Floyd Mayweather fiance: Who is Miss Jackson?

Floyd Mayweather fiance: Who is Miss Jackson?

Floyd Mayweather is the world’s heavyweight boxing champion. He has been with different women, a father of four and recently proposed to his newly found queen. This is not the first time the boxing champ has proposed to the woman of his dreams. As of today, he has given out engagement rings to three other women before settling on the Instagram model Galleine Nabila. Who is Floyd Mayweather fiancée, Miss Shantel Jackson?

Floyd Mayweather fiance shantel jackson
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When details of the proposal emerged, netizens were the first to respond to the details, including the type of engagement ring and the cost. There were also different reactions from groups who felt that Floyd had raised the bar too high, in as far as his dating life is concerned. From the history of his mixed-dating life, there are so many details you should know about his current engagement.

Who is Miss Jackson?

What most people fail to understand is that Floyd Mayweather is once again engaged to one Galleine Nabila. But who is Shantel Jackson? Well, Mayweather and Shantel were already engaged just awaiting marriage.

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However, he shocked his fans and other followers when he leaked a photo of the sonogram showing what seemed to be Shantel’s oncoming twins. Floyd cited the reason for their break-up as the abortion by Shantel. According to Floyd, abortion is against his life principles and something he cannot tolerate in a partner.

Miss Jackson is an American actress, celebrity and model from Miami, Florida. She is currently engaged to hip hop star Nelly but was initially committed to Mayweather. The two called-off their wedding plans in what Mayweather termed as Shantel’s unacceptable attributes.

Floyd Mayweather fiance ring

After the break-up with Shantel Jackson, fans were concerned about the fate of the engagement ring. Floyd Mayweather fiance ring cost $10 million which he paid in cash during its acquisition. Was the ring returned after the break-up? Well, sources have it that miss Jackson was forced to return the ring but later followed up with a “replevin” lawsuit.

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This is the type of lawsuit where one party in a relationship claims payment for losses and damages incurred to them as a result of being in a relationship. In the case, Miss Floyd Mayweather fiance Shantel Jackson, she wanted compensation to the tune of half the value of her engagement ring. Well, the two had started off on a high mode, but it was all not meant to be.

Mayweather wife

Is Floyd Mayweather married? The answer is no. Floyd Mayweather has never been married. One outstanding thing about the champ is that he always moves on after a nasty twist of events in his previous relationship.

After the break-up with Shantel Jackson, there were speculations that he won't be returning to the dating scene anytime soon, although that was not meant to be. He has so far attracted other more beautiful women and even dated some. But there is a rumour that he could be on a positive trajectory to marrying his current girlfriend.

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Floyd Mayweather fiance photos

One outstanding thing about Mayweather’s current girlfriend is the gift she has in terms of body shape and general outlook. Here are some of the pictures from her Instagram account:

1. Look but don’t touch

When you have the champ as your man, you have the permission to be the most beautiful woman on the planet. It is clear that she radiates the true colours of the champ she is engaged to. The choice of her dressing tells of a gifted curvaceous queen who is reserved for the champ only.

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2. Dope in denim

Some people are simply gifted in the way they look if for nothing else. Mayweather’s fiance is one of those people who will draw attention whenever she enters a room. Her choice of dressing which is made up of a white top and denim pants is simply amazing to look at.

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3. Super flexible

Mayweather has a very rich taste when it comes to women. After Miss Jackson, fans were unaware of the next female to come to the champ’s life. But now it is all clear that the next pick is always better. She has both the figure and the looks. Her choice of dressing further enhances her, especially the black top that contrasts her facial skin tone.

4. Simply magnificent

If anything, you can't miss noticing her beautifully flowing hair. She chooses to dress in white and blends perfectly with the background to enhance her facial outlook. Her hair also highlights her super smooth face.

5. Super-hot

What else could the champ be looking for when multitudes are interested? His choice of a partner had to be outstanding in hotness. Indeed his new fiance is super-hot all the way. Here, she poses in a full-body denim gear and climaxes it with a white sports shoe; simply dope.

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6. Sexy lips

We could take all day to describe this picture, but one outstanding thing that needs no description is the sexy lips. She poses comfortably in what looks like a sports car. Apart from the lips, you can’t fail to notice the breathtaking cleavage. She simply understands her hot self and sells it to the world.

Floyd Mayweather has so far been involved with several women in the course of his dating history. However, the current Floyd Mayweather fiance beats them all in terms of looks. She is a slaying figure that will catch the attention of any suitor at first sight; what else does Mayweather in all his glory need in a woman but prettiness? The answer is nothing.

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