Kwesi Appiah age, height, children, wife, current team, stats, salary, Instagram and net worth

Kwesi Appiah age, height, children, wife, current team, stats, salary, Instagram and net worth

James Kwesi Appiah is a former left-back football player. He has had a strong passion for football ever since he was young. He is also one of the best coaches in Africa and has led his teams to the highest levels in different leagues. If you can remember, he described himself as ‘the underdog’ during his first stint as the manager of the Ghana National team. His enthusiasm and dedication to work made the association have faith in him even though most African countries prefer white coaches over blacks to lead their national teams.

Kwesi Appiah
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Kwesi Appiah has an aggressive personality, which assists him in handling his tasks as a coach. His auspicious character has earned him many benefits, including being contracted to train the national team despite his consented leave some years back. Take a glance at his compelling biography to learn more about him.

Kwesi Appiah profile summary

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  • Full name: James Kwesi Appiah
  • Nickname: Akwasi Appiah
  • Birth date: 30th of June 1960
  • Birthplace: Kumasi
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Three
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Occupation: Football player, Athlete, Sports official.
  • Weight: 78 kgs
  • Height: 5’5”

Kwesi Appiah biography

kwesi appiah coach
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James Kwesi Appiah was born on the 30th of June 1960 in Kumasi, the Ashanti region in Ghana. He showed his interest in football since his childhood days. The 60-year-old began his elementary and primary education at an Experimental primary school in Sunyani, Ghana. He later joined Opoku Ware secondary school in Kumasi. He is a former ex-defender at the Asante Kokoto Football Club. He is currently a coach at Black Stars.

Kwesi Appiah family

Coach Kwesi Appiah is a family man. Unlike most celebrities and football players, he has been able to maintain his marriage for 30 years. The couple shares three beautiful daughters, Audrey, Peggy, and Mary Pearl; Audrey is the eldest daughter. Due to her father’s career, she grew up loving football too. The curvy and beautiful Audrey has a daughter, Naana, who is three years old. Akwasi and his wife Angela are therefore, grandparents to a beautiful granddaughter. His family lives in the United Kingdom.

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Peggy is currently pursuing her master’s program. Mary Pearl, on the other hand, has completed her undergraduate degree and is married. This goes to mean that Akwasi is one lucky man with intellectual daughters.

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Coach Kwesi Appiah’s career

kwesi appiah coach
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After completing his secondary school education, Akwasi joined Asante Kotoko Football Club where he played for the team for ten years, (1983-1993). During those years, he was not only a defender but also a captain of the Ghanaian Team for FIFA World cup qualifying matches. He then took a break and decided to train on how to coach soccer teams. In the year 1994, he enrolled in an introductory course in coaching at Winneba Sports College, Ghana. To gain more skills, he attended a practical coaching course in football. The program lasted a year, and at completion, he decided to travel to the UK to advance his skills. In October 1996, he decided to combine two courses, where he undertook two diplomas in Football Coaching and Emergency Aid, both at UK Football Association.

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Kwesi Appiah as a coach

After completion of his studies, Kwesi was offered technical training by Manchester City and Liverpool. He became the coach of the Ghana U23 team in the year 2007. Due to his promising personality, he secured a chance as the assistant coach for the Black Stars, Ghanaian national team. He replaced Serbian Goran Stevanovic after he got sacked. The skilled Kwesi Appiah led his team to victory in 2011, All-Africa Games.

In 2012, he was appointed as the coach for the Ghana national team due to previous proof that he could manage his duties. During the two years, he was able to serve at the Black Stars, and he became the first-ever coach to take his players to the World Cup in 2014.

Kwesi Appiah’s current team

ghana national football team
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After the 2014 World Cup, James decided to terminate his contract with the Ghana national football team. It came as a shock to many. It is believed that the decision was based on a mutual agreement between him and the team. He later joined Al Khartoum, in Sudan. However, in the year 2017, he was reappointed as the manager of the Ghana national football team. His contract is, however, expected to expire in December this year.

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James Kwesi Appiah statistics

James is a professional footballer and an experienced coach. He has spent more than ten years being a trainer. Although there is not much information about his statistics, his wins outdo the losses. So far, he has spent seven years and four months as a manager.

During his period as the manager in the Ghana football club, between the years 2012- 2014, James managed to get 1.79 points. They were as follows:

  • Wins: 15
  • Draws: 5
  • Lose: 8

He spent three more years at the Al-Khartoum Club. There are no statistics available yet for this period. In the year 2017, he was reappointed as the Ghana football team and recorded new statistics as follows:

  • Wins: 7
  • Draws: 6
  • Lose: 5

Overall, he has in total coached 49 games, with a total of 22 wins, 13 draws and 14 losses.

James Kwesi Appiah salary and net worth

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james kwesi appiah
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Akwasi’s primary occupation is an association player. His salary is, therefore, paid by Ghana Football Association. Due to his experience, his salary expectation is high. He was one of the most paid coaches during the World Cup, with a salary of $251,770. His estimated net worth is $5 million. The association pays him an attractive monthly wage, topped with an incentives package of an apartment as well as a posh vehicle.

James Kwesi Appiah on social media

Despite his age, Kwesi is an active fan of social media. He mostly uses Twitter whenever he wants to pass a message or interact with his fans. He, however, has kept his family away from the media.

Latest Black Stars news

The coach has been on the headlines for quite some time. The negativity appears mainly because many people expected Ghana to win the AFCON 2019, but instead, Tunisia defeated them. Since then he has been criticized by many, especially the “keyboard warriors”. On yet another note, people at many times, mistake Kwesi Appiah coach for Kwesi Appiah, the AFC Wimbledon player.

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James Kwesi Appiah is one man who can balance work life and his family life. His dedication to work earned him a second stint at the Black Stars. He has a promising personality, which prompted the Ghana Football Association to take him back to revive the team. The ex-defender has posted incredible results in the past that would qualify him to renew his contract this year.

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