I am sorry messages for girlfriend

I am sorry messages for girlfriend

In most cases, men tend to take too long to accept being wrong. The truth is, however, you should take responsibility for your actions and apologize as quickly as possible to bring back the smile on her face. I am sorry messages prove that you are genuinely apologetic for your mistakes. A simple word like 'sorry' said with sincere intentions and the right body language can go a long way in ensuring that peace is restored. The last thing you want is an angry girlfriend near you. Check out the following messages for inspiration on how to apologize to your lady.

forgiveness message
am sorry quotes
forgive me my love
apology letter to your girlfriend

Under all circumstances, never cause your girlfriend’s tears. Being sorry may appear to be very easy but in real sense, it is one of the most difficult tasks especially for men due to their egocentric nature. However hard it is, I am sorry messages bring the best side of you in her mind and heart. Consider any of the following apology message for her if you hurt her.

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Apology message

forgiveness message
am sorry quotes
forgive me my love
apology letter to your girlfriend

The truth is, you will never live for years in a relationship with your lady without making a mistake. At some point, mistakes will occur and the only option for a committed mistake is to apologize. A woman will always expect an apology from you and in case there's no apology, the wound remains fresh in her heart and you might not enjoy the aftermath. Be a gentleman in such case, portray the best side of you, and apologize immediately. This article states and explains the best sorry messages you can send your girlfriend to cool her down and enjoy your love to the last bit.

  • My heart has been in agony since I hurt you. Please find a space and forgive me for it was not my intention to make your heart bleed. I am sorry.
  • I never thought this would happen. I thought our relationship would not be hurt by such a mistake. I lied to you and I know that you are mad at me. Please, my darling, I promise to do anything to amend my mistake. I am sorry.
  • I am not being sorry only because I did wrong to you, but because I realize my relationship with you is of great importance than my egocentric nature.
  • I do not even understand how I made things come to this far. I always dreamt of us living together but not parting ways as we did at this point. I am fighting day and night to make things fall to the right place within the shortest time possible, my love. I am so sorry darling.
  • I am still the same person you love very much. I have not changed in any way. It is just a mistake that happened without my intention. I love you, sweetheart. I am sorry.

Apology messages for her cut across all age brackets and are used in day-to-day life by almost every man. They should, therefore, be used in the best way possible for the intended purpose to be realized.

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Am sorry messages

forgiveness message
am sorry quotes
forgive me my love
apology letter to your girlfriend

Just like an apology message, am sorry messages are one and the same thing used for making up for mistakes committed to her. These messages should be very genuine and show remorse for what has happened. They have to show that you accept, admit and take responsibility for your actions. Examples of these messages are:

  • I created the biggest mistake of my life and betrayed your trust. I have realized that having you in my life is the source of happiness that I should have never taken for granted. I have learnt my lessons. I am sorry.
  • My love, my unnecessary lies have caused a lot of trouble in our relationship. I promise never to commit such a vice again. From now, all I want is for your heart to be happy all the time. I will never make you sad again. I am sorry.
  • I made that stupid mistake for I am just a human being. Sincerely I hope you forgive me for I am very much aware of the super beautiful girl in you.

Forgiveness messages can be a solution to something which if left unresolved could grow into a huge mess. Forgiveness is one of the few things that are given freely on earth yet are very expensive. It takes one’s goodwill and a sense of understanding to offer a forgiving hand. Relationships are never without mistakes and collisions. Now and then, you are required to swallow your pride and apologize to your partner for the mistakes you committed. You should be selective with the words you use and the form you deliver them in.

The following are examples of forgiveness messages

  • I have realized that lies and deception cannot make one a hero, they are only workable in movies and novels. It was stupid of me to lie to you, my love. Forgive me, please.
  • Forgive me for being so possessive, sweetheart. On the other hand, this is one of the mistakes I have made in life and will always be proud of; simply because I did all that because of the love, I have for you. I promise that I will avoid overreacting over such silly situations in the future.

Am sorry quotes

These quotes are also meant to pass a message of apology to someone you have wronged. Examples of sorry quotes are stated below

  • Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. - Paul Boese.
  • I overlooked your happiness in an attempt to make myself happy, only to realize that my happiness lies in yours. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • I don’t know why I made you cry. I’m sorry, sweetheart and yet, though you shouldn’t be lenient with me, I hope you’ll forgive and forget. - Frank Sinatra.

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After I Say I’m Sorry

  • Oh, I’m sorry for blaming you for everything I just couldn’t do. And I’ve hurt myself from hurting you. - Christina Aguilera.
  • I’m sorry for making you lose your temper. But if I’m being honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.

Apology letter to your girlfriend

Apologizing to your girlfriend is a normal practice especially if you are deeply in love with her. There are many instances where you could have wronged her unintentionally. There is no remedy for wronging a person other than apologizing to them for the wrongdoing. However, these letters have to be genuine and at a personal will. Such messages as forgive me my love are very important though they might seem to carry a negligible number of words.

The way to deliver letters of apology to a girlfriend depends on the nature of the sender as well as the person receiving the apology. If you know that the person prefers verbal communication to texting, it will be best to talk face-to-face with her. On the other hand, if you have been used to communicating through phone texts and calls then that will be most suitable. In some cases, there are people who prefer written messages especially on various types of cards, then you can use the same on them.

I am sorry messages are very important in any successful relationship. These are the engine for any relationship would have a future since it is next to impossible to be in a relationship, without being able to say 'sorry'. Being apologetic does not mean that one is weak but it shows how responsible one is. It takes a mature and responsible man to apologize to his woman and it portrays a sense of care to the person you love the most.

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