Sweet messages for her to make her smile

Sweet messages for her to make her smile

Are you looking for messages for her to make her smile? Maintaining a relationship is hard work as it requires not only commitment but also dedication to keep the fire burning. You do not want your lover to get bored because she is used to your routine. This said, it is not always easy to be spontaneous especially if you are a logical person, which most men are. However, for the woman that you love, you may have to go out of your way to ensure that she is happy by doing things that will make her smile. One of the easiest ways of ensuring that you achieve this is to learn how to come up with beautiful messages that will speak to her heart. That is exactly what this article is about.

cute love messages for her
romantic messages for her
love text messages for her

Learn how to draft the most romantic messages for the woman in your life. The secret is to listen to your heart and come up with genuine messages that are directly from your heart. A message that is simple and sincere is likely to speak to her more than a lot of fancy words put together in a card. Certain tricks like referring to shared experiences that only the two of you can relate to will make the message more personal. Check out the following examples for ideas of your own. You can be sure that these are words to make her smile.

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Sweet love messages for her

Express love in the most sincere ways. Remind her why she remains to be your favorite choice and apple of your eye. Check out the following examples for motivation.

  • Loving you girl is something that has changed my life forever. It has given me more joy than I would have ever imagined. I did not know that becoming vulnerable to a soul would be so sweet. Thanks for capturing my heart and thawing the ice I had put around it. I love you my darling.
  • I remember the day I set my eyes on you. At first I thought I was mistaken for an angel had fallen from the skies. I had to scratch my eyes again to get rid of any shade that could be blinding me, and Alas, there you were. The lovely African queen herself. You stood majestic against the blowing wind of the night as if you confirm that you are a true goddess of beauty. I was surprised when I approached you and realized just how humble you are. Indeed, it was very easy for me to make up my mind that you were going to be mine. I am glad that you accepted me my love. I will treasure you forever.
  • We had this argument in the office with the guys the other day. They could not seem to agree on which flower the most beautiful was. Some said that pink roses were ideal while others thought that no flower on earth matched the beauties of the lilies. I was all smiles as I said nothing until one of the boys noticed and inquired what my opinion was. That was when I told them the most beautiful flower on earth leaves in my house. And that is you my darling. I will forever cherish you my blooming flower.
  • I now understand why men have been killed as they pursued the women they love. If what I feel is what led men to their death then I can confess that they did not die in vain. You are my valentine today, tomorrow and forever. I want to grow old with you my love. Thank you for being my one and only.
  • If I was to choose again, I would not even think twice about it my dear. You are my one and only sweetheart. You are my moon and my stars. Your magical touch has a way of bringing brightness to my face every time I think about you. I long for you every day when I am away. Thank you for completing my life and filling the void I was not aware I had. I will love you till the end of time.

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Sweet love message for my wife

cute love messages for her
romantic messages for her
love text messages for her

The moment you brought your wife home and confirmed to everyone that she was your choice, your decision was sealed. It is obvious that you saw something different in her. She must have impacted your life in a way that no other woman had. It is important therefore that you treasure her daily and keep fanning your love. These cure messages for her will help you achieve this goal.

  • The day I said I do to you is one that I will never forget. Before our parents and guests I chose you my love. We have lived for years together and I have every reason to believe that I was right in my choice. I can confirm that you are ageing gracefully. I love every freckle in your face just as I loved you back then in our youthful days. Your graying hair reminds me of how many wonderful years you have given me. Thank you for being my partner and support pillar. I have always known that I can run to you for advice and comfort. You are my most prized gift. The mother of my children and the wife of my youth. I love you darling.
  • They say, he who finds a good wife, finds a good thing. I can attest to this my love. Though our marriage is young, I want you to know that I see everything you do to make me happy. I notice how you go out of your way to make sure me and our children are comfortable, even when it means sacrificing your own comfort. For this my love, I will make sure that you never suffer. As long as I live, I will support your dreams and ensure that you are happy. I thank God for blessing me with a wife such as yourself. I cannot take it for granted.
  • Many have wished to get great wives. I do not know about them but I can confirm that the angels have smiled my way. Ever since I married you dear, good tidings have been my portion. I have reason to suspect that you are the cause of all these. I will treasure you forever love. May God help us to grow old together and be an example to our children and grandkids.
  • True love does exist. I know this because I have witnessed it. You my wife has given a reason to believe in love. I have always been skeptical and suspicious of love as I thought it was always motivated by gain. You have dispelled all my fears for you have given me a love so genuine with no expectations. You have taught me how to love and trust. For this love, I will give none other my heart but you. May our good Lord help me to keep my promise to you till death separates us. I love you.

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Cute love messages for her

cute love messages for her
romantic messages for her
love text messages for her

Sometimes your woman just needs a simple reminder that she is in your mind. This is where simple cute messages come in. You can send her these messages when you get to work or leave her notes where you know she will find them. Trying to make her smile is something you need to be creative about.

  • Good morning sweetheart. Here is your coffee made with that special gradient of mine. A surplus of love. Off to the office. Call you in an hour’s time.
  • Hey honey, get rid of that hungry frown on your face. On my way to your office to treat you for lunch. Love you.
  • I wondered what give you and came up with nothing. It is your birthday and I have no idea what to do for you. Just turn around and see how much I love you. Haha. Got you!
  • God’s gifts are really simple. They come disguised in wonderful wives such as yourself. I treasure you my one and only.
  • I have a hard time look at other girls because my mind is clouded with your vision. An again, I know that you will skin me alive if you catch me peeping. I love you queen.
  • I have been thinking of disappearing to the mountains this weekend. Only problem is that I am not sure what will happen if I kidnap you and carry you along. Either way, we will deal with the consequences later. Get ready love, coming for you.
  • I cannot believe that I only met you like a decade ago. It all seems like we have known each other forever. You are my sister, my mother and my best friend. How lucky can a man get? Love you my precious.

Romantic messages for her

cute love messages for her
romantic messages for her
love text messages for her

Well, everyone woman wants a romantic man. Sometimes you need to back up your actions with the right words to convince her that you are romantic. Here are a few example to inspire you.

  • I want to take you to the beach. I want us to spend the night under the stars in the sandy beaches, just the two of us. The thought of you and I under the moon makes me excited. I want us to explore the sky fantasies together my love. I am not far away love, will be with you soon. Just hold on a little longer.
  • My mind has been racing with what to do for your special day. You are a star and I celebrate your achievements my love. Here is a plan. Romantic movie in the holiday cabin, just the two of us. Candle light dinner prepared by your one and only, you know this is a rear treat love. Then afterwards I will give you a treat of your life and massage away your stress. My queen deserves a relaxed evening after months of working so hard. Your king is prepared to fulfil all your desires. Just sit back and relax.
  • I may not be the most romantic guy in the world, but for you my queen I will do anything. Let us get away love, just you and me. Open the door and pick your flowers. Follow the instructions and find me waiting to make you feel like the princess you are. Hurry on love. Kisses.
  • The city can be overwhelming with all its noises and traffic. I am thinking of a great trip to the mountains. I want to carry you on my back as you struggle to climb the mountain. I will be there to wipe your sweat away and give you water. My favorite part will be to feed and cuddle you as you sing and tell me your sweet stories laying on my chest. It is time to reconnect love. See you soon
  • Love they say is not an easy thing. How they lie. I have never known an easy time in my life like it is now. Your love is enough strength for me to scale every hurdle and keep going even when logic dictates that I give up. The thought of you pushes me beyond limits and makes me strive harder as envision your proud smile and you cheer me on. I do what I do because of you and our babies. Thank you for holding me together and giving me sanity. I will always love you.
  • The above love text messages for her will remind her of what position he holds in your life. Chances are that she will continue to do her best to be there for you. Make it a habit of coming up with messages for her to make her smile. You will have a happy home and a satisfied woman. After all, when your woman is contented and happy, you can be sure that everything else will fall in place.

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