If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos

If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos

If Loving You Is Wrong is one of the most diverse soap operas on television. The TV show has many storylines that range from drama to scandals. It is a series that evokes the feelings of anger, frustration, and shock to the viewers. Its acting is excellent, and its entire story brings out some issues in modern society. Although the show has too many plot lines that peak simultaneously, they all remain relevant, engaging, and entertaining. That is thanks in part to the entire If Loving You Is Wrong cast.

If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos
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The entire If Loving You Is Wrong cast has been able to present the show in the best way possible because they get along so well. Throughout some episodes, there are lots of snappy dialogues for them to have one line or two. That makes it easier for the cast to put a stamp on the personality of their characters. But who are these cast members from the series, and how is Tyler Perry involved in the show?

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If Loving You Is Wrong by Tyler Perry one of the best shows by the American actor and producer. He is the creator, executive producer, writer, and director of the show. He enlisted Tyler Perry Studios as the production company behind the series.

In Hollywood circles, Tyler Perry is an entertainment genius known for writing all his shows. In his admittance, he does not have a writers’ room to assist him in writing any of his work. But the entire If Loving You Is Wrong crew consists of experienced individuals that have contributed significantly to the show.

If Loving You Is Wrong cast

Here is a list of the show’s cast that has appeared in at least 40 episodes.

1. Edwina Findley Dickerson

Edwina Findley is an American actress that plays the role of Kelly Isaacs in the show. Born on 30 October 1980, she has been on the entertainment scene since 2003. She first appeared on a television series in 2003 when she portrayed Tosha Mitchell in the crime drama, The Wire.

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In If Loving You Is Wrong, she is a working and a widowed single mother to a son called Justice. A loan officer at a local bank, she finds herself in trouble after a guy she had feelings for is found dead in his home, and she is the primary suspect. The series portrays her as a person troubled by love.

2. Heather Hemmens

If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos
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Heather Hemmens took on the role of Marcie Holmes. She is an actress, film producer, and director known for playing Alice in the cheerleading comedy-drama TV series, Hellcats. Born on 10 July 1988, she has appeared in 89 episodes of If Loving You Is Wrong.

Heather Hemmens is a real estate agent in the show. She is an unhappy wife to Randal, whom she discovers has had an affair with Alex. Marcie Holmes demands a divorce and even goes further to exert revenge by engaging in a romantic relationship.

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3. April Parker Jones

April Parker Jones in an American actress well known for her various television shows. One of her earliest roles on TV was in the 2006–2008 post-apocalyptic action-drama television series, Jericho. She plays the role of Natalie Henning in the show.

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Natalie Henning is a working single mother of four children. She runs a fast food restaurant and enlists her oldest son Joey to work with her. The show portrays her as a hard-working single mother, despite her engagement to Lushion, a police officer and father of Frankie, her youngest son.

4. Aiden Turner

Aiden Turner is a British actor and model born on 2 April 1977. He has lots of experience in playing various roles on TV, including soap operas. His first appearance as a series regular was in the 1997 British television soap opera, Crossroads.

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In the show, he plays the role of Brad Montgomery. Brad from If Loving You Is Wrong is a businessman married to Alex. He is the father of Peter and Paisley. The series portrays him as a calm and collected individual, betrayed by his wife after having an extramarital affair.

5. Amanda Clayton

If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos
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Amanda Clayton is an American actress born on 24 October 1981. She has appeared in over 80 episodes of If Loving You Is Wrong playing the role of Alex Montgomery. As an actress, Amanda made her debut on TV in 2012 when she appeared in one episode of the drama television series, The Mentalist.

In the show, she is a housewife married to Alex Montgomery. Despite her marriage to a successful businessman, she engages in an affair with her neighbour Randal. But Alex also had other lovers in the past and is carrying a third child to one of them.

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6. Joel Rush

Joel Rush is an American model and actor born on 26 August 1981. He started his TV career as a model when he appeared as a competitor in the reality show, True Beauty. After finishing as a runner-up, he later appeared in several TV shows, including the long-running soap opera, Days Of Our Lives.

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Joel Rush plays the role of Edward 'Eddie' Willis in the show. Eddie on If Loving You Is Wrong is a Maxine Police Officer considered to be corrupt and the primary antagonist of the entire TV series. The show also portrays him as controlling, hostile, deceitful, and chauvinistic.

7. Charles Malik Whitfield

Charles Malik Whitfield is an American actor and an NAACP nominee. Born on 1 August 1972, he has been active in the film industry since the early 1990s. As one of the many If Loving You Is Wrong cast members, he has appeared in over 50 episodes of the show.

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Charles Whitfield took on the role of Lushion Morgan in the show. He is a rookie police officer, the father of Frankie, and ex-husband of Natalie. Lushion is a character in the series that has a high sense of moral trait and knows to differentiate right from wrong. It is this personality that keeps him at odds with Eddie, who is a deceitful and corrupt police officer.

8. Zulay Henao

If Loving You Is Wrong cast: full names and photos
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Zulay Henao is a Colombian-American actress known for playing various roles on film and TV. Born on 22 March 1979, she started her acting career in low-budget movies and made her debut on TV in 2007 in the drama television series, Army Wives.

In If Loving You Is Wrong, Zulay plays the role of Esperanza Willis. She is a divorced wife and mother to a daughter, Mika. Her ex-husband is Eddie, a police officer, but she has since moved on from the marriage and is dating Julius. But Eddie is against the relationship because Julius has a questionable background.

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If Loving You Is Wrong cast consists of experienced actors and actresses, some of whom have appeared in soap operas before. Although it is not an all-star cast, they are good at working out their respective personalities because of the script provided by Tyler Perry. Also, the cast shines in every aspect because they have a story that does not require them to rely on each other.

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