Best resignation letter samples and templates

Best resignation letter samples and templates

Do you feel like it's time you left your current job yet you have no clue how to write a resignation letter? Learning to write a good resignation letter is a sure way of maintaining a good relationship with your current employer even after your departure. Who knows, maybe you might want to come back in the future and that cannot be possible if you did not leave in the right way. To avoid such a situation, what you need is a sample of the best resignation letters and templates to guide you on the same. Remember, practice makes perfect therefore you might want to practice writing a good resignation letter before you submit the final one.

Resignation letter
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Think of a letter of resignation as an official letter which you have an obligation to send to your employer to issue a notice that you will no longer be offering your services at the company. Do you really have to do it? The answer is no! However, even though it is not mandatory to write a resignation letter this is the best way of letting your boss know you are leaving. It shows that you are professional because it gives the company time to prepare for your departure.

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Breaking the news to your employer that you are leaving is never an easy conversation. But it provides the company with important housekeeping information. If you left your job in an awkward manner, what would happen if your prospective boss demanded a letter of recommendation from your former employer? As you think about that, this article will provide best resignation letter samples and templates.

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How to write a resignation letter

Resignation is not an easy step so here are some critical steps to consider and reflect on before you quit your job, to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Follow the standard procedure when handing in a resignation letter

It is important to have a laid-out game plan before resigning. You can decide to give your employer a month prior notice or compensate for impromptu sign off. Writing a brief letter and placing it safely in your home is another strategy you can opt for in transitioning your mind in the next project. Avoid resigning on voice calls or in any social media platforms.

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2. Make your resignation letter brief and to the point

Give the reason for leaving your job in a short and precise format. The lesser details you fill in the better the letter.

3. Avoid venting your frustrations about the company in the letter

As much as you might be overworked or paid low wages, keep off from the usual anger vents. This is because you might end up writing more than you anticipated and by so doing ruined future support.

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4. Handing your resignation letter is crucial

You start serving the notice of resignation immediately after presenting the letter to the human resource department. Also, ensure you get a confirmation from your employer about the resignation and how it will be served.

5. Before you leave

Make sure that the company provides you with a recommendation letter after resigning. This is important in your future endeavors for reference purpose. You can add your team in LinkedIn or save their contacts. Don’t be in a rush to leave the company. State clearly on the letter your final date of notice and avoid going to details. Finally hand it over officially, give your job the best and leave the company in good faith.

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Formatting rules to consider when writing a resignation letter

Writing a resignation letter can be hard if you do not know the correct format. Below are the basic formatting rules that will benefit your writing skill. You can also check a resignation letter sample here.

  • Contact information: Ensure to include your first and last names, home physical address, phone number, email, and any other relevant contacts.
  • Date: The letter should include the date on which it was written.
  • Company name and address: This piece of information should always be present unless you are sending the resignation letter via email.
  • Salutation: Remember that it is a formal letter. As such, avoid statements such as ‘hey Ken’. Instead, write something like ‘Dear Mr. John’. Also, ensure to address the appropriate person in the letter.
  • First paragraph: The introduction ought to include your name, position, intention to resign and when you will do so.
  • Second paragraph: Thank the organization for the opportunities that have come your way since your first day on the job.
  • Closing: Close in a formal and professional way like ‘kind regards’ or ‘yours sincerely’.
  • Name and signature: Always go for the handwritten signature above your typed name.

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Sample resignation letter

[Full Name]

[Current relevant address]

[Country details]

[Official phone number]

[Official or personal email address]

[The day’s date]

[Name of employer]

[Boss’s title]

[Name of the company]

Dear [insert name of your employer],

(1st paragraph) I write to submit my formal resignation notice from the Company. My last official day at work will be (insert relevant date), which is in two weeks’ time.

(2nd paragraph)

This was a difficult decision for me to make. I am grateful for your support for the period that I have worked here at (Insert company name). I value and treasure the constant training, remarkable experience as well as the knowledge I have gained (insert the period that you have worked at the company). I am grateful for the great teamwork and management.

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(3rd paragraph) I am will help with the transition. Please let me know how I can be a part of it. I wish you and the team all the best as the company grows and expands.




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Where can I get the best resignation letter templates?

Resignation letter
Source: UGC

1. Business News Daily

According to the website, there are four important pieces of information that must be included in a resignation letter. These are the date of submission, a formal statement of the intent to resign, your last day on the job and your signature. Apart from the formalities, it is recommended that you offer your sincere gratitude for the opportunity to work in the company. Avoid topics such as why you are leaving, what you did not like about the job and emotional statements. You can find the Business News Daily resignation letter template in also offer a sample of resignation letter as a guide for those learning to develop their own.

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2. Robert Half

Robert Half reiterates that a resignation letter enhances your professional reputation while at the same time maintaining a working relationship with your employer that is healthy. The website suggests that you take a diplomatic approach in your resignation letter. It is important to offer your support to train your replacement. You should also offer appreciation for the positive experiences you had in your position. For a sample of their resignation letter template check Here you will find a guide on how to write a resignation letter.

3. Hubspot

Caroline Forsey advice that you should provide your resignation letter two weeks before you leave the company. The resignation letter makes your conversation with the employer less awkward. Your resignation letter should be simple and precise. Write only relevant and helpful information. Check out the Hubspot resignation letter template

4. Corporate Finance Institute

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In their resignation letter article, the Corporate Finance Institute state that the letter is intended to create an official record of notice, give information about the workers last day at work, provide an outline of any next steps to be taken and maintain a positive relationship with your current boss. Helpful points according to the Corporate Finance Institute include being direct to the point, retaining professionalism, issue of last day notice, transition information and seeking legal advice if necessary. Refer to the CFI resignation letter template in

5. ResumeGenius

The ResumeGenius resignation letter template is developed by a team of HR consultants working for the company. They provide a variety of resignation letter templates depending on the field one is working in. you can submit you’re your resignation letter after a private meeting with your boss. The ResumeGenius resignation letter template can be found in

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Now that you know how to write a good resignation letter you shouldn’t have to worry about your employer’s reaction once you break the news. You will be expected to give the appropriate amount of notice and once you have done so ask for a reference letter. Do not forget to inquire about employee benefits such as unused sick and paid leave. Following the above procedure will ensure that you do not burn bridges.

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