Who is Jean Mensa

Who is Jean Mensa

Mrs Jean Mensa is a lawyer and current chairperson of the electoral commission of Ghana. She was appointed to take the position on 23rd July 2018. She is known for many achievements most of which are in her line of work as a lawyer. Apart from being the head of the election board in Ghana, she also heads the political parties of Ghana as coordinator. She also serves as the executive director of the institute of economic affairs.

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Jean Mensah profile

Origin: Ghana

Marital status: Married

Occupation: Lawyer

Famous for: Involvement in policy research and advocacy. She is currently the new boss of the Electoral commission in Ghana having been appointed recently in July 2018

Mrs Jean Mensa biography

Jean Mensa education

There is very little on Jean Mensah Wikipedia facts. Unlike what you would expect for prominent people such as her, her personal and private life is not out in the open. What is common knowledge though is her career achievements, all of which go to show that she was academically endowed. Record shows that she was a student at St Mary's Senior High School located in Korle Gonno.

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Jean Mensa career

Jean Mensah is a lawyer by profession. Her wealth of knowledge holds her in a good position as a leader in Ghana's governance and democratic issues. With law as her profession, Mrs Jean Mensa has stood out from the rest. She has carved a niche for herself in the field of policy research and advocacy and the development of policy alternatives.

These two fields have seen her positively take part in the following;

  • Presidential Transition Act of 2012
  • The revised 1992 Constitution of Ghana
  • The Political funding Bill and
  • The Revised Political Parties Bill

Mrs Jean Mensa has held high profile status. Her profession has seen her advocate reverently in the review of the Ghana 1992 constitution. During the review, she served as a commissioner in the Commission established by the government to review the constitution. She is currently a member of the government committee whose responsibility is preparing the Affirmative Action Bill.

Prior to her nomination as the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Mrs Jean Mensa served as the Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). The Institute of Economic Affairs in Ghana is a premier Public Policy institute and Coordinator of the Ghana Political Parties programme. IEA is one of the 51 policy research organization in 23 African developing countries that receive funding form Think Tank Initiative. She joined the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in 2000, and her determinations saw her rise to become the Executive Director nine years later.

Mrs. Jean Mensa has taken part in many public and private initiatives which have seen her gain popularity. With only a handful of names above, she has also involved herself in many other roles. She is clearly a hard worker that is passionate for the law.

On Thursday 19th July 2018, the president of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo, appointed Mrs Jean Mensa who was the Executive Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) as the new chair of the Electoral Commission of the country. The appointment is in accordance with the constitution article 70(2). Together with her, the president appointed two deputy chairpersons. They include Mr. Samuel Tettey who was the director of Electoral Services and Dr. Bossman Asare, the head of the political science department at the University of Ghana. The communication of her appointment came on 23rd July 2018. The appointments also saw, Miss Adwoa Asuamah Abrefa nominated as a member of the Electoral Commission. Miss Adwoa Asuamah Abrefa is a corporate legal practitioner. President Nana Akufo-Addo hopes the council of state will execute its constitutional duty by enabling him to make these crucial changes in the institution which is viewed by many as a fundamental institution of the country.

Jean Mensa family

Jean Mensa husband

Jean is married. She goes by the salutation Mrs. which implies that she is married.

Jean Mensa kids

Jean has 3 children with her husband.

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Jean Mensa award

In 2014 she received an award for Young Professionals and Youth Coalitions (YPYC). The award, ‘Young Professional Role Model in Governance’ was in recognition of her lending credence to the saying, what a man can do, a woman can do better.

Jean Mensah pictures

This is a collection of Jean Mensa pictures depicting her as a young woman. It is surprising that she has achieved so much yet she looks so young.

mrs jean mensa age
jean mensah wikipedia
how old is mrs jean mensa
jean mensa pictures

Jean Mensah latest news

Fair or unfair nominations ?

The nominations of Jean Mensah as the new head of the electoral body came amidst numerous allegations in the Electoral Commission of Ghana. As a result of these allegations, the previous occupants of the top three positions in the commission were handed dismissal letters. The three persons were; Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the former Electoral Commission Chair, and her two deputies; Amada Sulley and Georgina Opoku Amankwaa. Their dismissal comes after separate complaints by some Ghanaians were brought forward against them. These include allegations on mismanagement of public funds which caused financial losses to the country as well as abuse of power in awarding of contracts. The contract seen as fraudulent were those granted to companies such as Superlock Technologies Limited and an IT firm Dream Oval. That said, it is worth noting that her appointment brought about a mixed set of reactions with the opposition strongly against it and the government entirely in support of the nominations.

According to the Deputy chief of staff, Abu Jinapor, Mrs. Jean Mensa is fit for the role because she is a robust, fair and independent-minded character of integrity who stands tall. However, to the opposition feel that Jean Mensah falls short of the mark. They feel that Mrs. Jean Mensa's criticism for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which did not begin recently makes her biased. They say that having worked with her in different sectors, Mrs. Jean Mensa turns out to be political. About 10 years ago, Kofi Adam, pulled up a website publication that was pulled down by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) during 2008 elections. The election was heavily contested by the NPP Presidential Candidate Nana Akufo-Addo and NDC’s Prof. Evans Atta Mills. IEA deleted the research publication because according to Kofi Adams Prof. Evans Atta Mills emerged the winner. The opposition's point of concern, however, is if she was capable of doing this in her previous role as the Executive director of IEA what would prevent her from doing the same for the anticipated 2020 elections?

Who is she really? What you need to know

Jean Adukwei Mensa is a former student of St. Mary’s Senior High School, has had her contribution in the growth of Ghana and West African region. Her contribution is vividly clear through the roles she has played in different capacities. The following are some of the notable things in her life.

  1. Mrs Jean Mensah Contributed to the review of Political Party Funding in Ghana.
  2. She has been a coordinator of political party programs.
  3. She has had a positive contribution to the Political Parties Bill.
  4. To what seems to accentuate activism in her, she advocated for the review of the Ghanaian 1992 constitution.
  5. She worked on Presidential Transition Act of 2012.
  6. She worked in the government committee for Affirmative Action Bill.
  7. Mrs Jean Mensa has served as a commissioner for the government review Commission.
  8. Mrs Jean Mensa is a lawyer by profession and has specialized in Policy Research and Advocacy.
  9. She has been the Executive Director of Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) before her appointment to the role the chair for the Electoral Commission in Ghana.

With everything known about Jean, one thing still remains a mystery. What is Mrs Jean Mensa age? Many people still wonder how old is Mrs Jean Mensa is.

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