Man starts social media account to expose pastors who live lavish lifestyles

Man starts social media account to expose pastors who live lavish lifestyles

- A young man who noticed that pastors and those who work in churches are often clothed expensively decided to reveal this to the world

- This prompted him to start a social media account specifically dedicated to exposing pastors and their expensive lifestyles

- The Instagram account quickly amassed over 100k followers who were all interested in learning about the lifestyles of lavish church leaders

A young man named Ben Kirby has become quite popular after he started an Instagram account specifically dedicated to the often lavish and luxurious lifestyles of church leaders, called @PreacherzNSneakers.

It all started when he was streaming some online gospel music and he spotted one of the musicians wearing Kanye West's pricey Yeezy Boost sneakers, which cost roughly the amount of one month's rent.

Seeing this sparked his interest in church leaders who dress expensively and live lavishly. After getting some encouragement from a friend, the now very popular Instagram page was born and has a whopping 237k followers.

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Washington Post reports that Kirby soon started seriously questioning the various church leaders who have become wealthy by their profession - he also posed the question, how far is too far when it comes to accepting cash from congregants who, more often than not, are not wealthy?

According to IOL, Kirby would like there to be more transparency and accountability in churches so that congregants can see exactly where each cent is spent. He also wants church leaders to go back to the basics and remember why they are in the church to begin with.

Man Starts Social Media Account to Expose Pastors Living Lavishly
Pastors have become synonymous with living lavishly. Images: @TDJakes/@MichaelTodd/@ShepherdBushiri
Source: UGC previously reported that a funny note was put inside a church offering box by a churchgoer who was dissatisfied with the fact that the pastor owns a jet. According to the churchgoer, who refused to drop money into the offering box, the pastor has a jet already while he/she only has a Toyota.

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The rather funny note was shared on Facebook and sighted by read:

"You have a jet already. I only have a Toyota."

Whoever wrote the note has spoken the minds of some churchgoers who believe that it is better to keep their money or gift the less privileged instead of paying offerings and tithes in church. The flamboyant lifestyle of many major pastors around the world is the reason for such a mindset.

Source: Yen

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