How to restore contacts from MTN backup

How to restore contacts from MTN backup

MTN backups are individual or corporate online virtual accounts that safely backup and restore contacts stored in your handset and SIM. These contacts, including all other data that are important to you, are kept on an MTN internet server that is secured. You can, therefore, recover these in case of a loss. MTN backup accommodates a maximum of 5000 contacts on phone and 200 contacts on SIM. You cannot follow the procedure of how to restore contacts from MTN backup if you are not yet a subscriber.

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For you to benefit from this in the future, you need to register for the MTN backup service and get all your information backed up. To become a subscriber, send the word ‘start’ to the number 307 or look for the “MTN service” on the menu of your SIM. This provision is found on the MTN 128k SIM card. All phones operating on the Windows Operating System can only help you back up contacts on your SIM card and not those stored on your handset.

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The varieties of phones available on the market are suited to accommodate this back up service so you are in a position to backup and restore contacts when there is a need. Contacts are automatically backed up every fortnight. Once you are signed up to the service, you are going to receive free subscription for a month, paying a monthly contact storage fee of GHC 1.00, as long as you are subscribed.

If you are an MTN subscriber who has changed your phone, lost his or her SIM or handset, had your handset and/or SIM stolen, had your SIM get spoilt or your phone crash, gotten yourself a SIM up-grade, or mistakenly deleted your phone-book contacts, there is a way to get back your contacts from MTN!

Steps to retrieve backup contacts on ‘my MTN backup contact’

In case you don’t know the steps on how to restore contacts from MTN backup, follow the guide below to get back lost information:

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Ensure you have a SIM card labelled 128K and not any other so that you can utilize MTN backup and restore contacts. Then proceed to follow the steps below:

Visit and log on to the MTNonline backup restore Ghana account you created. Key in the login details that you signed up with.

  1. Look at the devices section to determine where the latest sync took place.
  2. Choose the device where you want to send recovered contacts to. The type of handset should match the phone you have.
  3. You may also choose to install the MTN backup app on your handset and do the recovery to your handset from there.
  4. Click ‘sync now’, and an OTA message stating that the server wants to perform synchronization will come up.
  5. Continue with the sync by pressing the "continue" icon, and the recovery operation would begin, upon which you will wait for process completion.
  6. Once the recovery operation is over, your new handset will contain the contacts saved on your previous handset, already recovered.
  7. A message informing you that the operation was successful will appear, signalling completion of the recovery process.
  8. Thereafter, a text message confirming the restoration of lost contacts will be sent to your phone.

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How to restore contacts from MTN backup
My MTNbackup contact
Backup and restore contacts
MTN backup app

MTN backup app

The mobile app for MTN backup can be downloaded as well as installed on your handset, to facilitate the backup of contacts and other vital resources like stored photos and music or other videos on your handset. You will enter some details to create an account on phone and enter login details, including phone number and a password. The MTN backup app is available for Android, iPhones, Blackberry phones, and Java phones. Information backed up is accessible on the website for MTN backup.

From the MTN backup website, you can search for contacts, view them, or manipulate them in any other way either by editing, adding, or deleting them. Contacts can also be imported from other sources like Gmail account, Yahoo account, social accounts such as LinkedIn and Facebook account, as well as CSV and vCard files. Contacts in these places can be restored on your handset through the MTN backup app.

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It is important to have an MTN backup system for one reason or the other; you may end up losing data that is located on your handset or SIM. Getting the MTN service may come at a cost, but that is little compared to that of parting with valuable information. Be sure to follow the guide on how to recover contacts from MTN backup if you have searched for ‘how to restore my contacts on MTN’. The recovery method is easy, not to mention its convenience, enabling you to repossess all your important data in a matter of minutes.

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