How to write an introductory letter in Ghana?

How to write an introductory letter in Ghana?

An introductory letter is meant to make a first impression that will last and represent you long before an actual meeting happens. There are different types of introductory letters written for different groups. The bottom line, however, remains to make a first impression that is powerful and that has an impact. This article will point out the best ways to write a good introduction letter.

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Knowing how to write a perfect letter of introduction is a skill that is valuable and that should be learnt by everyone. There are some places you may never get to without requesting an interview or official appointment. To do this, you may be required to draft a letter of introduction to the said person. Knowing how best to get this done is important.

How to write an introductory letter

Writing an introductory letter may appear simple and straightforward until you actually have to do it in real sense. It may not be as easy as you would introduce yourself in person. In fact, the letter has to follow a certain format for it to be considered official. The following suggestions will make it easier for anyone interested in learning how to write a good letter of introduction. Before you look at any introduction letter sample, consider the following suggestions as you take note of the different types of introductory letters. Each of these comes with a different format. This is a guide for introducing yourself:

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  • Take note that you need to address the letter to a specific person. Take some time to find out who the recipient of the letter should be. Use social media and LinkedIn to view their official profiles. Chances are you will get their name here.
  • You should start your letter by stating your name, your position, and your role if they are of significance.
  • You can then explain how you got the recipient's name.
  • You then need to state the reason behind writing the letter. Be clear about your intent for writing the letter. This could be to get an interview date or set up an actual meeting. This will direct the recipient’s answer to your letter.
  • Add useful information about yourself or your organization. This could be something like the company’s history or your own contact information.
  • Always end positively and remember to say thank you.

Here is an example to consider:

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Dear Mr. Keith,

My name is Kate White, and I am currently a recruitment associate for WPZ Recruiting. I have been working as a recruiter for the past three years.

I am interested in moving from recruitment work in a large corporation to internal recruitment for a nonprofit. I used to work in development for QRS Nonprofit and would love to bring my current skills to a similar nonprofit. I know you do this kind of work for Sunshine Nonprofit, and I would appreciate hearing a bit about your experience in this field. I would love to arrange a time to meet with you for an informational interview.

I have attached my resume for your review. If you have time for a brief conversation, please let me know. You can contact me via email ( or phone (733-512-0025). I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much.


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Kate White.

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An introductory letter for employee/another person

introductory letter
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In the case that you are writing a letter on behalf of someone else, you may have to follow a slightly different procedure.

  • Start by mentioning the person’s name.
  • You are then expected to explain your professional relationship or association with the person in question. In this case, an employer should explain in brief what his or her experience has been with the employee.
  • In case it is a business contact, it helps to mention their qualifications based on projects handled and companies they have worked with before.
  • Go to the purpose of your writing the letter and what your expectations are.
  • In case you need to give the recipient a chance to meet with the person you are introducing, remember to leave their contacts. You can also suggest where and when they could meet.
  • In case you are introducing a business contact, attach their business card.
  • As you conclude, make sure that you end on a positive note. Reaffirm that you trust the person you are introducing and express your confidence that the meeting will be a good thing for both parties.

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Consider this sample as an example.

Barby Cindy

123 Main Street

Anytown, CA 12345


September 1, 2018

Bob Smith

Talent Evaluation

Acme Recruiting

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Bob,

I'm writing to introduce you to Janice Dolan, who I have the pleasure of being acquainted with through the Brandon Theater Group. I am the Technical Director for the group, as you know, and I have worked with Janice on several local theater projects. She is a terrific stage manager with over ten years of experience.

Janice is interested in relocating to the San Francisco area in the near future and would appreciate any recommendations you could offer her for conducting a job search for a theater position and any help you can provide with the logistics of relocating to California.

I've attached her resume for your review and you can contact her at or 555-555-5555. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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Barbara Smith.

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An introductory letter for a company

introductory letter
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Apart from introducing persons, it is also possible to introduce a company, a product, a service or an organization. To do this, you may use a different approach from the other two already mentioned above.

  • You start by identifying the organization’s or company’s name.
  • You then have to talk about the organization or company. Mention its inception, how long it has been doing business, it's mission, vision, and objectives among other crucial things.
  • You can also mention the services/ products of the company if you find it relevant to do so. You need to point out the benefits of your own services compared to those offered by your competitors, and show why you are the preferred choice. You need to explain to the reader how they are better off using your products and services as compared to other options.
  • Extend invitations like to an open house if this is an applicable case.
  • In case you are standing in as a representative of an organization, it is important that you explain some of the benefits of the organization including the gain to the community. Mention some accomplishments and gains of membership.
  • Then proceed to invite the reader to become a member of the organization by pointing out the procedure. You can also ask them to buy your products online or at a physical shop.
  • Ensure you leave follow up information just in case the reader needs to get more information about your products or services if they want to.
  • Conclude by showing your hope that the reader will be interested in joining the organization or use your products and services.

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An introduction letter for a new product to an existing customer

This is also an introduction letter that differs from the ones described above.

  • For this, you first start by thanking the reader for past business.
  • You then proceed to introduce the product or service on offer.
  • Your next move would be to show the need to buy the product or service.
  • You can give supporting material on the use of the product. This can be a catalog, pamphlet or brochure.
  • You can include information about the product if there are any special promotions, offers or sales on the new product.
  • You conclude the letter by restating the customer's value. You can also express your hope that the reader will find interest in buying the product.

Here is a perfect introductory letter sample for this case.

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From: John Doe

Date: 3-12-2007

To: Jane Doe

Subject: Introducing our newest product

Dear Ms. Doe,

We are extremely pleased to present to you our newest model, the [write the name of and describe the product]. We are sure you will receive it extremely well.

In the brochure we have attached, please find included all the details of [name the product]. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


[Name and designation]

You can use the template and fill in the correct details for the specific customer. Consider which introductory letter you need to write and follow the suggestions given above. It is possible to meet your target if you do it right from the start.

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