What is Bounding into Comics? Overview, comic book culture, video games and more

What is Bounding into Comics? Overview, comic book culture, video games and more

Bounding into Comics is a comic book review site that dabbles in comic book culture, commentary, movies, television, video games, and tabletop games. The site was founded in 2015 by John Trent and has been growing ever since. So, for any comic book fans who want to stay up to date in that world, BiC is an excellent option to consider.

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A comic book is a magazine that contains sequences of comic strips. It can also be referred to as a comic magazine or simply a comic. Comics consist of art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes. The panels are accompanied by descriptive prose, which is usually dialogue contained in word balloons.

Comic books have movie versions or video game versions that attract fans regardless of age and gender. Those who are not willing to read about it can watch the series instead.

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Some of the highest-grossing films of all time are based on these books. As a result, this movement has built a significant momentum that it is vital to have a way to keep track of the latest comic book news.

What is Bounding into Comics?

Bounding into Comics is a news and entertainment website that keeps up with the ever-changing nature of that world. The site has a special focus on comic book movies and TV shows. This way, every reader gets all the information they need regarding that topic.

The site routinely posts updates on Marvel Studios, DC Comics, and Star Wars, as these are the major players in the movie world. Of course, the Bounding into Comics Disney movie collection is also a great attraction.

The website’s landing page has all the breaking news in the industry, which gives easy access to anyone looking for it. However, if you are looking for something particular on the site, the well-labelled categories will make it much easier for you.

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The menu is divided into sections labelled Movies, Television, Celebrity, Games, and Comic Books. You only have to find what you are interested in and click on it. For example, to access the Bounding into Comics Star Wars collection, all you have to do is click on Movies and navigate to the Star Wars section, and you will find them.

Bounding into Comics right-wing and left-wing magazines are available on the site, making it the ultimate source. Other sites where you can get the latest information in the comics world include Clownfish comics and Cosmic comics.

Video games

The website also heavily covers video games. If you are a video game geek and want to know the latest news in your world, look no further. When you click on video games on the site, you will be able to access millions of news articles about the latest happenings.

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Have you heard about Comicsgate? Every fan has heard about this movement at some point, especially sometime back when the movement was trending. Comicsgate is a campaign in opposition to diversity and progressivism in the superhero comic book industry. The movement criticizes the creators, the characters depicted, and the stories told.

While it is was labelled a consumer protest, commentators viewed it differently and labelled it a harassment campaign. It was blamed for targeting women, people of colour, and LGBTQIA folk in the industry and bullying them. Due to the Bounding into Comics Comicsgate affiliation, some of this controversy found its way to them.

Bounding Comics was levelled with accusations of bigotry and hatred after Tamra Bonvillain, a recognizable name in the industry, complained about the site in a tweet.

She mentioned that BiC was a Comicsgate news site and that anyone who interacted with it enabled the poor treatment of people by the site. Other industry professionals echoed the sentiments.

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Bounding into Comics Twitter account posted a response stating that all the site did was publish the latest information. Further, the statement mentioned that the site has no control over what happened in their comment sections, where most of the bullying occurred.

Is Diamond distributors going out of business?

For decades, Diamond Distributors were the only distributors around and worked with all of the big names in the industry. However, early last year, just a few months into the global pandemic, DC Comics decided to part ways with them. While this was a significant blow to the distributors, they still had the other big-name, Marvel.

Unfortunately, in March 2021, Marvel also ended their deal with Diamond Distributors. Instead, they chose to work with Penguin Random House, a much bigger and a more established distributor. Of course, losing two of its biggest clients in such a short time has left many wondering whether the distributor is going out of business.

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However, while losing their biggest clients has significantly impacted their profits, Diamond Distributors still has other clients. Therefore, it is still in business.

Bounding into Comics is a comic book review site that dabbles in comic book culture and reports all the latest news in the industry. It is a great place to find out about what is going on in the industry.

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