Is Mike Holmes married? Current partner and dating history

Is Mike Holmes married? Current partner and dating history

Mike Holmes is renowned as the most trusted contractor in North America as he has built an excellent reputation in his profession. The contractor solves complicated problems for homeowners that are looking to improve their houses through renovation. His keen eye and remarkable expertise have helped identify specific issues that sometimes require a massive overhaul or a reconstruction. His rescue proficiency formed the basis of his reality television shows that put him in the limelight. How much do you know about his private life? Is Mike Holmes married or dating?

Is Mike Holmes married
Canadian builder/contractor, businessman, investor, television host, and philanthropist Mike Holmes (R) and girlfriend Anna Zappia. Photo: @Married Wiki
Source: UGC

Many would agree that reality television is often confusing, more so ones that do not focus on a person's private life but a profession. Such often focus on the stars or main cast's expertise, rarely delving into their personal lives. And fans get confused as they feel like they know the guy, yet there is a void, and they want to learn more.

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For Mike Holmes, his time as a reality television star is indeed great as people get snippets of his life. However, there has been great speculation about his relationship status. Who is Holmes wife?

Is Mike Holmes married?

Although he is a public figure, not much is known about his relationship life and whatever is out there is mere speculation. Rumours suggest that Mike married in secret, but the professional contractor hasn't come out to address the stories nor state his stance in his latest relationship.

Mike Holmes spouse

Who is Mike Holmes' girlfriend? Holmes has been in a long-term relationship with a model named Anna Zappia. Certain reports state that they have been together since 2000, which is a very long time (21 years). That is why she is often referred to as Mike Holmes spouse.

Even though they are not married, Mike often introduces her girlfriend as his wife. The couple lives in a mansion in Georgetown. Therefore, if you were wondering, "Does Mike Holmes Sr have a wife?", there you have it. He is not currently married but has a woman in his life who is making him happy.

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Mike Holmes divorce

Is Mike Holmes married
Canadian contractor, businessman, investor, television host, and philanthropist Mike Holmes (R) and ex-wife Alexandra Lorex. Photo: @Married Wiki
Source: UGC

The TV reality star has been married before. He was married to his ex-wife Alexandra Lorex, his childhood sweetheart. They married in 1982 when Mike was only 18 years old, and they have three children together. Their kids are Amanda, Sherry and Mike Jr. They welcomed the firstborn daughter Amanda four years after marriage.

So, what happened to Mike Holmes wife? Unfortunately, they divorced in the 1990s because of the recession. During the tumultuous period, the family faced challenging financial hurdles that included his firm going bankrupt.

Although it wasn't immensely terrible, the problems they were facing during the recession were enough for them to call it quits and seek divorce.

Even worse, after the couple divorced, Mike Holmes suffered another tragedy by losing his parents. This event, on top of his divorce, devastated the reality television star. Fortunately, he met Anna Zappia and started rebuilding his life.

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Also, the separation did not affect Mike Holme’s relationship with his children. They have followed in their father’s footsteps in the construction industry as they regularly appear in their father’s reality television shows.

Mike's former wife hasn't come forward to talk about their relationship and give full details of what led to their divorce. She maintains a low profile, and there is rarely anything about her in the tabloids and social media.

Gay rumours

Is Mike Holmes gay? Holmes is not gay. He has been married before and even has three children, with whom he has a very great relationship. Currently, Holmes is in a relationship with Anna Zappia and have been dating for more than two decades. That doesn't sound gay at all. It seems the gay rumours are entirely unfounded and baseless.

You likely know Mike Holmes on HGTV as the trusted Canadian contractor. Although he was reluctant to get into reality television, his family and workmates convinced him to take the big step. Fortunately, he has become an immensely successful reality television star and renowned in his industry.

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Such fast-growing popularity has led many fans to wonder, “Is Mike Holmes married?". He has been sending mixed signals from his long-term relationship as he seems to be happy. People have concluded that they are married. However, it seems they are not and are enjoying their time together.

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