Causes of road accident in Ghana

Causes of road accident in Ghana

Nowadays, road accidents are a common thing; every day people witness mild and sometimes grotesque road accidents. There are many factors that lead to innumerable causes of road accidents in Ghana. The major causes of road accidents in Ghana are poor driving skills and indiscipline. These causes lead to injuries and can sometimes be fatal. We would like to make you knowledgeable about the major causes of road accidents which shall help you to undertake preventive measures against such incidents.

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Although there are many road safety campaigns, there is little or no effect on the rate of road accidents as it is increasing day by day. As per surveys, most of the road accidents in Ghana are due to motor vehicles. Statistics show that 60% of road accidents are caused due to drivers under the influence of alcohol as well as over speeding. However, bad condition of the road, poor maintenance of vehicles, disregard of traffic regulations by most of the drivers, and use of mobile phones while driving are the other causes of road accidents in Ghana. If you are looking for information regarding the main causes of accidents in Ghana for taking necessary safety measures then go through this article.

Main causes of road accident

There are a number of causes of road accidents which should be seriously considered . Here, we have depicted the major causes of road accidents:

  • Poor driving skills is the first major cause of road accidents
  • Drivers using mobile phone while driving has caused several road accidents.
  • Most of the accidents are caused by the break down of vehicles on the road.
  • Indiscipline is yet another cause of road accident in Ghana
  • Over-loading of vehicles
  • 50% of road accidents happen due to over-speeding
  • 10% of a road accident in Ghana are caused due to drunk driving.
  • Most of the drivers do not follow traffic regulations. This also leads to accidents on the road

These are the main reasons behind such accidents. Please take into consideration these causes to reduce the number of road accidents in Ghana.

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Common reasons for car accidents

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There is no doubt that driving a car with excitement constitutes a high risk. You can face several unwanted consequences, such as permanent injuries, loss of earnings, death, etc. Why not take precautionary measures so you can avoid accidents altogether. If you are a driver and really serious about your life then we are here to help you understand the causes of car accidents. Please take a note of the below reasons for accidents and its preventive measures to avoid such accidents.

1. Over-speeding

Many drivers do not follow the speed limit, they drive 60kph, 70kph, 80kph and sometimes above 90kph which is over the limit for most areas. Over speeding is an easy way to get involved in a car accident. Drivers know the risk but ignore the danger. Traffic engineers as well as federal, state and local governments have determined the maximum speed limit for safe travel, all car drivers need to obey that rule as well as they should consider the consequences before increasing their speed limit.

2. Drunk driving

This is one of the major causes of car accidents, because when you drink you lose your ability to focus properly while driving a car. It is not only dangerous for the driver but also for other innocent road users. This problem can only be reduced through enlisting strict laws and enforcing them.

3. Rain

If the weather condition is not good then there is a chance of a car accident because water creates slick and dangerous surfaces, the causes of motor vehicle accidents. Drive carefully while it's raining to avoid such these types of accidents.

4. Design defects

No product is ever made perfectly, and cars are no exception. Some products have defects and this can also be the case with cars. Automobiles have hundreds of parts if there is any defect in any part that might cause a serious car accident.

6. Animal crossing

Animals are not educated like us. They do not know the rules and regulations of the road; wild animals can cross the road at any time. This causes road accidents, so it is up to you to be careful with them. Take caution when you see an animal crossing the road and use high beams when travelling across rural areas at night.

7. Bad roads

The nature of the roads in Ghana is another major factor that contributes to the high accident rates in Ghana. Drivers sometimes try to swerve potholes only to end up in an accident. Having first-grade roads especially in congested urban areas is a must if we want to reduce the level of carnage on our roads.

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Human causes of road accidents

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Road accidents can turn children into orphans and wipe out the entire family, so, be careful while driving. Whereas, a human being is also the main cause of road accidents because one has the responsibility to control the vehicle properly at the time of driving. Those who are walking on the road also have the responsibility to cross the road carefully. Behavioural factors of humans are the major causes of a road accident. People don't follow the road signs and that can cause a lot of problems. People should be careful with the traffic rules, road condition, mobile phone, etc. They should avoid alcohol while driving. Furthermore, the road-safety authority has the responsibility to do a mid-term review of the road condition to reduce the occurrence of such incidents.

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Mechanical causes of road accident

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Mechanical failure in a vehicle is one of the main reasons for road accidents. Here are the top 5 mechanical causes that lead to a road accident.

  • Tyres/ wheel problem

There are mainly two types of problems linked to the tyres, they are blowouts and worn tyres. Tyre blowouts can happen due to worn-out, under or over-inflated tyres that causes a sudden burst under heavy pressure or even due to sudden and severe temperature changes. This reduces the ability to control a vehicle all at once leading to a crash. Worn tyres are another type of problem, sometimes, tyres start to wear thin by losing their tread; this can be a major problem on the road. Worn tyres have more chances to slip, take more distance to break and it is not responsive because of their weak grip on the road. Maintaining optimal tyre pressure and replacing tyres before they completely lose their tread are the preventive measures for avoiding mechanical failures on the road.

  • Brakes

Brake-related issue is a common and critical problem. It becomes difficult for a driver to take sudden action to prevent such issues that cause a road accident. To prevent such issues, you have to check thoroughly at least once after every 30,000 miles.

  • Headlights/ taillights

If there is any problem in the headlight/ taillight then one will not be able to see properly while driving in the night time. This increases the risk of accidents, vehicle lights are more important even in the daytime while you are preparing to change lanes or intend to slow down for a turn. It is very important for a driver to fix any problem in headlight or taillight with urgency.

  • Windshield wipers

Never underestimate the importance of windshield wipers; it is very helpful at the time of heavy rain. During rain, visibility is greatly reduced, at that time windshield wipers help to clear rain drops falling on the front glass and also enhances the level of visibility. However, worn out wiper blades are less effective to clear rain which causes loss of vision, resulting in road accidents.

  • Steering and suspension

Most accidents are caused by steering/suspension/engine-related problems. Why DO accidents happen more due to these problems? The main reason behind this is, it is very difficult to identify. Damage due to suspension caused by wear and tear is difficult to sort out from the damage incurred in a crash. In other words, steering and suspension issues may cause a loss of control when you are completely unprepared.

These are the major causes of road accidents that we are facing in our daily life. It is our humble request to people who ride motor vehicles to be more careful with these causes. Read the causes properly and understand why do accidents happen. This knowledge could save your life.


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