Cycil Jones Abban: Meet the ex-pharmacist who's building a mega animation industry in Ghana

Cycil Jones Abban: Meet the ex-pharmacist who's building a mega animation industry in Ghana

- A 37-year-old Ghanaian pharmacist has made a great shift into the animation industry

- Cycil Jones Abban worked for 2 years as a pharmacist while working on his animation passion simultanously

- Abban's parents were initially reluctant to support the industry with the notion that it was not lucrative

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Cycil Jones Abban, a gentleman who has run a pharmacy for two years has made a great shift from the pharmaceutical industry as he is currently an animator. indicates that the 37-year-old had been working on his animation works against his own parents' advice as he was growing up.

When he became a pharmacist, he still kept at his passion as he worked at the pharmacy during the day and on his animations at night.

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Abban's initiative has grown as he now owns a studio and works on his animations full time. His studio is called Parables, where he operates and does all his work from.

It is confirmed that the studio has gained much recognition as Abban constantly gets hired to work on commercials and other relatively big-time projects.

Abban's studio churns out colourful and vibrant 2D cartoons inspired by American TV animation, some of which have been viewed 60,000 times on YouTube.

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Speaking in an interview, Abban talked about the importance of his works and the mission he purports to achieve with his exploits.

“Children learn from cartoons so it’s an excellent way to incorporate culture,” said Abban as he sat in a sparsely furnished office surrounded by wooden cutouts of characters from his animated series.

“We translate our shows into the local languages so that everyone can enjoy them; this ensures that our culture isn’t overshadowed by foreign productions,” he added.

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Abban indicated that one of his challenges in his earlier days was when his parents pressured him to study medicine in college when his passion was in the animation industry.

According to the passionate hardworking man, his parents perceived that the industry is not lucrative in Ghana. He said that there has been a shift as this is improving in recent days.

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