Four solid reasons why Ghanaian chiefs cannot stay out of politics

Four solid reasons why Ghanaian chiefs cannot stay out of politics

Nana Kwasi Opoku Mintah, Chief of Kwahu Tafo in Afram Plains, this weekend thanked president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for visiting the Afram Plains North constituency by road, and seeing for himself the nature of the road network.

The problem in the chief's speech to the president was that he contrasted Akufo-Addo's actions with former presidents whom he (the chief claimed) came to the town via a helicopter.

In the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, chiefs are barred from engaging in partisan politics but this has not stopped them from going as far as to endorse political office candidates. enumerates why it seems impossible for chiefs to abide by the constitution.

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1. Chiefs also have biases

Chiefs, like many citizens of a country, have their partisan political positions. The problem is that they struggle to hide it.

It is rather easy to tell a chief's bias from how they interact with a politician they are engaged with.

2. Parties chase chiefs because they are opinion leaders

Chiefs are opinion leaders in the towns and communities that they reign. This makes them commodities in demand for politicians who want to win votes in given areas.

With the help of traditional authorities, politicians have access to hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people.

3. Some chiefs are corrupt

Simply put, some chiefs are either corrupt or at least, corruptible. This makes them persons of interest for equally unscrupulous politicians.

The people of the Ga Traditional Area are probably the best to explain how politically-inclined chiefs sell lands and misappropriate funds.

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4. It is impossible for chiefs to not be political

Chiefs are supposed to liaise with politicians to bring development to people in especially rural areas. That is the way a republic government with chiefs can work.

By this process, it is impossible to ask chiefs to refrain for partisan politics.

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