Who is Chris Pérez? 10 fascinating facts about selena quintanilla's husband

Who is Chris Pérez? 10 fascinating facts about selena quintanilla's husband

Chris Perez was a Selena Y Los Dinos member, a music band owned by Selena Quintanilla's father, Abraham Quintanilla. Selena Quintanilla was also a member of the band. Selena and Chris Perez were the youngest members of the club. While working there, he and Selena fell in love. Selena's mother accepted the relationship. However, Abraham was against the relationship as he was very strict and against dating within the band.

Chris Pérez
Musician Chris Pérez of Chris Pérez Project speaks backstage during Festival People en Español Presented by Target at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Photo: Rick Kern
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Chris Pérez and Selena tied the knot on April 2, 1992. During the time of the marriage, Selena was about to turn 21 and Chris was 22. They shared a wonderful romantic life until Selena's life was cut short by her employee Yolanda Saldivar through shooting on March 31, 1995.

Ten fascinating facts about Chris Pérez

Chris Perez is a fascinating person in many ways. This includes his childhood, dating life, career life and personal life in general. So, what are the ten fascinating facts about Selena Quintanilla's husband?

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1. He proposed in a pizza hut

Most people look for exciting places to make proposals. However, it was different with Perez. He and Selena got hungry when on their band mission and got into a pizza hut. Pizza was Selena’s favourite meal.

They discussed their relationship as they enjoyed the meal, and he poured his heart out about how much he loved and cared for her. His proposal was positively accepted, and their relationship started getting known.

2. Chris owned many pets

Chris authored a book, To Selena With Love, a dedication of his love to Selena after his death. In one of the chapters, he explains how they obtained all the pets they loved. The chapter describes how they got their five dogs. It also talks of how their Python escaped and was later found. The Python is said to have eaten their pet mouse. Chris Perez and Selena also owned few fish.

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3. Chris still loves and treasures his moments with Selena

Chris Perez and Selena Quintanilla’s were actual love birds. Even in death, his love for Selena is evident. He published a book in 2013 as a tribute to his late wife. The book is entitled To Selena with Love.

However, the book was prevented from being published by Selena's family in 2016. Despite this prevention, he often posts memories and old photos with Selena while they were in the band together.

4. Chris remarried

Chris Pérez's wife, Selena Quintanilla, died in 1995. He later married Vanessa Villanueva in 2001. Selena Quintanilla and Chris Perez have two children, Noah and Cassie. However, they divorced in 2008 but are still co-parent. Their daughter has inherited her father’s talent as she is musically inclined.

5. He is a drugs abuser

Police arrested Perez, together with his cousins and friends, in 1992 for driving under drugs influence and speeding. A few months after this arrest, he went into a hotel room with two band members. They got so intoxicated and wrestled in the room. This led to Selena Y Los Dinos band firing him, and Quintanilla warned Selena against seeing Perez.

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Chris remarried Vanessa in 2001 and divorced in 2008. The leading cause of their divorce was cited to be Perez's severe drinking and use of drugs.

6. He owns a hot sauce joint

Perez has for a long time loved spicy food. So in November 2019, Perez and his business partner John Gomez launched Perez Pepper Sauce. The joint offers an award-winning ‘original’ flavour and a green 'Jalapeno' flavour. In addition, they provide the sauce online in almost 200 H-E-B grocery stores in Texas.

7. He lived with his mother during his childhood

When Perez was only four years old, his parents divorced. His mother supported his music passion by encouraging him to play the French horn in middle school. In addition, she allowed him to be part of the school band.

8. Chris is an introvert compared to Selena

Chris Pérez
Musician Chris Pérez of Chris Pérez Project performs in concert as part of Festival People en Español Presented by Target at The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Photo: Rick Kern
Source: Getty Images

In his book, To Selena With Love, he describes that the duo were opposites. Selena was outgoing and attracted attention wherever they went. Chris, on the contrary, was quiet and only observed what was happening around them.

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9. He has a net worth of $2 million

Chris Pérez's net worth is $2 million as of 2021. He has accumulated his wealth after being in the music industry for a long time. He has released many albums with different bands. Chris Pérez's music groups include Selena Y Los Dinos, Kumbia kings and Chris Perez Project.

10. He faced a lawsuit for his book disapproval

Chris authored a book, To Selena With Love, in 2013. However, Quintanilla's father, Abraham Quintanilla, filed a lawsuit on December 2, 2016, against Chris Perez, his company Blue Mariachi Productions and Endemol Shine North America.

Chris filed a motion to dismiss this lawsuit in January 2017, but a judge rejected it. He decided to appeal but still lost. To ignore the case but still lost.

Despite losing his wife in 1995, Chis Perez has kept their love story alive. He has faced many controversies, including arrest due to drugs influence and facing a lawsuit. However, this has not stopped him from moving on. His music has left a legacy in all the groups he has sung with.

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