Tracey Boakye biography: husband, parents, education, business, house, cars

Tracey Boakye biography: husband, parents, education, business, house, cars

With today's numerous captivating local productions, it is hard not getting entertained by your favourite genre. The industry is so developed and technologically advanced that mediocre content doesn't sell any more. After all, there are a plethora of skilled entertainers that are looking to make it big in the film niche. This is a talent pool that the industry's moguls have learnt to tap. Tracey Boakye perfectly fits this emerging narrative of multitalented creative actors that are making great headway. How much do you know about her? Does she have a family?

Tracey Boakye
Ghanian actor Tracey Boakye. Photo: @tracey_boakye
Source: Instagram

How many of Ghana’s creatives do you know? It is a massive industry with numerous players struggling to make it in various entertainment niches. Without a doubt, Tracey is one of Ghana's finest and a Kumawood star.

She has been consistent in producing and providing quality material in the Ghanaian motion picture industry. Would you like to know more about the talented actress and entertainment entrepreneur?

Tracey Boakye profile summary

  • Name: Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye date of birth: January 17, 1991
  • Tracey Boakye age: 29 years old
  • Profession: Actor and entrepreneur
  • Children: Son (Kwaku Danso Yahaya) and daughter (Akua Boakye)

Tracey Boakye biography

Where does Tracey Boakye hail from and how old is the talented actress? Maybe you like to know more about Tracey Boakye parents? Tracey was born on January 17, 1991, which means that she is 29 years old as of 2020.

There is not much information about the actor’s youth. Also, her parent's identity is not clear, but it is known that she grew up in a wealthy family. Tracey Boakye education was very problematic. She was not fond of schooling, wasted away numerous opportunities.

She did not even complete her junior high school because she had no interest in learning and always wanted fast money. Although her mother consistently advised her to learn while at school, she disregarded the advice as it was not something that she liked.

At some point, Tracey's father took him to Canada to study, but she never took the opportunity seriously. She was sent back to her mother in the United Kingdom, whereby she exhibited the same tendencies. This made her be taken back to her home country, Ghana, where she spent most of her life.

During an interview with Dave Hammer, she recounted that during a Science examination, she only wrote her name on the paper.

Tracey left the UK for Ghana at the age of 16 because she wanted to become famous by pursuing a career in the film industry. While narrating her tumultuous journey in the entertainment industry, Tracey said,

I wanted to do movies. I wanted to be an actress. I kept telling my mum, but she thought I was joking. They eventually got mad at me, knowing I was stubbornly following my passion. I wasn't thinking about the Ghana movie industry. I was thinking about me wanting to be famous… I had a passion for acting as well, so why keep it in me. I decided to come to Ghana and showcase that talent I had.


Indeed, Tracey Boakye has worked hard to become one of Ghana’s finest in the film industry. Today, she owns a movie production firm called Shakira Movie Production, Shakira Entertainment, Signature Unisex Salon and Tracey Boakye Foundation.

Of course, all these are a result of her hard work and resilience in the complicated entertainment industry. How did she build this massive empire?

Once the talented actress came to Ghana and started acting, her movies became popular, and fans loved her acting style. Tracey managed to produce her first movie while she was 21 years old, quite a great achievement at a very tender age in the entertainment industry.

She has also produced a movie called "Between my Legs" in 2017 that you can watch on YouTube. On the social media platform, Tracey has a channel as well, whereby she interacts with other prominent individuals, sharing their life stories as a way to motivate her audience. Some people have been speculating that her rise to fame is as a result of being a strong supporter of the NDC party.

Aside from Tracey Boakye movies, she has invested in the beauty industry and has a modern saloon in Kumasi. She is also a proud owner of various luxury cars. Without a doubt, she is one of the wealthiest Kumawood actors in Ghana.

Tracey Boakye husband – does she have one?

If you have been following Tracey Boakye's fascinating story in the entertainment industry, you might have noticed that she is very controversial. It is not strange for her to be a hot topic for tabloids and trending online for the wrong and right reasons. Among these trending topics is her husband or the father to her two children.

She is not married, but she has two children with two different fathers. Although she has been involved with various people in the past, Tracey has never settled down, and marriage is yet to happen.

Tracey Boakye’s children

Tracey Boakye
Ghanian actor Tracey Boakye and her children. Photo: @tracey_boakye
Source: Instagram

Do you want to know more about Tracey Boakye son? The boy, Kwaku Danso Yahaya, was born on August 27, 2014. Tracey is also a recent mother having given birth to a lovely daughter. The last born, named Akua Boakye, was born on May 14, 2020.

Her son's father identity is already an open secret, and he is known as Yahaya Mohammed. A well-known superstar that played soccer for Kotoko.

Many people have been wondering about the identity of the father of her second child. Tracey has opened up about it, stating that he is not a showbiz personality and it would be hard for people to identify him.

However, in one of her Instagram posts, it appeared as if she was revealing the identity of her daughter’s baby daddy. She wrote,

I just love Wednesdays, cos of my babies @nana_akua_nhyira_ @kwaku_danso_yahaya and Nhyira Papa (NANA KWAKU) O.B.

Even though many have concluded that the statement mentioned her daughter's father, it is not clear whether it is true. People are still waiting for official confirmation from Tracey Boakye.

Tracey Boakye house and cars

Tracey Boakye
Ghanian actor Tracey Boakye. Photo: @tracey_boakye
Source: Instagram

Tracey is an actor, movie producer and entrepreneur. Such titles, which she has gradually created from her growing career, are bound to bring her substantial income and increase her wealth.

And that is why she doesn’t shy from flaunting her properties, among them, a lavish home that she shared the photos online. She has a great house in East Legon. In one of her photos, she flaunts one of her luxury cars.

Tracey Boakye, although controversial, has made a great name for herself in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. She started by acting and is now part of the production crew with her production company.

Tracey has even gone ahead to diversify her portfolio by investing in other lucrative businesses in Ghana. Indeed, she has made a great fortune from her hard work and is destined for greatness. on November 3 featured an interesting piece about Wendy Shay. Did you know that the talented singer trained as a professional nurse and at one time worked as a midwife? Indeed, considering her current stature, it is hard to believe.

Wendy Shay has a five-year deal with RuffTown records, which she signed in 2018 and her popularity is growing immensely. Since releasing her first single with the record label, she has received great praise for her simple and captivating singing style.

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