Best lace dress styles for wedding and engagements 2021

Best lace dress styles for wedding and engagements 2021

Have you been wondering about the next great attire you will wear for the wedding you have just been invited to? If this is one of your concerns, we listed several lace dress styles for the wedding to choose. You can choose from them and become the centre of attention during the ceremony.

lace dress styles for wedding
Bride and her group of friends. Photo: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

If you are a bride to be or a wedding guest, it can be quite challenging to find a style that suits your personality. All you need to do is choose what is the most suitable for you among the list of fantastic lace dress styles for weddings.

African lace styles for weddings

In Africa, most women are naturally dark-skinned and have mesmerizing curves. When choosing a preferred lace design, it would be best to go for a pattern and color that blends with your skin tone. Some classy and stylish hits in the market that you can rock with at any event include the following:

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Low back lace gown

The interesting fact about this low back gown is how captivating it can be. Being one of the Ghanaian lace dress styles, it is very suitable if you attend an evening event. It gives you a chance to flaunt your flawless African skin while the lace ensures you shine out.

Comfy one arm dress

lace dress styles for wedding
A bride dancing. Photo: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

This design has an arm of the outfit and should become your choice if you are headed for an afternoon event. The beautiful thing about it is that it prevents you from sweating much. With that, you can preserve your makeup. As the bride, you will become the talk of the town with this design.

Cute lace dress for the African woman

lace dress styles for wedding
A woman set for an outing. Photo: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

Generally speaking of Ghana lace dress styles and those of other African countries, cute lace outfits are a favorite because they confer class, simplicity, and style on African women. Opting for this design makes you a true African and ensures that everyone gives you the respect you deserve.

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Off-shoulder for a youthful look

lace dress styles for wedding
Simple lace dress. Photo: @africanlacestyles
Source: Instagram

If you want a deliciously complex look, flat tummy, and youthful chick aura, then this off-shoulder design is what you need. It makes you appear as one of the most important personalities of the day, and you will be amazed at the attention you will command. It is one of the latest lace styles in Ghana worth considering, truly.

Nigerian lace styles for weddings and engagements

Nigerian lace designs are usually unbeatable. When it comes to getting a daring, creative, and red carpet-worthy design, you can count on the country's fashion houses. So, do you have a function upcoming? Check out these lace styles for engagements and weddings.

Sleeveless mermaid curve style for mature people

This cute outfit has some details that make it very mature, so it is mostly the first pick for elderly and married women. The bust area is properly covered. If you are a lover of all these features, then go for this design.

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Off-shouldered gown with the knee fully covered

This gown is somewhat complicated, but it is also very fashionable. The gown's upperparts are off-shouldered, but the lower parts beneath the knee are fully covered and bring out the wearer's flair.

No doubt, this gown is a 'head turner' because people will always keep staring at you to get a better view of the gown. So, if 'turning heads' is your intent at the next wedding you are invited to, this design is for you.

Simple mermaid wedding outfit

This mermaid wedding outfit will be a favorite for most women who love simple but elegant gowns. The outfit has a unique upper part, which makes it more inviting. At the same time, its full mermaid lower end makes it decent wear. Thus, you do not need many accessories for this outfit.

Fantastic lace style for engagement

lace dress styles for wedding
A gorgeously dressed woman. Photo: @lace_styles
Source: Instagram

If you are the bride, then this fantastic lace style for engagement is worth considering. As the bride, you must be the center of attraction, and this pattern helps you achieve that without a struggle. Just ensure all your accessories are of the same color even if you decide to go sparkling blue, purple, and so on.

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Ankara lace dresses for weddings

Ankara could be mixed with lace and made into a whole wedding outfit, and it would simply take a good blend to bring out the beauty in both. These kinds of mix tell others that you are an African modern woman who is proud of her heritage. Consider any of the following designs:

Variety at its best

Lace is such a superb fabric that can be combined with other fabrics. You could have lace with Ankara dresses, velvet, chinos, and cotton, and so on. The list of available designs is inexhaustible. If you are considering Ankara dresses with lace, this design will fit you. All you have to do is ensure your tailor creates what suits your taste.

A perfect mix for unique African women

Two similar fabrics can make a perfect mix when they are well combined to elaborate an outstanding design. Whether you are using a plain or patterned Ankara fabric and lace together, you can create a unique lace dress styles for wedding guests.

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Short combined gown for the wedding

When combining your fabrics, one of your options is to ensure that the lace and Ankara have the same color. Together, they would create a gorgeous outfit. With this much 'power' in one outfit, it would be wise to keep the accessories to a minimum so the outfit could 'stand supreme.'

Fishtail style to express royalty

lace dress styles for wedding
Party-ready women. Photo: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

Purple speaks of royalty, but this gown also has a very captivating fishtail that complements the royalty, unlike other wedding guests' outfits. It is simple and stylish.

Open slit for beautiful chics

lace dress styles for wedding
Gorgeously dressed African woman. Photo: @lace_styles
Source: Instagram

A simple but long narrow cut on your outfit with sensitive parts of your body well covered still makes you appear hot for any occasion. Simply choose any cool color of your choice to show your beauty, class, and style.

Luxury lace for trendy mothers

lace dress styles for wedding
A party-ready dressed African woman. Photo: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

This makes an excellent choice of attire for either the mother of the bride or groom. She will certainly look gorgeous, almost royal. All you need to do is to work on choosing a color that will flatter your natural look.

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African lace short dress styles

Lace outfits can come in varying lengths and designs as you wish them. If you are a fan of short knee-length, midi, or even mini lace dresses, then this section is for you.

Off-shoulder above the knee dress

lace dress styles for wedding
A lady in an off-shoulder lace. Photo: @jellathetailor
Source: Instagram

This outfit features not just an alluring off-shoulder but also an above-knee level mermaid touch. You can rock this royal dress with a ‘terrible’ pair of the heel. Your accessories could be in red, gold, or even silver. With this outfit, you can be a star at any party.

Sassy African dresses

lace dress styles for wedding
Simple lace wear. Photo:, @PatPat
Source: UGC

Apart from its simplicity, this design is also free and grants you comfort all day long. With a complementing heel color, this sassy glamorous attire could cause every head to turn in your direction.

Trendy simple and chic dress for engagements

This is a simple and cute outfit that any African woman would gladly wear. It resembles a peplum top, making it one of the most comfortable dresses anyone can wear to a wedding. It is even convenient for plus-sized women.

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Traditional style gown

lace dress styles for wedding
A gorgeously dressed African woman. Photo: @damsey_creations
Source: Instagram

Do you want to have the best of both worlds in your attire? If so, this is one of the dresses that will be of interest to you.

Aso Ebi with lace with an off-shoulder design

As usual, the shortest dresses are the most stunning. This dress may not have many details, but it makes a perfect outfit for a wedding. Its off-shoulder design allows you to show off a little of your beautiful skin.

Unique wedding attire for a plus-sized woman

lace dress styles for wedding
A party-ready dressed African woman. Photo: @asoebiladies (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Sometimes the unexpected or unusual makes the best. This is true for the above black and grey outfit. It is unique for wedding attire. The outfit is decent and simple enough for any woman to wear. It especially makes a perfect choice for plus-sized women that want comfort and style all in one.

The above lace styles for the wedding are only some of the various ways you could sew your fabric to appear in your best for your next occasion. Every African woman deserves to stand out when attending a wedding, and you don't have to be left out. This is one of the few occasions where you get to show off your styling prowess. So, go out of your way to ensure that you get this right.

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The new year is starting on a special note, and as a fashion inclined man, you may want to consider different exceptional designs. recently published an article on trending Ankara styles for men worth considering. Whether you need casual designs or for a party, any of the suggested designs you settle for will surely make you stand out everywhere.

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