Lincoln Community School Ghana: fees, address, and pictures

Lincoln Community School Ghana: fees, address, and pictures

Lincoln Community School is among the private nonprofitable international schools in Ghana. The school enrolls students from preparatory level to college level. It was established in the year 1968 by two American couples, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. McNulty and Mr. and Mrs. Donald, to meet the desire for the expatriates and general Ghanaian communities of having an institution that would offer American curriculum in Accra. During its first years, Lincoln Community School got support from some multinational companies such as Texaco, PamAm and Mobil among others. This long awaited institution was embraced by the society, reason being that since it started, it has served like an international school, enrolling students from over 60 diverse nationalities.

lincoln community school
lincoln community school ghana
lincoln community school fees

Lincoln community school Ghana is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools based in USA and authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Programmes for primary years(pre-kindergarten through grades 5), middle years(grade 6 through grades 10) and diploma programs(grade 11 and 12).

During its operation, the school has managed to acquire membership to the Council of International Schools, the Association of International Schools in Africa and the West Africa and the International Schools Activities League.

Consequently, the institution incorporated community service program in its curriculum to prepare its students to handle responsibilities. This program entails the activities of giving back to the society, which is one of the requirements when graduating. Lincoln Community School is now marking its 50th anniversary (1968-2018) with 717 students where 347 are in the elementary school, 170 in middle school and 200 in high school.

Interestingly, 56 of the overall students are graduating this year (2018). Within the same note, the school has 15 support teachers and 3 professional counselors with the ratio of student to teachers being 8:1.

Lincoln community school contacts

The contact information and school address are as indicated below:

Physical location: Reindolf Road Abelemkpe

Address: N126/21, Accra PMB CT354, Ghana

City/town: Accra

District: Lincoln School District

Category: Private school

School code: 001371

Phone number: 030221800(within Ghana), +233302218100(international)

Fax: +233302780985



Lincoln Community School highlights

Here are some of the activities that the school takes part in.

1. Music

Music is among the core components of education in the school. The music teacher organizes choir groups, guitar classes and musical bands to the talented and interested students to perform during the music concerts. The third grade students under the guide of their teachers also create musical productions inspired by fairly tales, peace makers and curiosity.

lincoln community school fees
lincoln international school
international schools in ghana

This is managed by setting an additional session to the usual music classes for adequate practice. These students perform twice; once for their school mates and once for their parents and families. The African drumming is also organized for the elementary school where the students explores the West African drumming guided by a professional. The successful drummers are expected to perform for a bigger audience at the end of the year.

2. Drama club

Drama production is meant for high school and middle school students under the guide of their respective teachers, where all the students have a chance to participate. Trained students are meant to perform at a talent show (Lincoln factor), MYP theatre nights and at the open stage theatre nights. In addition to that, Lincoln School is a member of International Schools Theatre Association where the students in the MYP and DP programs have a chance to attend annual conferences organized in England. This also gives them an opportunity for the students to interact with other international students.

3. Debate club

Lincoln Community School have a debate club by the name Model United Nation meant for high school students. The students are challenged on local and global issues giving them an opportunity to interact with international students, understand Ghana and the world in general, and also improve their public speaking skills. Committed students are offered an opportunity to participate in GHANUM (LCS internal conferences) and other international conferences. Club members have travelled for conferences to Lisbon Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Jordan among other countries.

4. Sports team

Lincoln Community School being a full member of West Africa International Schools Activity League (WAISAL) has a well organized competitive sports team. The high school and the middle school students participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball and swimming while the elementary school students have a chance to join swimming team. Occasionally, they compete with regional schools where they lead. Also, these boys and girls have an opportunity to participate in sports organized through the West Africa countries.

lincoln community school fees
lincoln international school
international schools in ghana

They have travelled to Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivore and Nigeria among other countries. The school also has a history of being among the leading teams in international tournaments.

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5. Students association

The school also has a well organized student representative government. The candidates should be from middle school and high school students. The student body improves the general welfare of the students, acts as the students’ voice and also manages the students’ activities. They achieve this by conducting community meetings to get various views from students and via the class representatives.

Lincoln community school facilities

Some of the facilities enjoyed by this prestigious school include:

1. School library

Lincoln international school has three libraries; elementary school library, middle school library and high school library to serve each level of the school.

2. Swimming pool

The school also has a swimming pool where the boys and girls practice for later tournaments.

3. Sports field

Lincoln Community School has 2 playing spaces which entails; two playgrounds with play paraphernalia and a playground with a court that serves several functions.

4. Computer lab

The school has fully embraced technology, therefore, having enough computer laboratories for the students to learn and research.

5. Science laboratory

There are also science laboratories for specific schools.

lincoln community school
lincoln community school ghana
lincoln community school fees

Lincoln Community School fees

Lincoln community school fees for new students are;

A nonrefundable registration fee of $1500 for pre-kindergarten and $6500 for students all the way to grade 12. This fee should be fully settled for acceptance. However, parents registering more than two children will enjoy a 50% discount after the second child. After your registration is accepted, students are required to pay a reservation fee of $500, credited against the tuition fee. Below is the annual tuition fee for Lincoln community school;

lincoln community school
lincoln community school ghana
lincoln community school fees

All Parents are required to pay a maintenance fee of $2000 per annum which is payable while settling first semesters fees. Every late payment attracts an interest rate of 2% per month. Also, students with arrears may be secluded from the class until the fee is fully settled. All payments are settled in USD dollars or Ghana cedis. Cash payments are not accepted.

The acceptable methods of payments are;

  • Checks: Should be drawn by the name ‘Lincoln Community School’. It should be noted that all the returned unpaid checks attracts a penalty of $100.
  • Direct deposit: After payments, guardians are advised to provide a copy of deposit slip to the business office.
  • Wire transfers: The guardian should include the student’s name

Lincoln Community School pictures

Some of the memorable moments at the school and the school activities ought to be captured in pictures. Here are just a few of them.

lincoln community school ghana
lincoln community school fees
lincoln international school

To apply visit the school website;, then click ‘open apply’. You can always reach Frederick Welbeck via telephone number +233302218100 or via email at

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