Social media divided over man's comment that guys don't need money to attract girls

Social media divided over man's comment that guys don't need money to attract girls

  • Social media users are divided as they react to a post from a man who says guys don’t really need lots of money to attract women
  • The social media account holder argues that men should try to provide for their girls but it’s not a requirement to have money
  • Some people believe the guy, @ShadayaKnight, is broke and bitter but a couple of his followers seem to agree with his point

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One guy is causing a stir on the internet for his views regarding relationships with women. He says men don’t need money to keep their girls happy.

According to @ShadayaKnight, he says the belief that men need to be rich to attract women is just not on. He argues that men should try to make the ends meet but money should not be a requirement to win a woman’s heart.

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The post is going viral and many people from all over the world are responding and sharing their different views. The Twitter account holder captioned his post:

“The belief that a man must be rich to attract women is bull$$$. Don't get me wrong, by all means, every man should strive to make money. But the intention should be making in order to have financial freedom, NOT for the sole purpose of attracting women.”
Man, Says, Guys Don't, Need Mone, Attract, Girls
Social media users are divided into a topic regarding women. Image: @ShadayaKnight/Twitter
Source: UGC

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The post reads:

@SibandaKD said:

“This is what being broke does to people. They are always mad at the richer guys who get all the chicks. Tanha dzaunosvikira and stop complaining about other people's finances!”

@Memune3 said:

“Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk all have two things in common they’re both a million times richer than Mudiwa and both have divorced at least once and you say you need money to have kept and attract a woman.”

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@InnoMercyT said:

“Ushela ngemali this for you.”

@TatendaCourage said:

“You the best.”

@TheLassstMan said:

“The women money attracts are complete evil spirits.”

@BBMhlanga said:

“The leader of the free world has spoken. I think it’s time we invite him to Situation Right Now?”

@MufarohZN said:

“Amen Shadaya.”

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