7 best cricket games for PC in 2020

7 best cricket games for PC in 2020

The best cricket games for PC have become so immersive and detailed that many people are spending hours playing them. For most gamers, the real-life dynamics of these games make it worth the time they spend challenging their gameplay and imagination. But the number of cricket games is so vast that it can be overwhelming to determine the best one to play.

best cricket games
A batsman swings his bat during a cricket match. Photo: Sefton Marks
Source: UGC

With all the visuals provided in some of the top cricket games for PC, you need a high-end or compatible PC to run them. That is the only way you will experience the level of resolution and detail included in the software.

The challenge for you is that the market has some of the all-time best cricket games from top publishers and upcoming developers, making it hard to settle for one. You can play them either online or offline, assuring you of high graphics and quality gameplay.

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List of the best cricket games for PC in 2020

When searching for a cricket game, you need to consider the gameplay and graphics. The game is only enjoyable if the experience is as closer as it gets to a real cricket match. Other important factors include the price and compatibility with your device. With these considerations in mind, these are the best cricket games for PC.

1. Ashes Cricket

Ashes Cricket allows you to play a full Ashes series or participate in any competition across the globe. It is one of the best multiplayer cricket games for PC that gives players the option to play different types of matches. For example, you can decide to play a test match, a fast-paced T20, or 50 overs. You also have the option of playing in domestic or international competition.

Ashes Cricket has excellent graphics that do not overwhelm your PC during gameplay. If you are playing the multiplayer mode, your friends can download players, teams, cricket grounds, and create their players. Furthermore, the game is the best for beginners because it is easy to master the moves and comes in five different difficulties that include easiest, easy, amateur, pro, and legend.

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2. Big Bash Boom

best cricket games for PC
Cricket 19 gameplay. Photo: Cricket19
Source: UGC

Big Bash Boom is one of those PC cricket games that are fun, flashy, and family-friendly. It has three modes that include Casual, Tournament, and Online. The primary feature of the game is the Twenty20 cricket, which mixes all the hitting thrills of the competition, with instantly accessible arcade action.

The game has massive powerups that allow gamers to set new records for sixes. It also allows players to smash all balls and score as many runs as possible in a buzzing atmosphere. Once you pick any of the eight teams from either the BBL or WBBL, you will have to take them to glory in a full tournament, casual match, or online head-to-head.

3. Cricket 19

Cricket 19 came to PCs after the conclusion of the 2019 Ashes Championship. The game is a complete cricket simulation that features a collection of greater depth and content. As one of the top cricket games for PC, it introduces you to a new game mode called scenario mode. The scenario mode allows you to start a match in any predetermined situation and add scorecards for famous events in the past.

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You can play through the men’s or women’s ODI, Test Match, and T20 world cups. Other features you will enjoy include competition, match, and tour designers, which allow you to format what you need while playing the game. With Cricket 19, you will have dozens of teams to choose between and experience real-world artificial intelligence and tactics.

Can cricket 20 be played on PC? Currently, you can only play Cricket 19 as the developers of Cricket 20 have not released the PC version of the newest game.

4. Cricket Captain 2020

Cricket Captain 2020 is a new cricket game for PC where players take control of the competing sides in the tournament. It is the primary Cricket management game available today that revolves around players managing their teams to glory. One feature added to the software is the 100 ball competition in England, which includes stats systems, AI, and match engine.

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Other key features of the game include rain delays in one-day and 20 over matches, and improved weather simulation for all match types. Gamers can also switch teams between countries and across domestic leagues and play a full career mode. If you want to enjoy the gameplay, your system must be running Windows OS 7 and higher, have a memory of 2GB, and storage space of 250MB.

5. Cricket Revolution

best cricket games for PC
Most cricket games for PC have outstanding graphics. Photo: @CharanCR7777
Source: Twitter

Cricket Revolution is a sports multiplayer video game and one of the best cricket games for Windows 10. It focuses on an online community system that serves detailed statistics for gamers. Its primary mode of play involves players’ competition through the multiplayer mode online.

During gameplay, the game keeps track of player statistics, performance data, and match-winning innings and scores. If you are excellent at playing it, the game will track your data and post it online to a leader board and tanking system. Cricket Revolution also has single-player modes, with each having varying difficulties and in three different formats.

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6. Don Bradman Cricket

Don Bradman Cricket is the unequivocal version of the finest cricket game ever produced for Windows 10 PCs. As one of the best cricket games for computer, it has an enriched career mode that allows players to begin their cricket careers at a local level. They then play for teams in a specific region before earning a selection for domestic and international duty.

The game has many features that make it entertaining to play it. It has multiplayer, online, and career modes to allow you to play with your best friends and share scores. You will also enjoy realistic ball physics, net practice to get familiar with the game, and a complete player physics system. Since Don Bradman Cricket is a game series, start playing with versions 14 and 17.

7. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the most advanced 3D cricket games available today. Although it is not one of the latest cricket games for PC, it is ideal for cricket fans who want to play a game with unending fun. It has lots of features to look forward to, including customising your players and cheering your team with customised banners.

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You can join a selection of different tournaments, including the World T20 Cup, ODI Series, and the World Cup, among others. World Cricket Championship 2 works well on Windows 8 too. You can download the game if your computer has at least 1GB of memory.

The best cricket games for PC to play in 2020 are Ashes Cricket, Big Bash Boom, Cricket 19, and Cricket Captain 2020, among others. You will enjoy playing them because of their high-quality graphics and better gameplay, where you will build a team and manage it. But ensure your system meets the minimum requirements to experience the thrilling entertainment.

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