Ghana gospel music 2019: Top 8 songs (videos)

Ghana gospel music 2019: Top 8 songs (videos)

2019 was a great worship year that saw numerous uplifting Ghana gospel music videos released. From congregational worship songs to personal intersessions songs, gospel music has enabled many Christians in Ghana to walk in the faith and overcome the temptations of 2019.

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Ghana gospel industry has achieved significant growth in production of both praise and worship songs. What’s more, various new acts have emerged with tracks to encourage their fellow Christians to remain strong and rejoice in God. Below is a compilation of 8 powerful Ghana gospel songs that are sure to bless you and your family this 2020.

1. Celestine Donkor Agbebolo ft Nyiraba Gideon

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Agbebolo that stands for “bread of life” is a thanks giving song. It is a song to thank God for his favour that has brought you this far. Agbebolo will surely make you appreciate the second chance that we get from being born again.

The song will also makes you reflect on where you would be now if you had not given your life to Christ. As a result, it’s a praise and worship, the only way that Christians can show their gratitude to the Most-High.

In the track, Celestine Donkor features the young boy Gideon, making the track even more inspiring, with white being the dominant theme in the video. This is a sign of purification of sin that we get for being born again.

2. Joe Mettle Mehia wo Yesu

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When translated, “Mehia wo Yesu” stands for “Jesus I Need You.” This is an emotional yet spiritual Ghana gospel song that dedicates our supplications to God. In life, everyone goes through hard times and seem like no one can save us. For example, the video starts with a lady being served with an eviction notice.

The track reminds us that our only hope and saviour is Jesus. In the lyrics, Joe Mettle sings that he has no one to save him and that Christ is the only hope. If you feel like God’s grace is no longer with you, “Mehia wo Yesu” is a perfect track to put you in a prayer mode as you seek God’s face through your hardship.

3. Joyce Blessing Adam Nana

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Surely, there is joy in the house of the Lord. This song is about rejoicing for being among the blessed children of God. For in Christ, peace, love, and mercy are abundant. Joyce Blessing proclaims good news to Christians that the Almighty is coming today to perform a miracle for us.

The track is a reassurance that being a believer comes with unlimited blessings of life in abundance. “Adam Nana” is an excellent selection whenever you want to praise God for his everlasting love for you, your family, and Christians at large.

4. Joe Mettle Pentecost

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From his strong vocals to being backed up with an outstanding Band, Joe Mettle introduces us to a spiritual worship session. From the title of the song “Pentecost,” the song is themed on the “Spirit of the Lord” and its power. The power to heal, the power to make you feel whole, give you hope, and much more. He sings that “The glory of the Lord is in this place, just like the Pentecost.”

The slow and catchy lines of the song set a perfect worship aura, and an opportunity to experience the Lord’s presence in your life. You are sure to be filled with the Spirit, just like the Bible's explanation of the “Pentecost,” when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples of Christ in the upper-room.

5. Diana Hamilton Nsenkyerene Nyankopon

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Nsenkyerene Nyankopon is one of the best Ghana gospel worship songs that stands for “a miracle-working God.” From the smooth guitar play to the backup choir singers, the song is a testimony of the many miracles that God has done in our lives.

We are living in a world where most people are negative minded and with enemies who await your downfall. However, Diana Hamilton reminds us that we serve a God of miracles, who will not only prove to us his greatness but also to non-believers. The chorus says, “Lord, may miracles follow these prayers of ours.”

6. Cindy Thompson Awurade Kasa

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The song “Awurade Kasa” is a song of hope, that when translated means “God is Able.” As Christians, the Bible teaches us that God is our sustainer. The song is based on one of the greatest and famous scriptures in a Christians life. Cindy quotes the book of Proverbs chapter 3, verse 5 to 6.

7. Joe Mettle Sunsum Nwom

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Sunsum Nwom that stands for “Songs of the Spirit,” is a spirit-filled Ghana gospel music that is sung in the native language. You will love how the young Ghana gospel artist Joe and the backup, are leading young people in worshiping of the Holy Spirit. The song is sure to have you in tears as it impacts your spirit with spiritual lyrics.

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8. Joe Mettle Tumi Wura

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Tumi Wura that stands for “Sovereign God” is a great praise song. The song glorifies God by saying “There is power in You.” The song also proclaims that there is power, strength, healing, deliverance, and even salvation in the name of Jesus. The song's video was recorded live at Hope City Church OSU in Accra-Ghana is sure to move you, and make you praise our maker for his everlasting love.

From praise, worship, to bible scriptures, the top 2019 Ghana gospel music continues to inspire Christians in their walk with Christ. The lyrics are filled with encouraging words and the beats perfectly blend with the singers and choirs, providing an ample atmosphere to encounter God’s presence in your life.

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