Brazilian names: Top 100 for boys and girls

Brazilian names: Top 100 for boys and girls

Brazil is a beautiful South American country that has lovely traditions and culture. One distinct thing among Brazilians is their monikers. Brazilian names are heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture, due to their colonial history.

Common Brazilian names
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Brazilians follow Portuguese naming customs, which makes them use four monikers. The naming system involves the use of their given name that is almost always a saint's name and propositions like da, das, do, dos or de. The other two names are the mother's last name and the father's last name. Their naming convention is unique and beautiful. Brazilians are diverse, given the many ethnic communities in the largest South American nation.

Boy names

Brazilian names for boys sound sweet to the ear and often carry a masculine touch. Some parents name their baby boys after religious patriarchs as a way to honor and continue their legacy. You will find many baby boys named after catholic martyrs and saints, as Catholicism is the main religion in Brazil. Here are some common Brazilian names:

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  1. Igor - Hero
  2. Antonio - Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
  3. Baltasar - Protected by God
  4. Carlos - A mainly man
  5. Joao - Jehovah has been gracious, has shown favor
  6. Jose - God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph
  7. Lucas - One who gives light
  8. Achilla - Hero of the Iliad
  9. Luiz - A warrior of fame
  10. Jeraldo - Rules by the spear
  11. Ignacio - Fiery
  12. Adelberto - Famous for nobility
  13. Paulo - One who belongs to the people
  14. Adolpho - Noble wolf, Noble hero
  15. Pedro - Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A form of Peter
  16. Ilario - Cheerful
  17. Affonso - Noble and ready
  18. Aleixo - Brazilian version of Alexander and means "defender of humankind".
  19. Baltasar - Protected by God
  20. Ankoma - A name used for the last born child
  21. Jaren - To cry out, Singing
  22. Jairo - Jehovah enlightens
  23. Balduin - Brave friend
  24. Alvar - Elf, Warrior
  25. Atilia - The height of grace.
  26. Batte - A Brazilian tribe name, meaning that one's totem is an elephant
  27. Breno - King
  28. Jason - Healer
  29. Jasper - Master of treasure
  30. Kade - From the wetlands
  31. Damiao - Tame or subdued
  32. Jacinto - Hyacinth flower
  33. Fabian - Bean grower
  34. Kaiser - Emperor
  35. Estevo - Crown or garland
  36. Gabriele - Warrior of God
  37. Kaelin - Rejoicer
  38. Altair - Bird, Star
  39. Goncalo - A man who is a genius in battles
  40. Lajos - Famous warrior
  41. Manoel - Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning "God is with us"
  42. Eberardo - Strong wild boar
  43. Edwaldo - Wealthy ruler
  44. Agostino - Venerable
  45. Jeraldo - Rules by the spear
  46. Kael - Mighty Warrior
  47. Ladislao - Famous ruler
  48. Kalisto - Most beautiful
  49. Idwal - The lord of the wall
  50. Galvin - Right one

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Girl names

Beautiful baby girl names
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Just like baby boys, Brazilian names for girls get to be influenced by critical religious figures and other icons in history. Brazil's female monikers sound similar to most Latin American nations, with few being uncommon. Lovely twin names for girls include 'Anna and Maria.'

Anna being a variant of Saint Anne and the grandmother of Jesus and Maria being a variant of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Here are some of the best Brazilian names for girls:

  1. Acacia - Honorable
  2. Balei - Being intelligent
  3. Abril - The month of April, Spring
  4. Aline - Noble; Nobility; Light; Lovely
  5. Bathilda - Heroine
  6. Lanice - Fair, Good-looking
  7. Ermenhilda - Huge treasure
  8. Izabel - Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning "my God is an oath"
  9. Kacia - Brave, Watchful
  10. Gilma - Portuguese female name which means "the one who goes forward"
  11. Jacque - Supplanter
  12. Ana - Gracious and satisfying
  13. Ligia - A woman with a shrill voice, name of the Sirens
  14. Jacinda - Beautiful
  15. Mucamutara - A woman born during the war
  16. Belicia - Devoted to God
  17. Idonia - Industrious
  18. Jaida - The gemstone jade, The color green
  19. Jeanette - Bluejay
  20. Gardenia -Flower
  21. Antonia - A beautiful human being who is praise-worthy
  22. Guillelmina - Resolute protector
  23. Belicia - Devoted to God
  24. Fernanda - An adventurous girl
  25. Bernadine - Brave as a bear
  26. Berta - Glorious, Intelligent
  27. Juliana - Downy bearded person or young
  28. Alanza - Noble estate, or one who is eager
  29. Belynda - Beautiful woman
  30. Alba - Dawn
  31. Micaela -A blessed gift from God
  32. Benigna - Kind
  33. Nadalia - Person who was born on Christmas day
  34. Andressa - A strong and courageous woman
  35. Constancta - Steadfast
  36. Uxía - A woman who is wellborn and well-fed
  37. Daiane - One who is beautiful and smart
  38. Vitória - A variant of Victoria, means "victory"
  39. Abriana -Mother of many nations
  40. Xoana - God is gracious
  41. Eloa - Goddess
  42. Emanuelly - An option of Emmanuella, meaning "God is with us"
  43. Nelinha - The gem in the ocean
  44. Zina (Zena) - means born of Zeus
  45. Brunilda - A protector in the battle
  46. Dylla - A self-reliant individual
  47. Efigenia -The one who is taken to be strong
  48. Miciela - A blessed gift from God
  49. Noemia - A Portuguese accent of Naomi, meaning "pleasantness"
  50. Rosalicia - One with the nobility of a rose

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Giving your kids unique Brazilian names is a way to make them stand out. Add a little international flair to your child's name by selecting beautiful baby girl names and cute names for boys from the list above.

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