Witty sarcastic quotes about love and life

Witty sarcastic quotes about love and life

Sarcasm is the only thing that can mock even the most difficult people without them getting offended. Witty sarcastic quotes about love and life leave us imagining and marvelling about the precious brains behind the quote. In actual sense, witty sarcastic quotes about love and life are meant to accentuate love and life lessons, cautions and sometimes to put a broad smile on our beautiful lips. If you are a fan of witty quotes, you have no point to worry. This article gives you a compiled list of funny quotes that will send you sprawling on the floor with laughter.

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Life is interesting with sarcastic quotes. These quotes will help you look at life in a different light. Most people have gotten through the toughest situations just because they came across a quote that spoke to them. The following are examples of interesting quotes you will love.

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Witty sarcastic quotes about love and life

Witty sarcastic quotes about love and life come in various forms, they include funny love messages, hilarious quotes, together with other sarcastic things to say. The purpose of these cool sayings and quotes goes far beyond tickling. They are motivating, educative and cautioning. Let us look at some of the funny sarcasm quotes.

Funny quotes about life

It is difficult to make someone in life love you, what you are required to do is to keep stalking on them until they cannot take it anymore and give in to you.

This is one thing you can say to your friend struggling to get a girlfriend. It informs the person that persistence in the game of love can pay off. So never give up on the one you love, she might pretend not to love you but in the long run, love will come.

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I do not need love, I need 5 million dollars

This sarcastic quote shows love for money.

Sometimes, the honest answers are the ones that can get you in trouble.

You know the saying; "Tell the truth even if it will land you in problems"? This is an elongated and sarcastic way of putting it across. However, you can throw this in as a caution to tell someone to conceal the truth because it is likely to land them in trouble.

It is said that a spoon of sugar can help the medicine go down the tummy; however, it is going to be a problem if you turn out diabetic.

Well, sometimes, shortcuts turn out to be long cuts. This sarcastic joke can be used to openly rebuke some far-fetched methods of going about issues if you are aware that the results could have negative repercussions. When the deal is too good, think twice.

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Life is truly hard. It becomes extra hard if you are stupid.

Stupidity costs. It is said that it takes a million people to build an empire but one fool to bring it down. Use this if you want to warn your friends and siblings against stupidity.

One word, four letters. Makes everyone sad. Seen?

Looking for sarcastic jokes to tell about love experience? How about trying this out? It is one of the clever quotes that will make people use their mind. It brings out the pains and toils which love takes lovers through.

We all know that money cannot buy happiness, but somehow, it can rent it.

Well, money is not everything, right? However, not having money cannot give you peace. The witty quotes can be used to shake denial out of those living with the saying that "Money cannot buy happiness".

I did not realize that you are an expert on my life and how I should live it. Sorry! Please continue as I take notes

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If you have someone with the propensity of poking his or her nose into your affairs, this is a comeback quote! Squash the quote right in their face, it will teach him or her to mind their own business next time.

If you want to argue about something, it is unnecessary to understand them.

This quotes urges you to choose to understand rather than argue blindly. Love will choose the good option.

Single bell single bell single all way.

This sarcastic quote tends to joke about someone being single all the way probably because they do not want to be disappointed in relationships.

If you're going to be happy, you are required to have good health, be selfish and be stupid. If you are not stupid, forget about being happy

This quote encourages you to be yourself to attain happiness. This may include doing things that others may consider stupid.

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A lot of people like advice, they like it so much that they put it in a frame on the wall instead of using them.

Everyone has that friend who acts like a philosopher. He is fully endowed with quotes but seems to be living contrary to the them. Using this as one of the most hilarious quotes, remind him that they are not for the wall or for memory but are for practice.

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Witty quotes

sarcastic inspirational quotes
fun quotes and sayings
sarcastic things to say
funny life sayings
sarcastic jokes

These are nagging brain quotes. They could contain lessons, laughter or caution but it is difficult to get them straight. The receiver understands them after reading in between the lines. If you want to try out some of them on your friends, let us look at some.

If your live your life without geometry, it just becomes pointless

Supposing you are offering a motivational speech on how each person can get a hold on his life, this can be an excellent teaser statement. Mention other quotes alongside it which emphasize on the importance of vision.

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When two people with big ego meet, it is an eye for an eye

Having a big ego can lead one to despise the views of others. So, it means that if two people dislike the opinions of each other, they are likely not to part well. Use this to explain when opposing Members of parliament argue to the point of fighting.

The blood type of pessimists always tend to be B-negative

Pessimists are negative people. They seem not to be motivated by anything. Wrap the observation up sarcastically by equating their blood group to B-negative. In a nutshell, all they do is ‘be negative.'

You know stupidity is not considered a crime. So you are free to go.

This is a punchline for that person who has annoyed you.

I feel so miserable without you; it is almost like having you here.

Sarcastic jokes could be taken to another level by being a little bit witty. If your recipient is one who loves ironic quotes, this is one for him.

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My husband and I were happy for twenty years, and then we meet.

This one features among the most common sarcastic life quotes. The quote informs you that marriage life is not a walk in the park. Use the quote when counselling newlyweds.

Do you believe in love at first sight? First fright? Or I have to walk by you again and frighten you?

It can be daring to approach a woman you love and say that point blank. Now if you are that type who fears daring, what about diverting imaginations using these ironic quotes?

Having knowledge is to realize that it is a one-way street, and to have wisdom is to know that you are required to look at both directions for it.

Looking for those clever quotes to differentiate knowledge and wisdom, then there can never be a better one than this.

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They say the grass is greener on the other side. Am assuring you the water bills are higher too.

This is one of the cool sayings and quotes that can be used to inform those who are looking for a better job position and better pay. They should be told that the payment may be high, but the responsibilities and duties are many and demanding too.

Fun quotes and sayings

These are examples of funny love messages you will come across. Love requires someone being fun to spend time with. It calls for funny love quotes, funny life sayings and many other sarcastic things to say. The little things we do that arouse feelings make us leave a permanent mark in one another's hearts.

Before falling in love, remember a girl’s mood can change in just like 0.0003 seconds

Well, women’s mood swings have been called to question severally. How about making funny love quotes such as this one to your lady when her mood is jovial? She's going to laugh.

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Psychology says we are not afraid to love; we are afraid of being loved back

True. Issues of insecurity crop up because of fear of not being loved back. If you are handling love issues, bring in the funny life saying and shed light on what love is.

Let us observe a minute of silence for the 13-17-year-old girls who think their boyfriends will marry them.

Girls at this age are perhaps falling in love for the first time. They tend to have fallacious expectations about love; one which includes getting married to the boys they are dating. Unfortunately, the boys they are dating are full of fantasies and are not thinking about marriage. This is among funny sarcasm quotes which are cautionary.

81% of boys have girlfriends, the rest 19% have brains.

It is supposed that handling a lady can be stressing. Only idiots can get her the attention she requires. In my opinion, this is not true. But hilarious quotes like this can spice up some moments.

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Funny love quotes

sarcastic inspirational quotes
fun quotes and sayings
sarcastic things to say
funny life sayings
sarcastic jokes
Love is the history of a woman’s life. It is an episode in a man’s

The difference in affection between these two genders can be summarized in sarcastic phrases such as this one. Women and men have a different perception of what constitutes love, and there is no better way of looking at it.

When you drip in love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.

This is one of the funny life sayings. It is directed to those who appear to be gradually getting in love. Instead of saying love is blind, make it more sophisticated by saying this.

One is never as defenseless against suffering as when he loves.

They say, you should rather fall in love with one who loves you more than you love him instead of having it the other way round, right? Unfortunately, there is never a gauge to measure love. Sometimes, people find themselves in relationships that seem to hurt them. However, when you see this happening to your friend, explain yourself using such ironic quotes.

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Keep your eyes wide open before marriage. Half-closed afterward

Use this if you want to caution your friend to be careful in selecting a life partner. However, let them also understand that in marriage, they should be tolerant.

The problem with some women is that they get so over excited about nothing and then marry him.

It is true that some women end up marrying men they least expected. Once they fall in love, things could move fast and culminate in marriage. And when the reality dawns on them, they would see how naive they were.

Sarcastic inspirational quotes

There are many sarcastic things to say if you want to inspire someone. That someone could be a friend, a sibling or a relative. Apart from sarcastic jokes, sarcastic inspirational quotes are thought evoking and motivating. They make you laugh, but their aim does not stop there. They inspire you. Check out these sarcastic phrases. If you are looking for sarcastic things to say, here is the list of sarcastic inspirational quotes to use. Remember, make one laugh, inspire them and leave a permanent mark.

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He who wants to do good knocks at the gate. He who loves, finds the gate open – Rabindranath Tagore.

A lovely quote that comes in handy when you want to inform someone that true love is free. It is a reminder of how true love will pursue you until it finds what it wants.

It is not lack of love, but rather, lack of friendship that makes marriage unhappy.

Marriages have ups and downs. However, the couples should be made aware that unhappiness is brought about by lack of friendship. If you have friends going through tough times in their marriage remind them of this.

Love is all the time. Not when you have to make time

When someone is in love, he has time for it. This quote is inspiring especially for those who are in love and think it is kind of awkward. No, it is not. That is how everyone feels.

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People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love – Nelson Mandela.

This quote by Mandela is an encouragement for us to teach people to love because they can easily learn hate on their own but the real power is in love.

Love never dies because of distance. It dies because of doubt.

This quote is a warning about love's survival. It will thrive under all circumstances as long as there is no doubt.

I have decided to stick to love. Hate is too great a pain to bear- Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote by Martin Luther King is a reminder that we should always choose to love because hate is a burden that hurts the heart.

Love like a river will cut a new path when it finds an obstacle

Love tends to see a reason to hang on. Use this to motivate couples and show them that they can find solutions to their challenges because they love each other.

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It is said that a smile makes you live longer. You definitely want to see your loved one live longer. Make them laugh, feel challenged or even an amalgam of the two. The witty sarcastic quotes about love and life in this article are ones you do not want to leave out, they are motivating, and will make you laugh . Try them out and see the results.

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