Widow Gives Birth to Hubby's Baby 14 Months After His Death, Says Son Has Healed Her Heart

Widow Gives Birth to Hubby's Baby 14 Months After His Death, Says Son Has Healed Her Heart

  • Sarah lost her husband Scott to a heart attack before the couple was able to get their first child
  • Luckily, the two had finished the process of embryo fertilisation and Sarah was able to still conceive a son for Scott in his absentia
  • She is also optimistic that, through the same process, she will get their second child courtesy of another viable embryo that is still at the hospital

Forty-year-old Sarah Shellenberger recently gave birth to her late husband's baby 14 months after losing him.

Sarah intends on having Scott's second child as they still have one frozen embryo at the hospital.
Sarah's husband Scott died after a cardiac arrest, but she was able to conceive courtesy of a frozen embryo. Photos: Sarah Shellenberge.
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Sarah's 41-year-old husband Scott died of a heart attack in February 2020, but the widow was able to conceive his child courtesy of frozen embryos.

According to her, the two-month-old son Hayes has healed her heart after losing Scott.

“Holding Hayes has been such good medicine for me and he has healed my heart in a lot of ways,” said the Oklahoma teacher, as reported by The Mirror.

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One More Child

Sarah and Scott had finished the process of embryo fertilisation when the science professor suffered a cardiac arrest while conducting a college lecture.

Having known that her late husband would have wanted them to have babies, she conceived with the frozen embryo six months after Scott’s demise.

Sarah also revealed that there exists one last viable embryo that she hopes to use for another baby using the same process.

“In our eyes, we have these two embryos that are already created and they are our children," she said.

It is on this basis that she decided to get pregnant and bring forth Scott's child even in his absence.

Sarah explained that their son Hayes not only reminds him of Scott but has also healed her heart.
Sarah's only regret is that Scott will never be able to see his son. Photo: Sarah Shellenberge.
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Unlucky with Conception

Sarah and Scott started dating in 2017, a whirlwind romance that saw them get engaged after four months and making it official in September 2018.

Not long after getting married, it dawned on them that as much as they both wanted to have at least three children, they struggled to conceive.

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That is when their doctor advised them to explore the IVF option.

Scott's Death

A few days after the retrieval, Scott had a heart attack and was taken into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but failed to regain consciousness.

When she received the news that her husband couldn't make it out alive, Sarah was shocked because Scott had been healthy all along.

Bittersweet Feeling

Although she is happy that she has someone to remind him of Scott, it pains her to imagine that he will never meet his baby.

"It feels like things are starting to look brighter and that maybe my life isn’t over and I have a purpose,” she concluded.

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