Canada visa application Ghana: requirements and fees

Canada visa application Ghana: requirements and fees

It is a fact that obtaining a visa is usually not a downhill task, depending on the nature of your travel to the foreign country. It is further complicated by the fact that it involves somewhat long processes that are tiring but still worth the trouble. The Canada visa application Ghana is not any different but that should not be in the list of your worries. This piece aims to make it simpler for you by familiarizing you with the application process and to inform on some key areas in the application for the visa.

Canada visa application Ghana: requirements and fees


Canada visa application Ghana

The Canadian visa comes in several forms depending on the purpose of your travel to the country. The permits might be given for study, work and even for a temporary stay in the country. This piece shall look at the three and give details on what is required and the fees needed to acquire them.

The student visa

This is the permit required by the students going to study in Canada. To get the Canadian student visa, one must have the following;

  • An acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • A valid travelling passport or any other relevant travelling document.
  • A medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner.

Aside from that, one may also have the task to prove that;

  • He or she has the ability to support financially their stay in Canada, their tuition and the return transportation through bank statements that can be proven in Canadian Dollars.
  • He or she is of good conduct without prior violations of the law and cannot be a risk to the security of Canadians. A police certificate may have to be presented to be proven.

The application process of the visa is given in an option of paper and also by applying online. When applying on paper, you can either pick them from the nearest Canada Visa Application Centre or download and print the letters from the Canadian website.

Canada visa application Ghana: requirements and fees


The following process is followed;

  1. Get the application package.
  2. Find the documents that you will need to apply.
  3. Fill in the form carefully and completely. (Incomplete packages and forms will be returned to the owners, so do this with much care. )
  4. Pay your application fees that may include service fees if the papers were picked at an application centre. Most of the fees are paid in Canadian dollars.
  5. Submit your application.

Applying online is no different but one must have the following items;

  • Access to a scanner or a digital camera to produce the electronic copies of the required documents.
  • A valid credit card to pay for the fees.

The fees that ought to be paid for the student visa is 150 Canadian Dollars, that is paid to any application centre Ghana. If the visa is applied at the application centres i.e. by using the papers, there might be an extra payment of 31 CAD as the visa service fee.

After submitting the application, one is required to regularly check their emails in order to track their application process. You can also track the status of your permit via the VFS Ghana global offices or through the tracking page on their website. VFS global is exclusive to the Canadian government and is the body in charge of helping Canadian Visa applicants in Ghana.

It is advisable that one applies for the study permit 4 to 6 months prior the beginning of the course of study. After submitting the application, you also may have to wait for up to 140 days in order to receive the study permit. For more detailed information, you can visit the VFS Canada Ghana website.

The temporary resident Canadian visa

Canada visa application


This is the visa that it is given to temporary residents i.e. tourists to Canada. The Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) can be applied for online or even through papers at the nearest Canada visa agents in Ghana. As for the student visa, you can apply on paper and also online. The requirements are more or less the same because for you to apply online, you must have access to a scanner or a digital camera and a valid credit card.

When applying on paper, an instruction guide is given by the Canada embassy in Ghana, from which you will obtain all the necessary information on how to fill the application form by paper. The temporary Canadian visa instruction guide can also be obtained from the official Canadian government website .After reading the guide, you can start preparing your application package, from which you will be given instructions by the local visa agent.

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When preparing a complete application, make sure the all pages of the application forms are submitted with the following steps:

  • Click the Validate button at the top or bottom of the form.(ensures all questions are answered before printing and helps to avoid delays in the processing of your application)
  • A last page of the package will be automatically created with barcodes and lines.
  • Print the forms, sign and write the dates to the form.
  • Best packages are achieved when printed with a non-glossy paper and with laser printing.
  • Place the barcode page on top of each application forms. Separate barcodes are placed on every form, if you have more than one package.
  • Include also your application fee and then submit.

Some of the forms required for a temporary resident visa included the;

  • VAC Consent form.
  • Family Information Form (IMM 5645)
  • Visitor Form 5257(NOTE: All information here must match exactly with what is in your passport that is name, birth date, passport number e.t.c)

The approximate fee to be able to apply for the visa in Ghana is about 100 Canadian Dollars. This covers all cost including the handling of the applications, photographs and all the other requirements. For more detailed information you can visit the VFC.Global website

The work Canadian visa

Canadian visa


Applying for the Canadian work visa is no different from the rest as it can also be done online or through paper.

To apply for this Canada visa on paper the following instructions have to be followed:

  • Get the right documents - One must specifically obtain the documents showing the type of work permit one is applying for. Proof of documents that you meet the minimum standards of the work will also be required.
  • Get the application package - This contains instruction guides on how to fill in the forms and the ones to submit in order to obtain your work permit. They can be obtained from any Canadian visa application centre Ghana.
  • Pay the application fees - This is paid to the agents in either the Canadian Dollar currency or the Ghana local currency.
  • Submit your application after ensuring you fill in the form accurately (inaccuracy or mistakes might cause delays in processing the visa) to the nearest visa application centre in Ghana.

The fees for obtaining the work permit to Canada is around 100 Canadian Dollars maximum fee and 155 Canadian Dollars that includes extensions.

As you can see, the Canada visa application process is not all that hard all though it might prove to be a very lengthy one. When one applies for the visa using the paper method, it might take up to 6 months for the visa to be processed. When you apply for the visa online, the maximum time used is about 3 months as it takes out all the paperwork hence easening the process.

Canadian visa application


The visa can also be applied for at the Canadian Embassy Ghana. It can also handle all the questions and doubt of the applicants concerning how to pay for the fees, how to fill in the forms for applying for the different visa types. The Canadian Embassy in Ghana also helps protect the Ghanaians from some fraudulent activities that the applicants might get entangled in during the application process. The Canadian Embassy is located in Accra, Ghana.

The Canadian visa application Ghana is easy and if you are considering having your visa, you'd better start early .

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