How to sell digital art: 15 different ways of doing it

How to sell digital art: 15 different ways of doing it

Have you ever considered starting your own business? You'll be pleased to learn about the numerous opportunities available. In the digital age, you can be an entrepreneur while sitting at home. If you are an artist who has dabbled in digital art, you may wonder how to sell it. You will be surprised to learn about the various methods that exist to provide you with a sustainable source of income. So, like many other artists and graphic designers, it's time to learn how to sell digital art online. Creating your own art business is more time-consuming than it may appear, and you can focus on other projects while at it.

how to sell digital art
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Art is timeless. It is through it that humans express their emotions and ideas. Art has evolved into a commodity in modern times, with artists making a living from it. But how does one make money? Selling online craftwork is a natural next step in your creative career once you have a social media presence and feel comfortable consistently producing art. With these hacks, selling digital art products will be a breeze.

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How to sell digital art

What is digital art? The term digital art refers to any creative or presentational artistic work or activity that makes use of digital technology. Artists can apply computational craftwork by interacting with and using digital media. Digital art can be created entirely by a computer or derived from other materials, such as a scanned photograph or an image created with vector graphics software and a mouse or graphics tablet.

If you are an artist wondering how to sell digital art online and make money, there is a solution. Discover various methods and earn money with ease.

1. Put your art on merchandise

Where can I sell my digital art? One popular method of selling digital art is printing and placing it on merch. Also called branding, this method can earn you a good income and give you exposure to your painting.

2. Sell canvas prints, wall art, posters, and cards

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how to sell digital art
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How do I sell my simple digital art? One ideal method is through canvas prints, wall art and posters. Similar to merchandising, this method allows you to brand your product by placing it on various products. You can then sell your products online or outsource a physical store to make your sales.

3. Sell digital art as NFTs

What are NFTs? NFTs are also known as non-fungible tokens. It is a unique art form that can be bought and sold like any other property. The flipside is NFTs have no tangible form of their own. Digital tokens are certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets.

Use the various software tools to turn your craftwork into an NFT and sell it online on platforms like OpenSea, the world's largest digital marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

4. Offer commissions

One popular method of making money through digital craftwork is contacting local galleries. Take the initiative and contact your local galleries and let them know you'd be interested in showing your work. The more you put your craftwork out there, the better your chances of snagging a commission.

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5. Find places to sell art online

If you know how to navigate the internet, you can easily find platforms where you can sell your digital art. The internet is teeming with shops, marketplaces, and new media for selling and buying digital assets. Print on Demand (PoD) services are among the most popular online marketplaces. These websites provide a platform to showcase your painting and earn a full or part-time income.

6. Fan base support

Another way to sell your craftwork and monetise your content is to use platforms like Patreon, Ko-Fi, or Buy me a Coffee. You can provide exclusive content for a small fee, and your fans will undoubtedly follow and support you in this way. As a print-on-demand service, some of these platforms offer to send merchandise to your most devoted supporters for a small percentage of your total income.

7. Develop your website

how to sell digital art
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Where can I sell my digital art for free? By developing your website, you can sell your products without paying anybody for marketing. You can also advertise your platform on social media platforms. Selling your digital craftwork online is ideal because you can control your products and dictate the prices you wish to receive.

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8. Sell your content on e-commerce websites

An excellent place to start is with a standalone e-commerce site running on an e-commerce platform. You can integrate online markets like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay directly into your online store to sync sales and reach a larger audience.

9. Use social media

Do you know how to sell digital art on Instagram? It is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is post a photo of the specific piece of art you want to sell and add a caption. The caption can quote the price, or you can tell interested clients to DM (direct message) to purchase. Social media offers a broad audience and a free platform for interacting with your business.

10. Identify places to sell your art

To be successful in business, you must first identify your target audience. Determine where to sell your digital art and capitalise on the target audience. Join social media and target art-related groups.

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11. Use posters with QR codes linking to your content

how to sell digital art
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You can go old school with this method and produce products containing your craftwork. Advertise yourself in your neighbourhood using fliers with QR codes that redirect to your website. In addition, you can enlist the help of family and friends to advertise you using word of mouth.

12. Sell your art as device wallpapers

You can sell your craftwork to digital platforms that sell wallpapers for devices. You can also offer these wallpapers for free, but with watermarks, and the website will give you a commission for generating traffic to their website.

13. Sell art as digital products

Did you know that you can sell your art as digital paintings? Digital paintings are craftwork scanned, printed, traced, and presented online through image digitisation. By publishing your content, you can sell it as a digital painting or print it onto clothing and apparel.

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14. Create your own media channels

Creating your own media channels will aid you in selling your products. It could be through social media, websites or even advertisements. Establishing clear objectives and goals is the first step to building a winning social media strategy. With dreams, you can measure your success, and you will know your weaknesses.

15. Develop your online store

In the modern world, most people sell stuff online through e-commerce platforms and apps. You can buy an app customised for your specific product if you have the money. The most significant advantage of apps is that they are easy to install, and any advertisement on your app will generate more money.

How much money can you make selling digital art?

how to sell digital art
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Artistry Found says digital artists can earn anywhere from $100 to $80,000. The amount you make is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in. In reality, success in digital art requires a significant commitment, a lot of hard work, and a lot of sacrifices. Furthermore, some digital artists sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for six figures.

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How to sell digital art is a guide to the methods you can use to make money from your talent, whether to print on demand, create your products, or sell digital downloads. Selling a piece is one of any artist's most rewarding, gratifying, and profitable experiences. To be successful, develop a business plan, define your target audience and marketing strategy, protect your craftwork from theft, and promote your niche to anyone who will listen.

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