Dead by Daylight crossplay: How to connect with friends from PS4, XBOX One and PC

Dead by Daylight crossplay: How to connect with friends from PS4, XBOX One and PC

Dead by Daylight crossplay is a feature on the horror video game that offers cross-platform support. It adds to a pool of potential matchmaking to allow players to play the game using their Day by Daylight ID. The feature is ideal because it bridges the divide between console and PC players.

Dead by Daylight crossplay
A scene from Dead by Daylight. Photo: @deadbydaylight
Source: Instagram

Dead by Daylight has enjoyed a loyal following since it came to existence. Over the years, it has introduced many features that have made it more playable and interactive. For example, the Dead by Daylight crossplay feature has Cross-Friends functionality, allowing players to connect with those they encounter on other platforms.

How to play Dead by Daylight to connect with friends

You can connect with friends on different platforms in DBD crossplay by doing the following:

Add your friends

The first step is to add your friends to the game and get started. Here is how:

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  1. Go to the Friends tab.
  2. Select the Friend+ icon.
  3. Enter your friend's Dead by Daylight ID.
  4. Select your friend's name.
  5. Invite them to your list.

Once you select the name, you will have added them to your list. Understand that the steps above are the same if you use PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Also, you can search for your friend's DBD ID. Use their name with #numbers following it.

Activate cross-play

You cannot connect with friends from Dead by Daylight crossplay PS5 unless you activate or enable the crossplay feature in the game.

How do I enable Crossplay on Dead by Daylight?

You can enable crossplay on Dead by Daylight by following the steps below:

  1. When you load into a lobby, you can tell that another player uses a different platform indicated by the globe icon directly to the right of their username.
  2. Toggle crossplay by going to the homepage.
  3. Select the Options tab.
  4. Scroll down to locate the online category.
  5. You will see crossplay checked by default.
  6. Uncheck the box to turn it OFF.
  7. You can turn it ON by checking the box.

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If you find the setting disabled or unchecked, you will only matchmake with other users from your same platform who have also opted out of crossplay. Whenever crossplay is OFF or disabled, the globe icon will have a red X next to it. If you get a Dead by Daylight crossplay not working error, reactivate it by following the steps above.

Start playing Dead by Daylight

To start Dead by Daylight crossplay:

  1. Click on the Dead by Daylight crossplay logos or icons on your computer.
  2. Select Play Survivor or Survive with friends from the title screen.
  3. Alternatively, select Quick Play to join a game.
  4. Select a Survivor.
  5. Select Join a Lobby.

Once three survivors join, you will see a 60-second countdown timer. You have to be ready in the last five seconds before the game begins. If you are not prepared, leave the lobby and try later. When playing the game as a survivor, your primary goal is to escape the game, also known as the trial.

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Understand that you can also play the game as a Killer. Ensure you know all the Dead by Daylight crossplay symbols before you begin.

What happens when you play Dead by Deadlight while crossplay is disabled?

When the crossplay option is disabled, it will result in extended matchmaking time. In other words, it will take you more time to find a game when you disable Dead by Daylight crossplay PS5 PC. The long wait is a strategy by the game developers to nudge their players to accept crossplay.

Can you play Dead by Daylight cross-platform?

Dead by Daylight got its cross-platform support between PC and consoles in 2020. That means the horror video game is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The cross-platform support allows friends to join in the game regardless of the device they are using. Also, game features such as Cross-Friends and Cross-Play are available on consoles and PC.

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How does Dead by Daylight Crossplay work?

Cross-play is a feature on Dead by Daylight that allows you to play the game with your friends regardless of their platform. The first thing is to ensure that you enable crossplay in the game settings.

Dead by Daylight crossplay
A scene from Dead by Daylight. Photo: @deadbydaylight
Source: UGC

You will then have to add friends by going to your Friend list and clicking on the Friend icon. Once done, enter your Dead by Daylight ID of your friend to add them to your list. If your friend is on the list, invite them to start playing and use the Dead by daylight crossplay chat feature.

Is DBD getting crossplay?

Dead by Daylight crossplay support is already available on Steam and Windows Store versions of the game. However, the option is not available on the mobile version of Dead by Daylight crossplay. Therefore, if you play DBD on mobile, you will not enjoy crossplay with players using consoles but with mobile users only.

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Does Dead by Daylight have crossplay voice chat?

Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight crossplay voice chat is not available in the game. But that does not mean you cannot use voice chat when playing with your friends. Here is an option to consider:

  1. Download and install a voice chat software programme. The best option to consider is Discord.
  2. Ensure your friends are also on Discord.
  3. If you have Discord, join a Voice Channel by clicking on the voice icon.
  4. As you begin to play Dead by Daylight crossplay, you can both use the microphone to talk.

Dead by Daylight crossplay is a feature that allows players to play the game from any platform. In other words, a player using PS4 can join another one using Xbox One and play the game as usual. However, you first have to enable the feature by ensuring the globe icon does not have a red X. Understand that the game does not have a voice chat feature.

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