Latest Ghanaian movies 2020

Latest Ghanaian movies 2020

The Ghanaian film scene is growing as fast as Nollywood. The country produces immense talent that gets featured within and outside of Ghana. Directors, producers and every established filmmaker in Ghana work to improve their catalogue with every new project. One can tell that both Ghallywood and Kumawood have improved their productions based on the latest Ghanaian movies. The graphics, cinematography and general acting in today’s movies are top-notch.

Latest Ghanaian movies
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Ghanaian actors and actresses collaborate with other actors and actresses in neighbouring countries when making films. This increases their popularity and expands their fan bases.

Some of the top names in the Ghanaian film industry include Majid Michel, Juliet Ibrahim, Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari and Joselyn Dumas. Their films are both thrilling and entertaining. Most Ghanaian films are based on what is witnessed in society.

Latest Ghanaian movies

The following are the 15 latest Ghanaian movies 2020:

1. Away Bus

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“Away Bus” is one of the most engaging Kumawood movies in the recent past. The plot was thoughtful and the dramatization excellent. The cast in the film was perfectly selected and fulfilled their roles. “Away Bus” tells the story of two siblings, together with a friend, make arrangements to make some cash for their mother who is sick by becoming a bus driver.

The movie had immense lessons about the importance of family and having a tight sibling bond. Some of the cast in “Away Bus” include John Dumelo, Fella Makafui, Clemento Suarez, Salma Mumni, and Ahoufe Patri.

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2. The Prince and I

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Jackie Appiah outdid herself in her role in “The Prince and I “. Jackie is one of the finest talents in West Africa, and her acting has been lauded by many in her home country and across the continent. In “The Prince and I”, Jackie does the unimaginable, disappointing many, but choosing to follow her heart.

She turns down the advances of the prince to go and live with a commoner. Her actions make her happy at first, but she later regrets her choice after the man she chose gets to be abusive. This film portrays the societal issues like domestic violence and abuse and highlights the wide gap between the have and the have-nots.

3. Fix Us

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The movie “Fix Us” is intriguing and praiseworthy. This is an excellent watch for those looking for the latest Ghanaian movies to download. As art imitates life, we follow the cast of “Fix Us” as they go through their successes and tribulations in life. The main plot focuses on three young women who decide to go on a journey of devotion and fate.

The journey they take reveals more than what the friends previously understood about life. The main characters in “Fix Us” include Yvonne Okoro, Jessica Williams, Tobi Bakre, Yvonne Nelson, and Belinda Dzatta.

4. Housekeepers

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An average-earning policewoman plans on how to infiltrate a wealthy family and perhaps get a hold on some of the wealth. The police officer works on her transformation and gets to be a housegirl. Her scheme to be the domestic manager for the family works, and she soon gets to be close to the family.

The impostor slowly learns about the weak links in the family, putting the family’s fortune to risk. This moving film features Kalsum Sinare, Roselyn Ngissah, Kofi Adjorlolo, Salma Mumin, James Gardener and Vicky Zugah. There are a dozen local online platforms like Netflix and Hulu where to watch the latest Ghanaian movies like ‘Housekeepers’ and others.

5. 40 Looks Good on You

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This entertaining and enlightening movie is about friendship. The main story revolves around five close friends that met while studying at the same university. The friends shared a lot of things among themselves and swore to work hard to better their future.

Their goal was to be successful before they all hit 40. The movie shows the great side of female friendships and why it is essential to speak prosperity into existence. The stars in the film include Frederick Leonard, Stephanie Benson, Uche Jumbo, Shaffy Bello, Selassie Ibrahim, and John Dumelo.

6. Baabani

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‘Baabani’ is a touching movie that tells a sad life that many families are not able financially. The depiction of some archaic cultural customs practised in parts of Ghana, and even Africa was apt. We follow the story of 16-year-old Samira and her mother Baabani as they struggle through poverty.

In the drama, we see how young girls are forced to early marriages to help their families financially; in this case, to settle debts and other bills. The cast in the movie includes Eman Sinare, Umar Krupp, Samuel Bravo, Salma Mumin, and Kalsoume Sinare.

7. Once Upon the 80’s

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“Once Upon the 80’s” is the ideal movie for you if you are in the mood for latest Ghana comedy movies. The plot is based on life as it was back in the 80’s. The dressing, recreation of the old life and social norms showed in the movie are both comical and fantastic.

You get to travel back in time while having a good laugh. The main characters in “Once Upon the 80’s” include Prince Williams, Kisa Ghekele, Esi Hammond, Kofi Adorlolo, Umar Krupp, and Hogan Gabriel.

8. Adam and Eve

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In “Adam and Eve” we see how financial stability plays a crucial role in relationships. The couple in the movie have to adjust their lives to try and live comfortably. This, however, does not work as the man in the relationship makes poor financial decisions just to please the girl.

Being a little underprivileged, the man changes residences in an attempt to save their relationship, but things go south until the two try to figure out what to do. The main characters in Adam and Eve are Majid Michel and Ingrid Alabi

9. Azali

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Azali is an excellent film that tells the story of many young girls in rural Ghana. We follow the tale of an innocent girl who despite having dreams of her own, is set to get married at a tender age of 14. Not wanting to be a young wife, the teenager runs off to Accra to start an unknown life.

Things get to be worse for her, forcing her to get into prostitution to sustain herself in the slums of Accra. This is an excellent film if you are looking for the latest Ghanaian movies on Netflix. The movie stars Ama Abebrese, Adjetey Anangi, Akofa Edjeani Asiedu and Asana AlhassanAmina.

10. Things I Hate About You

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They say that marriage is about patience and overlooking your partner’s flaws. In “Things I Hate About You”, we see a couple who are always having issues and projecting the rage they have towards one another. The marriage gets to be ugly until they decide to see a marriage counsellor.

This is a brilliant idea as the visit to the counsellor made them reflect on all the wrong things, they have done to each other. The movie cast includes Jackie Appiah, Calista Okoronkwo, Nobert Asikhia, Felix Omokhodion, and Mary Ogbonna.

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11. In the Eyes of My Husband

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This movie has many emotional scenes and a sad storyline. The audience witnesses the consequences of greed and betrayal. We see how loving someone can be baggage if they do not have good intentions with you. Lies, deception, passion and disloyalty reign in families.

The main plot revolves around an ungrateful husband who cheats on the wife with her sister. The disappointment when all this is revealed is unmatched. The movie features Ghanaian stars like Van Vicker, Nadia Buhari, and Juliet Ibrahim.

12. Endwene Bone - Part 1 and 2

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Endwene Bone - Part 1 and 2 is about parenting and family love. We follow the story of a daughter whose father gives her everything she requires. She is given basic needs and all the luxuries in the world. It happens that at some point, the daughter leaves her father’s house to find a different life for herself. As fate would have it, she meets a charming man whom she falls for.

Their love story is both sweet and sympathetic as falling in love makes the girl lose some of her senses. Endwene Bone - Part 1 and 2 is an excellent addition to the latest Ghanaian action movies. The movie features Kojo Nkansah Lilwin, Christiana Awuni, Yaw Dabo, and original Nayas among other stars.

13. First Class Liars

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We follow the main character in her desperate attempt to find the right man. Lady luck is unfortunately not on her side as every time she falls for a man, she later comes to realize that they are fraudulent. The first guy pretends to be an established businessman in America, only to be unmasked as a deceiving houseboy.

She later falls for a poor man, who weirdly enough was a rich man. The movie casts include the lovely Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Zubby Michael, and Martha Ankomah.

14. Who Loves Me

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Who Loves Me follows the story of a woman and her secret admirer. An artist while chilling at a hotel, spots a gorgeous woman, and gets to be fascinated by her beauty. He quickly and skillfully sketches the good lady and leaves the piece with a waiter. The waiter later hands the portrait to the lovely lady, who now gets to be curious about this talented man.

She has to find a way of contacting him. “Who Loves Me” is available on Wapbaze and Naijapals if you are wondering where to download latest Ghanaian movies. The main characters in the film are Jackie Appiah, Frank Artus, Majid Michel, Kalsoume Sinare, Yhama Brew.

15. Tears of Womanhood

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Tears of Womanhood goes to reveal the hypocrisy the society has towards things that are considered nonconformist. We see how dreams are shut down, love between people who are from different backgrounds demonize and how women have little say in matters that involve their lives.

The main story is about a doctor who seems to be doing good for himself and his quest to marry a Muslim woman. The movie is exciting to watch as it features some of the crème de la crème in the Ghanaian film scene. Some of the cast members include Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, and Kalsoume Sinare.

Both old and new Ghanaian movies have lessons at the end of the film. The old actors continue to shine as they pave the way for new talent and guide them as they start their acting gigs. Acting like any other profession requires hard work and dedication. The latest Ghanaian movies are getting to be hits because the actors and actresses put in all their energy while making the movies.

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