Tinder not showing matches: How to fix the problem

Tinder not showing matches: How to fix the problem

Almost everyone has used a dating app at some point in their life. Online dating changed the game, and now it is easy to meet people who you wouldn't have met otherwise. Tinder is one of the first dating apps that were made and has become a people's favourite for a reason. However, sometimes, the app doesn't work very well. So, what do you do when Tinder not showing matches?

Tinder not showing matches
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Due to the number of users that the app has, it is no surprise that it has issues every once in a while. The app developers are well aware of this, and there are things you can do to make the app work again.

Types of tinder app errors

There are several types of errors that could occur on Tinder. Some of them are due to issues on your phone, and others are due to issues on the server-side. Don't be alarmed, there are solutions for all of them.

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1. Tinder not showing messages

Sometimes you may be getting messages, but the app isn't showing them. This could be really frustrating, especially if you were waiting to get a message from someone you like.

2. Tinder match disappeared after message

The only reason why your tinder match would disappear is if they end the match or delete their account. If you are sure that this is not the case, then the problem is with your app.

3. Tinder not showing new matches

The only point of using Tinder is to meet new people. Therefore, if your app isn't showing you people you've matched with, then there is no point in having it. You can also fix this and get back to using your favourite app.

4. Tinder match disappeared after notification

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If your Tinder match disappeared immediately after you got the notification, then it is understandable if you are frustrated. Especially if the match was somebody you really like.

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How to fix the problem

Tinder not showing matches
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There are several tricks that you could use to fix problems in any app. These, however, will only work if the issues are not due to server problems.

1. Check your internet connection

Using Tinder requires a strong internet connection and lack of one may be the reason why your matches are not loading. Try switching off your WiFi and turning it back on again to see if your connection is faulty.

If you try this and it still doesn't work, you should consider switching to cellular data. Although it can be expensive, it is more stable, and you may have better luck.

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2. Restart your phone

The solution for almost every app problem is to restart your phone. This forces the apps to close and cease all malfunctions. When Tinder restarts, most of the issues will be gone.

3. Update the app

Sometimes the issues your app has are due to lack of updates. App developers continue to fine-tune their creations to ensure that there are no bugs. Without these updates, your app will have issues that have already been corrected on other versions.

Therefore, ensuring that your app is up to date also ensures that you don't have any of the bugs and the issues they cause.

4. Reinstall the app

Re-installing the app will ensure that you have the latest version of Tinder. The latest version will definitely have better user experience and everything will run smoothly again.

Tinder not showing matches can be a very frustrating experience for everyone involved. Fixing it is, therefore, a priority for you. These solutions are enough to help you fix the app. If they don't work, that means that the issues with your app are on the server and not on your end. If that is the case, wait until the developers fix it, then update your app.

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Yen.com.gh has a list of tried and true tips for using Tinder. Starting a conversation is never easy, but you'll have to learn if you want to meet that special someone.

Using a simple question or a compliment is the best way to go. They are essential when breaking the ice and could lead to genuine conversations between the two of you.

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