Confidence Haugen: 5 facts about the former Big Brother Africa contestant

Confidence Haugen: 5 facts about the former Big Brother Africa contestant

Confidence Haugen is a Ghanaian businesswoman, philanthropist and model. You probably know her from the sixth season of Big Brother Amplified whereby she became the sixth housemate to be evicted. Confidence only got one vote out of fifteen that resulted in her eviction. How much do you know about the renowned Ghanaian socialite? Indeed, she is a controversial character with various tabloids and online gossip channels publishing juicy stories about her life. Are the stories true? Perhaps a look into the famous personality's facts would suffice.

Confidence Haugen
Businesswoman, model, and philanthropist Confidence Haugen. Photo: @confidencehaugen
Source: Instagram

You watch and follow socialites and media personalities' lives as depicted by gossip channels, but are the stories a true depiction of their lifestyle. Sometimes they do give a real account, but such narratives hardly miss an element of exaggeration or unsubstantiated facts. Regardless, the stories give the audience a real depiction.

Confidence has been a popular topic with numerous speculations. After all, she is often in the limelight because of various reasons. Would you like to know her real story? Facts about her life that you probably weren't aware of?

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Confidence Haugen biography

Do you want to know Confidence Haugen age or other details about her personal life? Confidence Haugen was born on April 8, 1974, which means that she is 46 years old as of 2020. Although most people do not know this, Confidence Haugen is her real name.

Her stance to stick with her birth name in the complicated entertainment industry instead of going with an alias is a bold move that many have shunned.

The former Big Brother Africa representative didn’t attend secondary school because she had no means of affording it. Therefore, she had to struggle with her state and make her way in the tumultuous entertainment industry.

However, in a drive to empower herself, she attended the London Academy of Media, Film and Television. Here, she studied Television Presenting, Acting and Media, both theory and practical. This learning opportunity gave Confidence Haugen a chance to improve her knowledge on TV presenting and fulfil her dream of becoming a host.

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Confidence Haugen is fluent in English and French and has a great entrepreneurial spirit, evident from some of her investments. Before entering the Big Brother Africa show, she was the CEO of a club, an amazing venture that gave her great returns.

Interesting facts about Confidence Haugen

Confidence Haugen
Businesswoman, model, and philanthropist Confidence Haugen. Photo: @confidencehaugen
Source: Instagram

The entertainment industry has numerous participants, and it is hard keeping a high profile. That is why Confidence Haugen’s story is remarkable. She has been consistent for a long time and is still a trending topic.

However, you might not be aware of some interesting aspects of her life. For instance, wouldn't you like to know more about Confidence Haugen husband? There is much to her story than many people know.

1. Confidence Haugen has had breast implants

The entrepreneur, who has once been a Miss Ghana contestant (1999) has undergone three plastic surgery procedures in her life. It had long been rumoured that she had the procedure done, but she hadn't confirmed the allegations. Confidence recently confessed to having undergone plastic surgery, something that led her to depression.

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Confidence's quest to have fuller breasts led her to seek the procedure in 1999 when she travelled to England. She has confessed that she didn't like her small breasts, which, according to her, didn't make her feel confident about her body.

Her naïve state when she was young made her agree to all the terms and conditions of the breast implant surgery. She regretted the decision as it worsened her plight. This mistake made her go for another surgery. The surgeon made a breast and areola reduction.

Unfortunately, the second procedure never worked as she anticipated. This made Confidence fall into depression. Her close friend introduced her to a better surgeon that created a better sculpture of the chest region and produced a better result. Confidence's experience taught her a good lesson, and she advises women to do thorough research whenever going for surgeries.

On top of her plastic surgery, Confidence Haugen had a liposculpture as well as another procedure to have a slender tummy.

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2. She didn’t attend secondary school

Many people were shocked to find out that Confidence Haugen did not go to secondary school despite her massive success as an entrepreneur. She revealed this life-time secret during an interview with Dzifa Smith on e-TV Ghana’s “Late Night Celebrity Show” in 2012.

She said,

Ok, I never attended secondary school. That is my secret. Yes, I never attended secondary school. I started hustling from JSS (Now JHS), and that was it. It is not like I didn't want to attend secondary school, but I didn't have the means, so I started hustling.

At the interview, Confidence Haugen started becoming uneasy and shaking since she had revealed one of the biggest secrets of her life. They had to go for a commercial break for Confidence to compose herself.

Many people have been wondering how someone with basic education managed to elevate herself to become one of Ghana’s most influential businesswomen. Confidence didn’t allow herself to remain uneducated as she later studied acting, television presenting and media in London.

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3. Confidence’s aunt is her favourite role model

Confidence Haugen
Businesswoman, model, and philanthropist Confidence Haugen. Photo: @confidencehaugen
Source: Instagram

During her interview as a Big Brother Africa 6 contestant, Confidence Haugen revealed that her aunt is her role model. The statement was even part of her bio while at the house.

She considers her aunt as a great inspiration in her life because of her religious stance, strong-principles, and sexy nature. Confidence expressed her desire of being like her when she grows old.

4. She met her husband online

Are you wondering, “Is Confidence Haugen married?” The entrepreneur met her husband online. This happened through an internet dating website when she was doing her preparation for the Miss Ghana pageant.

After she created her profile, men started approaching her on the online platform. However, she narrowed down on her husband because he was honest with the questions that she put across. They set up a meeting in Amsterdam whereby they met and had their first kiss.

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5. Confidence has had a lesbian relationship before

According to an interview with NigeriaFilms in 2011, Confidence Haugen confirmed that she has once been with a woman before. This happened when she was very young.

Confidence reiterated that people ought to be allowed to fall in love with whoever they please, whether it is a man or woman as love is rare these days. Also, she cleared the air about her rumours dating Nadia Buari and claimed that they are only close friends.

You have probably checked out Confidence Haugen Instagram page to find out more about her. Even though she posts regularly, she rarely reveals more about her private life. The above information about Confidence Haugen provides great insight into less-known facts about her. on November 4 featured an interesting piece about less-known facts about DJ Switch. The young and beautiful DJ has been growing her popularity very fast considering he has been in the industry less than other renowned DJs.

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The DJ is a motivational speaker, poet and dancer, skills that have made her unique in her niche. DJ Switch is 12 years old as of 2020 and is attending a high school in the heart of Ghana.

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