How write an apology letter to a boss

How write an apology letter to a boss

In a work environment, there comes a time where people have misunderstandings. The bad thing is, unsolved arguments can lead to major repercussions like getting fired. Some companies have rules and regulations where employees have to respect their bosses. However some mistakes are unavoidable like missed deadlines, poor performance and many other factors that would cause friction between a boss and an employee. However courtesy is key and being apologetic contributes largely to saving your job. Since it is a formal set up writing an apology letter would work magic. An apology letter to a boss should be precise and straight to the point. Bosses do not have time to read through long letters and also things that do not make sense. It should be time saving and also concise.

apology email to boss
work apology letter
how to write an apology email to your boss
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In this article we have given some tips on how you can write a perfect apology letter to your boss in case you need to apologize on anything wrong you did.

Types of apology letters

There are basically two types of apology letters. They can either be formal or informal.

1. Formal letter

A formal letter is what we will discuss in this context. It is a work apology letter. It is sent to a boss or a superior individual or any other individual that is work or business related. A formal letter is written using official language and it is direct and straight to the point. It addresses issues that are a bit serious as compared to an informal letter.

2. Informal letter

An informal letter is more elaborate. It can be written to a friend, family or a loved one. The informal letter does not have to follow a certain format like the formal letter. It has no limits when it comes to language. This also depends on the nature of the relationship between the person who writes, and one who is being written to. An informal letter is more open since an individual can freely express themselves.

How to write an apology email to your boss

apology email to boss
work apology letter
how to write an apology email to your boss
sample apology

Before you start to write an apology letter, there are various factors to consider. The letter is not just any other because it serves as a way of saving your job. No one really celebrates when they get fired and sometimes lack of an apology is what can stand between you and your job. An apology letter has to have certain things that make it viable. They include;

1. Should be formal

First, this is a letter that an employee writes to their boss. The letter should be formal such that the language that is used should be concise and straight to the point. A lot of fluff sends the wrong the message, and your boss might question your sincerity. When writing an apology letter to a boss make sure that the letter is easy to understand. Words like sincerely yours, or yours faithfully should complete the letter.

2. Start with an apology

The first sentence is what catches the eyes of your boss. After clearly apologizing, make sure you accept that you were wrong and state why. Once you are done state why you never completed your job or what brought up the misunderstanding and why. This is a very good show of taking responsibility and being trustworthy. As much your boss is a manager or a superior individual at work, he/she is also human. Everyone likes honesty since it’s the best policy.

3. Continue by stating the facts

A misunderstanding might come up for example by not finishing work on time by delayed traffic or any personal incident. When you state the reasons why make sure that the reason is very realistic and also very sincere. No boss will take in an invalid reason out of the blue. These facts have to be honest and also very sincere. The facts should be facts such that if the employer asks around he will get the same response from the rest. When writing an apology letter makes sure you include the right reasons.

4. Be thankful at the end

When you are done with the facts, show your interest in the job and appreciate the fact that your boss is in charge and that he/she has been lenient. Tell him that you appreciate the time you have spent working with him. Go on and finish your letter by asking him to kindly accept your apology. When finishing the letter, include a ‘yours sincerely’ at the end followed by your name and signature if need be.

Sample apology letter

Dear Mr Joseph,

I wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for my poor work performance. Lately I have been missing deadlines, and also reporting to work late and this has really affected the progress of this company in general. I therefore want to sincerely apologize for every mistake I have done and I take responsibility for my mistakes.

A month ago my daughter got really sick and got hospitalized. She is suffering from severe anaemia, something that really affected my concentration at work. Right now she is getting better and the doctors are assuring me that she will be out of the hospital by the end of this week. When she was hospitalized I had to visit her everyday and just be with her before I got to work and in the evening. That is why I came in late and failed to submit work on time. Besides that, my daughter is recuperating and in no time she will be completely fine. Things are slowly settling down and now I am ready to start over. I would like to do a better job and am committed to ensuring that I beat those deadlines. I promise to put maximum effort and produce great results.

Thank you very much for your patience and also understanding throughout this difficult time. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and you will not regret it. Please accept my apologies for my deteriorating performance during this period.

Sincerely Yours

Mary Stevens.

Benefit of writing an apology letter apologizing to your boss

apology email to boss
work apology letter
how to write an apology email to your boss
sample apology

1. An apology letter creates a good image on your work performance

An apology letter shows that you are apologetic and you own up to your mistakes. It shows that you are transparent and trustworthy. This will change the perception that your boss has on you. However, it is very important to always change. If you keep on making the same mistakes and sending apology letters you will be fired.

2. An apology letter shows that you are serious

Some people may think that writing an apology letter is lame but it shows humility. It shows how serious you take your job and also how much you are willing to go to keep your job. This however depends on how you explain yourself and how you structure your words. An apology letter is meant to show that you are ready to change and that you are serious about it.

3. An apology letter reduces your chances of getting fired

One thing that makes people get fired is misconduct and also failing to own up to your mistakes. In a work environment, a boss needs his employee because without the employees, nothing can be done. An employee also needs his boss because it is through the jobs that the employee gets paid. The relationship is therefore mutual and it is very important to understand that you need each other. Understanding this will cause an employee to apologize for their mistakes and a good boss will definitely understand and this might save you your job. Is important to take a step back and be the bigger person. Apologize since you need that job.

4. An apology letter creates better employer and employee relationship.

In all relationships, mistakes are bound to be committed because we are all human. What matters however is the ability to be honest with each other. A good employee should always apologize when they make a mistake. An apology letter does the magic and it creates a better work environment.

5. An apology letter I a sign of integrity

In every company or business, bosses want to know that their employees are honest. An apology letter comes in handy in ensuring that your integrity stays unshaken. A good employee apologizes especially when they know that the mistakes that ere committed were big and would affect the performance graph of the business. Is is therefore very important to apologize when necessary and doing it in a formal way. Thanks to the new and developed technology, you can send an apology email to boss letting him know how the situation was like.

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Lastly, an apology is worth much more than you might think. Simply saying sorry can change someone’s perception of you. Apologizing is the first step to building any lasting relationship. In a work set up apology letters help to build a bridge between an employer and employee. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. However an apology says much more than an ordinary explanation. Take that step today, learn to apologize, write the apology letter and keep your job safe. Sometimes it can be difficult to apologize but it is also very important to be humble, and to take responsibility. An apology letter to a boss speaks louder than words.

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