List of Winx Club characters: Winx Club, specialists paladins and wizards and extras

List of Winx Club characters: Winx Club, specialists paladins and wizards and extras

Winx Club is a popular animated show centred around the mysterious struggle between good and evil. Interestingly, Winx Club characters are mostly female fairies, male paladins, and wizards. Nevertheless, the major characters are the fairies who draw powers from different universal elements and channel them for the realm's good.

Winx Club characters
Six fairies that make up the Winx Club. Photo: @scorpiostufff
Source: Twitter

The Winx Club series was created and directed by the Italian animation genius Iginio Straffi. His initial plan was to have 78 episodes before the drama went global. This is probably why fans often ask, "Who were the original Winx characters?" After the series became popular, Hollywood actors like Keke Palmer, Molly Quinn, and Adam Gregory became voiceovers.

Overview of Winx Club

Initially, the Winx Club was a group of five fairies who planned to make their school years memorable by braving through hardships and experiencing new things while sticking by each other as best friends.

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The teenage girls are entrusted with the burden of saving their respective planets from evil. There is a backstory to how the fairies got their power, but they need to know how to control and use it when the need arises.

The test episode of this animated drama was shown to the audience in 2001, and Iginio noticed that the test audience disliked that the characters looked ancient. So, when the first episode of the first season aired on the television in 2004, the series had gone from being known as Winx: Just Fairies to Winx Club. It was co-produced by Nickelodeon and Rainbow SpA.

Winx Club full story

The opening episodes of the series discuss Bloom, who later became the leader of the Winx Club. She lives in Gardenia on planet Earth, and everyone, including herself, thinks she is just another teenager. However, Bloom lives an everyday life and has her romantic escapades as teenage girls often do.

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Everything changes after rescuing a pretty girl with wings from a monster. The rescued girl, Stella, is the fairy of the shining sun. Bloom becomes curious about the girl's winged appearance and is surprised when Stella tells her about a school for fairies known as Alfea.

Winx Club characters
Daisy, a Winx Club character. Photo: @PandyBearArt
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Stella invites Bloom over to Alfea, and Bloom's parents, Mike and Vanessa, agree to let her move to Alfea with her new friend. Later on, Bloom discovers her parents had adopted her as a baby. They found her abandoned and wrapped in flames when she was little and raised her as their daughter. Bloom moves to Alfea to discover her inner powers.

There, she becomes friends with other fairies, and they form the Winx Club. The Winx Club characters' names are Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha, who joined in the second season.

Bloom becomes the club leader, and the girls have fun together, though not always. Sometimes, they have to fight to rescue their loved ones from the Trix, a group of three witches who go against every good thing the Winx Club stands for.

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The Trix's ancestors were potent witches. The Winx Club members have to stop the Trix from taking control of Alfea in season one. The Winx Club characters and the powers they possess will be tested in the subsequent series.

What happened in the end?

The last season of this animation was released in 2019 and consisted of 26 episodes. As usual, members of Winx Club rise to the occasion of saving the universe from impending doom. But, this time, they go on an adventure to planet Lumenia.

Someone is making the magical universe lose its stars, and they must do something quickly before darkness prevails. First, they meet with new characters such as the queen of Lumenia and Lumen (a magical star-shaped creature). Then, they have to defeat an old enemy known as the evil Valtor because his return is why the magical universe was going black.

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Winx Club cast

Popular Hollywood and Italian actors voiced the Winx Club characters. The main characters in the animation series are Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha. Below is a breakdown of the Italian and Hollywood actors behind their voices.

1. Bloom

Winx Club characters
Bloom, leader of the Winx Club. Photo: @SamaraArscott
Source: Twitter

This fairy is the leader of the Winx Club, and Letizia Ciampa voiced the role in the original Italian version. Later, Molly Quinn voiced the Hollywood version.

2. Stella

Winx Club characters
Stella, the first fairy that Bloom encountered. Photo: @_tasiams
Source: Twitter

Stella was the first fairy that Bloom encountered. She invited Bloom to Alfea, where she discovered her innate supernatural abilities. Perla Liberatori voiced the Italian version of her roles, while Amy Gross was the Hollywood voiceover.

3. Flora

Winx Club characters
Fairy Flora from Winx Club. Photo: @tabimori
Source: Twitter

Flora was voiced by Ilaria Latini in the Italian version, while Alejandra Reynoso voiced the Hollywood version.

4. Tecna

Winx Club characters
Tecna from Winx Club. Photo: @8_winx
Source: Twitter

This member of the Winx Club is from planet Zenith. Her roles were voiced by Domitilla D'Amico and Morgan Decker in the Italian and Hollywood versions, respectively.

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5. Musa

Winx Club characters
Musa from Winx Club. Photo: @FlashOfFate
Source: Twitter

Musa's Hollywood voice actress was Romi Dames, and her Italian voice actress was Gemma Donati.

6. Aisha

Winx Club characters
Aisha from Winx Club. Photo: @fave_muslim
Source: Twitter

Laura Lenghi voiced the Italian version of Aisha, and Keke Palmer voiced the Hollywood version.

Supporting characters

The Winx Club male characters include the Specialists, Paladins, and Wizards. Some of them were the boyfriends of the fairies. Below is a list of their Italian and Hollywood voiceover actors, respectively.

  • Sky was voiced by Alessandro Quarta and Matt Shively
  • Brandon has several Italian voiceovers, including Massimiliano Alto, Gianluca Crisafi and Nanni Baldini, while Adam Gregory was the Hollywood voiceover
  • Riven was voiced by Mirko Mazzanti and Sam Rigel
  • Corrado Conforti and Charlie Schlatter voiced Timmy
  • Leonardo Graziano and Francesco Pezzulli voiced Helia in the Italian version while David Faustino was the Hollywood voiceover
  • Emanuele Ruzza and Bryton James voiced Roy

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The Winx Club series discusses the struggle between good and bad. Therefore, it is normal to mention a few of the villains that the good fairies defeated. Below is a list of some of the antagonists and their Italian and Hollywood voiceover actors in that order.

  • Tatiana Dessi and Larisa Oleynik voiced Icy
  • Federica De Bortoli and Jennifer Cody voiced Darcy
  • Valeria Vidali and Kimberly Brooks voiced Stormy
  • Valtor was voiced by Guido Di Naccio
  • Alberto Bognanni and Adam Wylie voiced Tritannus
  • Selina, an evil witch, was voiced by Eleonora Reti and Jessica DiCicco
  • Kalshara is an evil shapeshifter voiced by Emilia Costa
  • Balfirus is Kalshara's sister and possesses black magic. Carlo Scipioni voiced him

Winx Club characters comparison

While comparing these fairies, several questions have been asked and answers given. Some of the popular questions and best answers received include these:

Winx Club characters
Members of the Winx Club. Photo: @WinxClubAll
Source: Facebook

Who is the strongest Winx?

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Most people, including the creator of the series, agree that Bloom, the leader of the Winx Club, has the most power. Although it took a while for her to discover her true identity, Bloom was instrumental in defeating the threats of the dark forces.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that in Winx Club, all characters have their peculiar abilities. They draw their powers from different elements that only they could channel.

Who is the most beautiful fairy in Winx Club?

The fairies that make up the Winx Club are mostly pretty with distinctive features. However, some fans find Flora more attractive than the rest of the members. Flora is a nature fairy and hails from planet Lynphea. Some other people argue that Musa is the prettiest of all.

Why did they change Layla to Aisha?

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Although some of the Winx club characters' names have caused a bit of controversy for viewers, Layla's name change is not exactly so. Most of the original versions of the series stick to calling the wave fairy, Aisha. However, she is known as Layla in most international versions, although why they did so is not clarified.

The Winx Club is a world-renowned animated TV series with several captivating scenes. Recently, the series inspired another drama show with humans playing the Winx Club characters. The movie Fate: The Winx Saga was released on the 22nd of January, 2021.

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