself before The Lord in prayer. These songs are like a concoction of strong herbs, a slight dosage sends you straight into the mood of prayer.

The songs are, however, a mixture of praise and worship, thus, the need to create a list of top foreign gospel worship songs and foreign gospel praise songs in Ghana. Below are two lists, each containing five praise and worship foreign songs in Ghana.

Top foreign gospel worship songs

1) JJ. Hairston & Youthful praise - You deserve it

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This worship song gives God the praise for who he is. He is the lord who deserves all our praise, worship and adoration. The song will draw you closer to God as it sets the right mood for prayer.

2) Steve crown - You are great

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This worship song by Steve acknowledges and agrees that God is great. It is an affirmation that everything about God is great. The lyrics talk about the great things that Jesus does.

3) Cece Winans - Mercy said no

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Cece is one of the most respected gospel artists of all time. This song talks about the mercies of God which are forever upon his people. It was because of God's mercies that he did not let us go. Indeed, his mercy said no.

4) Hill song - What a beautiful name

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This is one of the most popular Christian songs. The lyrics are not only powerful but they are an adoration of the Lord Jesus. The song acknowledges that the name of Jesus is beautiful and cannot be compared to anything.

5) Kirk Franklin - My life is in your hands

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Kirk is one of the most celebrated gospel artists of the world. He sings some of the most powerful and reassuring songs that will give you hope in God again. This is a perfect example that will help you deal with your fears and worries. He sings of how you can count on Jesus as a friend that will help you make it in life. It doesn't matter what you are going through.

Foreign gospel praise songs

1) Ada - Only you Jesus

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This is a famous praise song, put together and delivered by Nigerian songstress, Ada. It is an acknowledgement of God's favor and love.

2) Nathaniel Bassey feat. Enitan Adaba - Imela

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Imela means "thank you". This powerful song appreciates God for who he is in our lives.

3. Sinach - I know who I am

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One of the most popular praise songs today, this song acknowledges that you know who you are because of the God that you serve. You can walk in power and miracles because of this truth.

4) Travis Greene - Made a way

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In this song, Travis acknowledges that God has made a way for him. Even when things were rough, God made a way.

International gospel new songs

Names of foreign gospel songs might not come easily to you, despite the fact that you know the lyrics of the songs like the palm of your hand. This article, however, seeks to bring you up to speed with your favorite international gospel new songs. Below is a list of popular foreign gospel songs that you should know about, all of which are recent songs in Ghana and the world at large:

  1. Tori Kelly ft Kirk Franklin Never alone
  2. Tori Kelly Psalm 42
  3. Bebe Winans ft.Tasha Cobbs Nobody greater Remix
  4. Tim Godfrey Na you be God
  5. Jekalyn Carr It's yours
  6. Isabel Davis Jesus we love you
  7. Todd Dulaney Victory belongs to Jesus
  8. Maranda Curtis Nobody like you Lord

This article has outlined some of the best foreign gospel songs in Ghana and beyond. While there may be many others that you are listening to, the ones mentioned above are some of the most common. Take some time to listen to them, to uplift your spirit.

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