Paris Dylan: 5 quick facts about Don McLean's girlfriend

Paris Dylan: 5 quick facts about Don McLean's girlfriend

Paris Dylan is famous for one simple reason – being the girlfriend of 75-year-old Don McLean. Although it might seem bizarre and unordinary to many, the two seem to be having great moments together, even though Don McLean is nearly five decades older. Aside from this famous relationship, what else do you know about the beautiful model?

Paris Dylan
American model, television personality, Don McLean's girlfriend. Photo: @parisdylan550
Source: Instagram

There is no doubt that Paris is a fantastic model, even though she has a long way to go in her career. Her modelling career put her in the limelight, but not as much as her relationship with American singer-songwriter Don McLean.

She is a woman with great confidence that isn’t afraid to live her life. Do you want to know more about Don McLean and Paris Dylan? There is more to the beautiful lady than meets the eye.

Five interesting facts about Paris Dylan

Those in the celebrity world who gain fame because of their spouses or the people they are in a relationship with often sparking great attention. The public only gets a snippet of their life, based on their famous partner's personality, which also overshadows them.

For instance, what information do you have on Paris Dylan? Probably her relationship only. Fortunately, an overview of fascinating facts about her will provide more insight into the model’s background and current life.

1. Paris Dylan loves music

Paris loves music, and interestingly, she is dating a music icon. How about that! In one of her Instagram posts, she shared her love for music by stating:

I've always known about the Kingston Trio, but I never truly appreciated their music. Don listens to them a lot, and I slowly started really understanding their beauty. These guys are AMAZING! I love Nick Reynolds. My favourite songs include One More Town and Bimini. I love you, Kingston Trio.

2. Her sister is a race car driver

Paris Dylan's sister, Courtney Crone, is a race driver, a completely different profession from her sister's. In 2018, she won the FormulaSPEED 2.0 class in the Formula Car Challenge Series.

Courtney started racing at four years old. She has been successful in the racing industry and has even been selected as a candidate for the Team USA Scholarship to compete in the Formula Ford Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy Race in the United Kingdom. Paris' sister primary goal is to race and win the Indycar Series.

3. Paris appeared on Catfish

Paris Dylan
American model, television personality, Don McLean's girlfriend. Photo: @parisdylan550
Source: Instagram

What most people do not know is that Paris Dylan appeared on MTV’s Catfish in 2017. Then, she was known as Paris Roxanne or Paris Dunn. It was reported that she had began an online relationship with 33-year-old basketball player, Chris Birdman Andersen when she was only 17-years old.

However, they later realized that they were not talking to each other but to a Canadian woman called Shelly Chartier who attempted to extort Andersen. Fortunately, she was apprehended by the authorities and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

4. She has an interesting background

Although there is not much information about her past, Paris Dylan parents were loving and supportive, just like most parents. She studied in her hometown, but her level education is yet to be known.

She came into the limelight by posting hot images on Instagram, just like any other model of the current decade. This exposure allowed her to expand her career and attract the attention of a famous personality that is her current boyfriend.

Although many fans find it hard to believe the identity of Paris Dylan boyfriend, their relationship appears to be strong. They spend a lot of money on one another. For instance, they blew around $250,000 at a particular moment during holidays.

5. Paris Dylan enjoys her boyfriend’s wealth

Paris Dylan
American model, television personality, Don McLean's girlfriend. Photo: @parisdylan550
Source: Instagram

Are you trying to figure out Paris Dylan net worth? Although she is an accomplished model that still has a long way to go in the modelling industry, her earnings and wealth are hardly comparable to her boyfriend's.

Don McLean has an estimated net worth of $50 million that he has earned from her extensive career in the music industry.

Paris enjoys a lavish lifestyle with his boyfriend. She owns an expensive automobile collection that includes a BMW. Also, she wears classy and trendy outfits. If you check out Paris Dylan Instagram page, you will quickly notice her love for travelling and living large.

Paris Dylan, the 75-year-old Don McLean's girlfriend, is gorgeous. Although her relationship has sparked great debate among the musician's fans and the public, they two seem to be having a great time together.

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