Top 25 overrated things that people love and care about

Top 25 overrated things that people love and care about

It's easy to fall for the appeal of hyped phenomena in a society saturated with trends. From social media trends to diet fads, certain aspects of life are showered with attention that may not always be warranted. Explore the most overrated things people frequently love and care about, questioning their relevance and inviting readers to reconsider where they invest their money, time, and emotions.

A smartwatch, a woman in a facial mask, and two luxurious cars
Smartwatches, organic beauty products, and luxurious cars are some of the most overrated things. Photo: @relax_uk @andr.garage, @ka_imports01 on Instagram (modified by author)
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Everyone dislikes at least one popular or societally acceptable thing and cannot understand why anyone else likes it. Perhaps you believe everyone is pretending to love the Stanley Cup or watching reality TV shows.

This article does not intend to offend or criticise anyone who likes or cares about the things mentioned in the list. It is based on the author’s personal opinions and observations, not on any scientific or factual evidence.

Top 25 overrated things

Many things in life are worth looking forward to and worth trying out. But there are also a lot of highly overhyped things. So, what is overrated? Here is a list of things that most people believe that they are overrated and do not deserve all the hype going on.

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1. Social media influencer culture

A phone displaying the Instagram app
An Instagram app on a phone. Photo:, @pixabay
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The rise of social media influencers has transformed the digital world. However, are their tailored lives and product endorsements genuinely improving consumers' experiences, or are people simply pursuing illusions?

2. Expensive designer clothes

Clothes on hangers
Assorted clothes on hangers. Photo:, @mart-production
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Paying hundreds of dollars for a basic T-shirt with a designer logo on the front is overrated. Instead of wasting money on designer clothes, wear reasonably priced outfits that express your distinct fashion style.

3. Social media validation

A man reaching for a like
A black man trying to reach for an Instagram like. Photo:, @oladimeji-ajegbile
Source: UGC

Getting likes, comments, and shares on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter accounts has become an obsession for many people. But is the quantity of digital "thumbs up" an accurate reflection of your worth or how valuable your experiences are?

4. Fad diets

A bowl of vegetable salad
A woman is holding a bowl of vegetable salad. Photo:, @cats-coming
Source: UGC

Today, dieting offers a variety of trendy solutions, from keto to intermittent fasting. However, sustainable, healthy eating habits should take precedence over quick fixes. Fad diets are truly overrated.

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5. Reality TV shows

A couple is seated on a brown coach watching television.
A couple is seated on a brown couch watching television. Photo:, @cottonbro-studio
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People enjoy sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see which couple will be dumped from the villa on the latest Love Island episode or their favourite TV shows. However, it has been revealed that most reality TV shows are scripted.

If everyone can remind themselves that what they're seeing isn't entirely "real" after all, they might realise how overrated some of their favourite shows are.

6. Celebrity culture

Getting caught up in the sparkle and glamour of fame and fortune is easy. However, when you think about it, celebrities are just ordinary folks like everyone else. Many people believe their troubles will be over if they get a big break and become famous. However, many celebrities are facing challenges in life.

7. A formal education

A student lying a desk with a heap of book
A student in a green T-shirt is lying on a desk with a heap of books. Photo:, @pixabay
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Do you really need a college degree to make a living nowadays? If you want to be a surgeon, YouTube videos won't get you through medical school. However, for millions who believe that university is the only way to attain financial success, college degrees are gradually losing their credibility as the best method to do it.

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8. Meditation

A person in a meditating posture
An individual in a meditating posture. Photo:, @prasanth-inturi
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Apps are making billions of dollars selling meditation soundtracks. Meditation is generally used in the Western world to relieve stress, boost productivity at work, and manifest. But the purpose of meditation is the meditation itself. So, unless you already live a spiritual life, you're better off not meditating.

9. Smartwatches

A black smart watch
A black smartwatch showing time. Photo:, @torsten-dettlaff
Source: UGC

The hype around smartwatches has soared, but are they genuinely revolutionary or just another item that adds to people's digital noise? The high price tags associated with most of them and their relatively limited battery life can cause buyers to doubt their value compared to the benefits.

10. Fast fashion

Interior of a stylish boutique
A stylish and colourful boutique. Photo:, @rachel-claire
Source: UGC

Fast fashion is one of the most overrated things. The popularity of fast fashion stems from its low cost and trendy nature. But do disposable fashion's environmental and ethical costs justify the transitory pleasure of staying trendy?

11. Luxury cars

Two orange sports cars at a parking lot
Two orange sports cars in a shade. Photo:, @loe-moshkovska
Source: UGC

You don't need the fastest, most advanced machine to move from point A to point B. Owning a high-end vehicle is typically regarded as a status symbol, but the expense of maintenance and depreciation may exceed the initial thrill. Fast cars are among the popular things that are overrated in the current generation.

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12. Fine dining with small portions

Dining table with food and drinks
A table with small food portions, glasses, and wine. Photo:, @photomix-company
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This has to be one of the most overrated things in the world! While the little servings can be visually appealing, you may not leave the establishment with a full stomach. Therefore, you'd rather settle for a lovely place that's still lovely and will satisfy your cravings.

13. Celebrity fragrances

Endorsement by a favourite celebrity can make a perfume or cologne appealing, but does it provide a distinctive and long-lasting fragrance experience? Chances are, your favourite celebrity does not even wear their own scent; therefore, don't waste your money on this genre of overrated things.

14. Designer handbags

Designer products are some of the things that are overrated. The appeal of carrying high-end designer bags outweighs its practicality. Is it worth the hefty price tag only for the thrill of a recognisable logo?

15. Gourmet food

Baked pizza on pizza peel in oven
Baked pizza on a pizza peel in an oven. Photo:, @eneida-nieves
Source: UGC

Paying $20 for a fancy cone of soft serve can make you appreciate the sweet treat less. You can have perfectly delicious ice cream or pizza for much less money, plus you'll have enough money to buy some for your friends too.

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16. Superfood mania

Leaves of chard
Leaves of chard. Photo:, @antoni-shkraba
Source: UGC

Superfood hype frequently obscures the importance of a diverse and well-balanced diet. Are these ingredients the cure-all that their marketing suggests? You should not feel compelled to follow diet trends. Just eat healthy, nutritious foods that make you feel great.

17. Overly lavish weddings

Happy Asian couple touch hands
Happy young Asian newlyweds posing for a picture. Photo:, @jin-wedding
Source: UGC

Overly elaborate weddings are overhyped. There's no reason to go into debt just for a few hours of celebration. The day will still remain memorable even if you hold a small, budget-friendly wedding.

18. Organic beauty product

A man in a facial mask
A black man wearing a facial mask. Photo:, @monstera-production
Source: UGC

Many firms use buzzwords like "organic" on their packaging to make you assume their product is natural and healthy, but this is not always true. Do your research to evaluate which cosmetic products are worth the hype (and money).

19. Movie remakes

A movie theatre showing a cartoon movie
A movie theatre showing a cartoon movie. Photo:, @tima-miroshnichenko
Source: UGC

How often should filmmakers retread the same old franchise in a desperate attempt to increase profits? Instead of allocating entire film budgets to remakes, they should give new and unique film concepts a chance to flourish.

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20. Exclusive clubs and memberships

A man and a woman in coats posing at a golf course
A man and a woman in coats posing at a golf course. Photo:, @cottonbro-studio
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Individuals who hold status in society don't need to wave around a flashy membership card to prove their worth. Whether it's a posh gym or an exclusive social club, money cannot buy you confidence or friends.

21. Luxury sneakers

A man wearing a pair of Nike shoes
A man wearing a brown pair of Nike sneakers. Photo:, @erik-mclean
Source: UGC

Luxury sneakers had to feature in this list of overrated things. The infatuation with high-end sneakers may make a fashion statement, but are they worth the exorbitant price tags compared to more practical alternatives?

22. Extreme fitness challenges

A man doing push ups with dumbbells
A man in a gym facility doing push-ups with dumbbells. Photo:, @julia-larson
Source: UGC

Extreme fitness challenges, ranging from Tough Mudder to ultramarathons, are becoming increasingly popular. However, do they promote a healthy approach to exercise, or do they risk causing harm?

23. Collectible NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a hot topic in the digital art industry, but do they represent actual artistic value, or do speculative trends drive them? They are deemed overrated due to the speculative nature of their value, with prices frequently influenced by trends and hype rather than inherent worth.

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24. Extreme minimalism

A minimalistic dining area with a a large table and two metallic chairs
An overly minimalistic dining area. Photo:, @pixabay
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While decluttering is valuable, extreme minimalism may only be realistic and satisfying for a few. Individuals who strictly adhere to minimalistic ideals may experience a sense of deprivation, as they often compromise personal preferences and comfort to achieve a minimalist aesthetic.

25. Luxury water brands

Paying a premium for water sourced in exotic areas has become a status symbol. But does it give a superior hydration experience to tap water? This is one of the most overrated things today.

When navigating the terrain of overrated things and trends, it is critical to consider the actual value of these things in life. It is time to reassess the importance of the overhyped things and focus on what truly enhances lives. recently published an article on fun and engaging activities to do when bored in class. The consequences of boredom in class can be severe. Bored students will likely pay less attention, skip lectures, and perform poorly academically.

If you start being bored in class, you can fix that by doing a new activity outside the norm, such as drawing, exercising, or writing a story. Discover other fun activities you can participate in when you experience boredom in class.


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